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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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8. A New Life

Good things come to those who wait. For those who’ve endured much develop a high degree of patience. After one goes through an ordeal similar to what Gemini went through, it’s a testament to their strength. Through pain and will, Gemini was able to get himself out of a hopeless situation and he was rewarded in spades. For the first time in years, lasting happiness was obtainable for him.

He never expected that not only did he get accepted into college, he also, to his surprise, was adopted by Celestia herself. Though it was an emotional moment for him that day, he felt eternal gratitude to the woman who was now his mother. Despite that they weren’t of blood, it mattered little to him. More than anything, he was happy that he was wanted… that he was loved. They were now mother and son, a bond never made lightly.

Weeks had passed since that momentous night. With a new family to call his own, he vowed to help out however he could. Between doing small chores to helping Celestia with anything, he was eager to lend a hand. It was like how it was for him in his old life but unlike back then, he never felt under pressure for anything. Breathing easier had never felt so good before.


“Bonjour, mon amour! I hope you’re having a good morning. I was thinking that we should go out to the park for our next date, like a picnic. Just checked the forecast for Monday and it looks to be clear skies. I’ll talk to you later. Au revoir!”

“You too, my flower.” Gemini sighed as he finished his morning ritual with some shaving. Not leaving a single strand of facial hair untrimmed, he hummed with satisfaction and another job well done. Though, part of him wanted a mustache. I wonder what she’ll think of me rocking a stache. Hmmm, a hell of a gamble though. Maybe I’ll ask her.

Cleaning his face of the excess shave cream, Gemini walked into the living room, grabbing a cup of coffee. He sat on the couch quietly sipping away at his brew as he enjoyed the ambient calm of the morning. To him, it seemed unusually calm, like he was the only one in the house. Neither Argent’s or Celestia’s cars were to be found. But it was an opportunity to enjoy a much desired quiet morning. What could everyone else be up to?

A few minutes later, the door opens and in came Argent Radiance. He looked decked out in a long-sleeved shirt, vest, and a tan boonie cap. In his hands were a box of god knows what and two fishing rods. He also wore that trademark smile of his that Gemini grew accustomed to. He had a hunch as to what his mom’s boyfriend intended but would rather hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“Morning, Gemini.” Argent said as he sat down, “Just waking up, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, just letting the coffee hit the brain.” Gemini replied, “Where’s my mom and Luna?”

“They went out to have some time between sisters. Your mom is strong for one in her condition.”

“Heh, that’s true. She’s never been one for relaxing. But, may I ask what’s up with all that fishing garb?”

“Well, since Tia and Luna are out spending some quality time, I figured why not have some quality time of our own.”

Argent and him spending quality time together? That was something Gemini never expected out of him. Though he’s still Celestia’s boyfriend, he was practically like a father to him after Grey Smoke got arrested. He never really knew much about him apart from the chat after their first encounter. Why would he suddenly take him out on a father-son trip?

“Hmmm, a fishing trip?” Gemini musingly asked, “We’re not even father and son, not yet anyway.”

“Well,” Argent said, clearing his throat, “seeing as how we’re alone right now, today looks to be a nice day to go and enjoy nature. Besides, some fresh air is soothing to the nerves.”

Argent was right about that. Some fresh air is good for the body. Even then, Gemini noticed something was up with him. What could it be? What was the real reason for him taking him out for some quality time? Still, he felt that it would be a boring day and some fishing might break the ice.

“Eh, I don’t see why not.” Gemini agreed as he got up, “Never been fishing before though.”

“There’s a first time for everything. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Argent got up from his seat, “Come. Let’s see if we can beat the worst of the traffic rush.”

Walking to his car, the two hopped inside as Argent began to play some music from his phone. Gemini didn’t know who sang it but it didn’t stop him from tapping his as they drove away from the house. Every note that passed by his ears as they drove towards the lake kept his smile in place. Never did he hear it before but he was already warming up to it.

“Looks like he enjoys it.” Argent mused, “Never knew you were into soft rock.”

“Neither did I but I like it.” Gemini answered back, “Sounds so… mellow yet enjoyable.”

“If you want, I can give you some of my collection.”

