• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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4. Quality Time

The sunlight pierced the windows, rousing Gemini from his sleep. His eyelids opened wide as he arched his back with a loud yawn. Getting on his feet, he inhaled deeply with an ebullient smile. Last week was the final week of classes for him, a relieving thought. All he had left to look forward to was graduation rehearsals.

“Sweet, savory freedom.” Sliding into his slippers, Gemini walked out of his room and into the living room. In there, on the couch, was Celestia, knitting what appeared to be a beanie and a small blanket. She hummed a soft melody; no doubt meant for her unborn child. It was like the sweetest sounding of tunes, truly beautiful.

“Oh, Good morning, Gemini.” Celestia greeted, pausing her knitting, “I hope you’ve slept well.”

“That I did, Celestia.” Gemini looked around and noticed something was different, “Where’s Luna?”

“Oh, she’s out with her boyfriend, Time Turner.”

“Whoa, I honestly didn’t know my history teacher was… dang.”

“Heh, I understand your surprise.” Celestia then winced in pain, staring towards her legs. Gemini noticed that her ankles looked to be slightly swollen.

“Are you alright?” Gemini asked with genuine concern, “I-If you want, I can give your ankles a quick massage.”

“If that’s what you want,” Celestia said as she rested her legs on a footrest, “go ahead.”

Taking one of her feet in hand, Gemini began to gently yet firmly rub her aching ankles, Each pass earned a sigh of relief from his principal From how it sounded, it looked to have bothered her for quite some time. Being a school’s principal, it would certainly have that effect.

“Oh yes. Oh, thank you so kindly, Gemini.” Celestia moaned, “Can you do the other one now?” With a nod, Gemini focused his attention on the other ankle, earning another satisfied moan, “So, how does it feel *Ohyeah* to be doing the walk in a few weeks?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.” Gemini answered, “Just the feeling of being so close to the finish line is an odd one to me.”

“There’s nothing for you to be nervous about. After all, despite what you’ve been through, you’re going to graduate. Be proud of your achievements.”

After considering her words, Gemini nodded with a smile as he finished his work. He’d been through what one would consider hell and managed