“Collecting albums? Nerd.”

“Everyone has their respective hobbies. Me, I like to collect old vinyl records. Indulging in one is a great stress reliever.”

“TIme for fishing to become mine I guess.”

“That’s the spirit.”

After many more minutes of driving, Gemini and Argent arrived at Lake Pinecrest. Apart from the neighboring trees that tower to immense heights, the expanse of the lake itself was a sight to see. Clean, clear, and no doubt teeming with life, it reminded Gemini of that perch he loved to retreat to when things got tough. Seeing the area from a height was one thing but up close was indescribable to him.

Driving further down a path, Argent parked at a nearby small boardwalk with a nice bench. Argent recognized that spot as one of his favored fishing spots he frequented. Pointing towards the deep end of the lake, it was optimal for a good catch. Flanked by a few trees, the cool shade would shield them.

Climbing out, Gemini opened the hatch and brought out the tackle box and fishing rods, walking with Argent to their spot while he held a small cooler. Having already tied the hooks to their lines and bobbers, they were all set and ready to go. The one thing that struck Gemini as odd was the presence of a knife and a can of wet cat food.

“What’s all that for?” Gemini asked as Argent took the aforementioned items in hand.

“This.” With a few quick jabs and punctures, Argent cut a few small holes into the can before throwing it onto the lake, “It’ll act as a lure because the fish will be drawn to the scent.”

“Clever.” Gemini said as gripped his rod, “Uhhh… where are the worms?” Argent fished through his pockets and pulled out a bag of worms. But, instead of live worms, they were gummy candy worms. “Really?”

“I never liked touching live bait.” Argent dryly replied, “Just the thought of touching them makes my spine shiver.”

“Fair enough.”

“Right.” Argent, with a wing of his arm and a flick of his wrist, cast his line near the spot where the food can sank, “Now, the key here for a good cast is to press the button at the right time. Can't honestly say when but you’ll know it. Give it a try.”

“Okay, I guess.”

Raising his fishing rod behind him, Gemini whipped forward. Once he just saw the bobber, he flipped the release, sending the hook and bait flying towards the water. To his astonishment, it landed close to Argent’s.

“Oh hey, not bad.” Argent remarked as he placed his rod in one of the notches, “Go ahead and place yours in one of these.” Doing as advised, Gemini put his fishing rod to rest and sat down at the bench with Argent. “Now we wait.”

“The thick of the action, huh?” Gemini remarked.

“Yep.” Argent replied nonchalantly, “In a way, fishing is like a teacher. It teaches the virtue of patience. As we wait for the fish to grab a bite, so too must we wait for good things.”

“I… can see the meaning in that analogy.”

“It was something I taught myself after years of fishing with my dad. Like what happened to you, you endured much and, through patience, you were able to make it out okay.”

“Yeah,” Gemini sighed, remembering all the memories that brought him there, “As I worked to the bone to keep my family afloat, I thought that would get them to stop. Day in and day out, I clung onto that hope. Yet, it never came.”

“Still, you weathered the storm and Celestia brought you in. She took you as her own son and that wasn’t a decision she made lightly.”

“But why would she do that? I mean, I just don't understand.”

“She has many reasons but I’m fairly certain about two of them: She wanted you to have a family to be with and she loves you like you’re her own.” Gemini sighed at Argent’s words, feeling a light breeze blew against his face. Argent knew something else was on the teen’s mind, “Is there something else you want to talk about?”

“Yes, there is actually.” Gemini sighed, “I assume you already know about my father assaulting her, right?” Argent knew about the incident that day. Every detail was recalled to him by Celestia.

“I know that day was a sore spot for you. Seeing your father assault Celestia like that… I can’t blame you for getting angry. She did take you in that week. Roughing up your father like that must’ve been a difficult thing to do.”

“Yes. I mean… he was going to harm her unborn son, all because she stuck up for me. I had no choice. Even though he’s now in prison, I feel conflicted. He’s my father, one of the people that brought me into this world. I should feel angry at him for putting me through four years of hell but I still remember the good times before then. I don’t know what to do.”

In his career as a psychologist, Argent was familiar with people struggling with emotional conflicts. His familiarity with such cases allowed him to read Gemini like a map. Part of him still loved his father yet another felt anger and scorn for what he did, what he put him through. Argent saw cases like that before when he treated his patients and knew hat to say for the most part.

“Gemini,” Argent placed a hand on the teen’s shoulder, “learning to forgive is never easy and it takes a great deal of strength. I can’t be the arbiter of whether or not you should but I’ll offer you these nuggets of knowledge. Holding a grudge is like holding a poison but it shouldn't mean to forget what they did. Sometimes, forgiving someone, just to move on and have some peace of mind, is the way to go.”

“Wow,” Gemini muttered, “where’d ya learn that quote?”

“Just thought of it at the top of my head. The point is that it’s sometimes better to make amends in order to heal and move on but always remember what he did so he could learn from his mistakes.” Gemini sighed as he contemplated his friend’s words. He felt that he had a point but it was still too early to render a decision, “Look, I’m not asking you to forgive him right away or act on my advice. Give it some time and then draw your conclusions.”

“Fair enough.” Gemini looked out towards the lake, marveling at its beauty. Those thoughts didn’t last long however as ones from before came back to him. What was the real reason Argent brought him out here? “So, what made you wanna do this trip with me? We’re not even father and son and I feel that something’s up. What is it?” With a sly smirk, Argent scoffed for a bit.

“Looks like the jig is up.” Argent reached into his pocket, “I was hoping to keep a tight lid on it until dinner tonight.” He pulled out a small black box, handing it to Gemini, “But, I feel that you deserve to know.”

Opening the box, Gemini was left speechless when he saw a ring with a heart-shaped diamond within. Having known that he and his mother were lovers, Gemini looked at Argent with a mix of shock and excitement. He was really going to do it.

“No freaking way!” Gemini gasped.

“It’s the real deal.”Argent remarked as he retrieved his engagement ring, “I’ve waited so long to propose to her and now I feel as though the time is right.”

Putting two and two together, it all began to make sense to Gemini. In the days since they first met and his graduation, Argent became something of a father figure to him. Now, he was going to become his literal father. If he had to guess, Argent was waiting for his blessings. He loved Celestia and warmed up to Argent. Gemini had no problems with Argent’s intentions.

“Argent,” Gemini said, “you’ve long since earned my blessings. I know you love Celestia. I have no problems if you wanna tie the knot with her. It’s okay.” With a smile as warm as he could muster, Gemini pulled Argent into a tight hug. The feeling of the embrace filled the psychologist with an equal amount of warmth. Though Gemini long since accepted him, he felt proud to fill that certain void in the young man’s life, “I’m not opposed to calling you my father.”

“Gemini… thank you.” Argent and Gemini shared in the embrace for a time. On the corner of his eye, Argent noticed Gemini’s fishing rod moving about, “Hey, I think your line caught something!” Snapping his view to his line, Gemini rushed over to his rod, gripping it as he began reeling in the catch. By how immense the resistance felt, it was a big fish, “Okay, the key here is to keep it steady and tire out the fish. Don’t pull to hard or it’ll snap your line.”

“Got it!” Gemini grunted as he reeled in the line, easing and tugging with all his strength, “Persistent little bastard! Come on!” Repeating his pattern, he carefully reeled in the catch until it was near the boardwalk. With a few final windings, he was rewarded with the sight of a sizable fish. It’s scales looked to have a subtle rainbow tint, “Good lord! I did it!”

“Not bad at all.” Argent mused, “Quite the sizable Rainbow Trout you have there.” The fish wiggled about on the hook, “Why don’t I send a picture of this to your mother and aunt. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of this.”

“Go on ahead.” Gemini struck up a prideful heroic pose while wearing a triumphant smile. Pressing a few buttons on his phone, Argent waited a few seconds before a flash flickered and gave a thumbs up, “They’re going to like it, I can tell.”

“That they will, son.”

Releasing the fish back into the water, the two continued fishing while shooting the breeze. Jokes and chatting, both Gemini and Argent enjoyed an early morning of being out in the great outdoors. With the knowledge that Argent will propose to Celestia, Gemini couldn’t wait to see the look on his mother’s face. From what he could gather, Argent wanted him to record the moment.

As noon soon struck, their trip soon came to an end. With lungs full of fresh air, Argent began packing up until his phone began to buzz. Fetching it, the caller was Luna herself. What could she want?

"Hello?" Argent answered.

"Luna, what's going on?"

"Calm down, take some deep breaths. Now, what's going on?"

"What?! How long ago?!"

"Okay, where are you now?"

"Alright, we've just finished up our fishing trip. We'll be there as soon as we can."

"Okay, see you when we get there." Argent shut the hatch as he turned to Gemini.

"What happened?" Gemini asked

"Your mother went into labor about twenty minutes ago." Argent sighed.

"What?! Are you serious?!"

"Yes. Looks like our next stop is the hospital." Argent got in the car, “Let’s not keep the women waiting.”

Climbing in, the two sped away from the lake, being careful not to disrupt traffic. Both their hearts pounded as the situation set in. After months of anticipation, the arrival of Celestia’s child was nigh and tension was going to be, without a doubt, high. As calm as he likes to be, Argent worried for the safety of his soon to be fiance.

Carefully navigating through the city traffic, the two arrived at the hospital with little difficulty. Checking in at the front desk took a bit with all the paperwork involved. When they got up to her room on the third floor, they found Luna outside pacing back and forth. She didn’t look stressed or anything, more like she was waiting for them. From what she told them, only she was allowed in with her sister. It was something they saw coming.

Thus, they walked to the waiting room where they’ll be waiting for the next several hours, depending on how long it’ll take. Kicking back, a wave of anxiety washed over Gemini. Today is the day he’ll be meeting his younger brother, something he never got to have. Such a thought filled him with something he couldn’t point out. Yet, he felt that all will be okay. He couldn’t wait to hold his baby brother in his arms.

“Well, it looks like we'll be playing the waiting game.” Gemini sighed as he pulled out a deck of Uno cards, “Are you up for a billion rounds of Uno? We're probably going to be here for a while.”

“In a little bit.” Argent sat down, “I know you're trying to contain your excitement. Being a big brother is a big responsibility. I’m the eldest of three. It always took a bit to keep my brother and sister in line but I love them. They’re a bunch of goofs though.”

“Heh, sounds like you had a riot. Must’ve been a hell of an experience.”

“Yeah. All I can say is keep calm and you’ll do great.”

“Right.” Gemini yawned as he stretched his back. “You always seem to be well versed in many things.”

“And you’d be right. Not only do I have knowledge of the mind and emotions… sigh I also know love, both the good and the bad.”

“Speaking of which, why did you choose Celestia despite her being… pregnant?”

“It’s a bit of a long story.” If there was one thing Argent was known for, his memory was razor sharp. Both his good and bad experiences with love, it was crystal clear as the days he first experienced them, “Back then, before I met Celestia, I was in love with one of my classmates from college, Yvette Dusk. If I were to pick any words to describe her, they would be witty, sharp, and compassionate. She wouldn’t think twice about giving a hand when you needed it. She was truly something.”

“Sounds like you got along with her quite well.” Gemini remarked, “But what made you two break up?” The breakup was still fresh in his mind. It plagued him with sorrow at times. Yet, he was always willing to talk about it.

“I loved Yvette, I really did. But, we often fell prey to our own preoccupation and it proved challenging in our relationship. We were establishing our respective careers so that it became difficult to find some ‘us’ time. In the end, we both mutually agreed to go our separate ways and that was it. It taught me the important lesson of letting go, even if your heart doesn't like it. But, life is life and it moves on but not without a shred of hope that things will be better. Where ever she is, I wish her well.”

“But how did you meet Celestia?”

“It was at a coffee shop that I first saw her. Back then, she looked to be about three months along. She was having trouble with her card when she was paying for her drink. So, I swooped in and took care of it for her. What happened after a few thanks was a conversation and things clicked from there. After all that time, I was a bit surprised but I knew I'd find love again. ”

“Looks like you and I aren’t that different.”

With Gemini’s remark, a spark flickered between the two. Though friends, Argent saw that he had a point. Seeing the parallels between the two, he realized that Gemini been down nearly the exact same road he traveled. It was like a small world to him with a touch of irony that one younger than him would give him pause in such a way. Amused, Argent pulled Gemini into yet another hug, sharing a tender moment between them.

“Thank you, son.” Argent whispered.

“I know.” Gemini replied. As much as he enjoyed the moment, it was disrupted by a rumbling in his stomach, “Uhh, quick question, is hospital food any good?”

“Wouldn’t know. Why?”

“Getting a little hungry here. I could go for a slice right now.”

For the next nine hours, both Argent and Gemini sat in wait, doing anything within their power to stave off boredom. Resigning to napping, they closed their eyes as they lost track of time. In spite of this, they both hoped for the best for Celestia. Unsure of how much time has passed, their slumber was interrupted by the entrance of a nurse that had a head of pink hair in a bun. Upon seeing her, both got on their feet.

“Hello, my name is Nurse Redheart.” The nurse greeted, “I was asked to come fetch you two.”

“How is she, nurse?” Argent asked, “Is my Celestia okay?” His questions were met by a warm smile from Redheart.

“Come see for yourselves.”

Following the nurse down the hall, they arrived at the room. Opening it slowly, both saw a sight that filled them with awe. Celestia laid in her bed, exhausted with her hair disheveled and frazzled yet with a content smile on her face. In her arms was her son, resting comfortably in a blanket. Their worries were put to rest as the longest part of the day, along with their worries, were behind them.

“Look at him.” Luna whispered as both hers and her sister’s gaze locked on the two, “He’s the most precious thing I’ve seen.”

“He looks so... peaceful” Gemini said in his soft voice. Looking upon his baby brother’s face, he couldn’t help but crack a smile, “So that is my brother.”

“Indeed he is.” Celestia yawned as Gemini grew closer “Meet your brother, Sunspot Aurora.”

Getting a closer look, despite different skin coloration, there were a number of features that connected him to his mother. A bit of his facial structure, heliotrope eyes, and same hairstyle that’s missing the green, Sunspot was almost like a spitting image of her. Turning his view to Gemini, Sunspot started making noises as he reached out to him with his small arms, much to his mother’s joy.

“Looks like he knows who you are.” Celestia said with a smile, “Would you like to hold him?”

“R-Really?” Gemini stuttered at his mother’s question.

“Go on. He wants to see his brother.”

Gently reaching his arms out, Gemini took is swaddled brother in his arms and sat down on a nearby chair. Looking upon his face, the one of innocence, Gemini’s joy-filled smile was accentuated by a few tears. He spent most of his life being an only child and now he holds his brother in his arms. It was the most heartwarming moment of his life.

“Heya Sunspot,” Gemini cooed as he rocked the infant in his arms, “it’s me, your brother. Welcome to the world.” Playfully booping his nose, Sunspot’s tiny hands started reaching for Gemini’s fingers. Holding it in place, he allowed them to grapple onto it with a cooing noise. Such a display melted his heart. Whatever happens, I promise… I’ll be a good brother to you. I’ll protect and cherish you, always. Briefly taking his gaze away, he looked on at Luna, Celestia, and Argent giving him looks of approval. With the latter, however, he gave a subtle blink. He knew what it meant. “Luna, can you hold him for a sec?”

“Sure.” Luna agreed.

Once Sunspot was out of his arms, Gemini brought out his phone, activating its video camera. Argent then got over to Celestia’s bedside with a nervous expression. Now was the moment he’d been waiting for.

“Celestia, my love,” Argent sighed, “through the small amount of time we knew each other, I thought I would never love again. Yet, you rekindled that feeling in me, mending the wound in my heart. I love you with all my heart and nothing will make me think differently. Even under the pain of death, my love for you will never falter. So now, I ask you this.” Argent got on one knee, pulled out the box and opened it, revealing the ring nestled within, “Celestia, will you marry me?”

Celestia couldn’t believe her weary eyes. Not long after bringing her son into the world, her boyfriend got on one knee and asked the question. Still reeling from the long hours of labor, she could barely contain her joy. She now has another son and a future husband. Truly, it was the best day of her life.

“Yes! A million times yes!” She gasped with joy as she embraced her betrothed. Looking on at the scene, Gemini drew a smile of satisfaction. Seeing his adoptive mother happy made him feel the same way. With Argent soon to be his father, he felt that one last void in his heart is filled. He was complete now and he belonged.

“Congratulations, mom.” Gemini said with a hug and kiss to her cheek, “I’m happy that you’re happy. But most of all, thank you for everything.” Yet, thoughts still raced through his head. Holding his brother triggered something in him. He needed a quieter place to contemplate, “Hey mom, mind if I walk out for a bit? I need to grab something to drink.”

“You’re excused, my son.”

With a nod, Gemini walked out of the room with a smirk disguising his mood. Making his way to the cafeteria, Gemini purchased a cup of coffee, relaxing as he drank it. The feeling of the piping hot liquid coursing through his body warmed him to the soul and the caffeine jump-started his brain. Having room to think, he allowed himself to become lost in thought.

My brother… Gemini thought to himself, holding him, I wonder. Will I be a better man than my father? Will I be good enough to rear a kid with Fleur?

“Looks like you didn’t just come here to have a drink.” Luna said, sitting down across from him, “You know, I’ve seen this before and you’re no good at making up a story.”

“How perceptive of you, Auntie Luna.” Gemini scoffed, taking another sip, “It’s just that a lot of things are on my mind right now and my brain is trying to make heads and tails of it all.”

“I understand. You just got a new brother and your mom is getting married. Such drastic changes in your life will no doubt make you feel pensive. You’re my nephew. You shouldn’t feel reluctant to talk with me.”

“You’re right, Luna.” Gemini sighed, finishing his drink, “I want to ask you something.”

“Is there something troubling you, nephew?”

"Yes. When I held my brother, Sunspot Aurora, I felt something in me... like some instinct."

"What kind of instinct?” Luna gingerly places her hands on her nephew’s “What's on your mind?"

"Knowing where I came from, will I be a good father?"
"Gemini,” Luna sighed, “where you came from or your upbringing has little to no bearing on how'll be as a father. Even then, the past is past. Don't let it rule your mind. When my sister got pregnant by some guy who never came back, she had her fair bit of doubts, even considering giving him away. But as time went on, I noticed something stir in her, the same instinct you've felt. I even saw it on display when we first brought you in."

"What are you saying?"

"Parenthood isn't exactly something you can prepare for, physically and mentally. Trust in your instincts and that of Fleur's. When the time comes, you'll find your answer. Still, I can already see it in you when you held your brother. You'll do fine. I have full confidence that you’ll be a great father."

Reaching over, Gemini pulled his aunt into a hug. Hearing those kind words from her set his mind at ease. As always, Luna had a high degree of empathy despite how she often carries herself. She loved her nephew and would never lie to him on anything. He appreciated her for her honest nature.

“I’ll… give it my best shot then.” Gemini whispered, “Though it’s too early for all that, I already know I’ll ask her that at some point.”

“I know you will. I can see it in your eyes that you love her very much. Go at your own pace and build your bonds with her. That’s the most important part of any romantic relationship.” Luna gets up from her seat, “Let’s head back. I think Celestia wants to do a family photo with us.”

Following her back to the room, Gemini saw Argent kneeling next to Celestia, both looking lovingly at each other. Sunspot rested peacefully in his mother’s arms as Nurse Redheart looked on with a smile with a camera in hand.

“Okay, now find your places.” Redheart said as she got the camera ready. Luna took the side opposite of Argent as he stood up. Gemini took his spot between Celestia and Argent, kneeling as the latter rested a hand on his shoulder. Both were smiling in a moment that would be preserved in a picture. “Now, smile and say cheese!



Author's Note:

Well, here it is, the culmination of seven chapters of this fic turn around. When I went to work on this chapter, I decided to go all in for it rather than the usual length. Though it took me quite a while to write (nearly spending a whole day straight to do so), I enjoyed making this and I hope you, the reader, like it as much as I do. Keep on reading and it'll only get more wholesome from here on in.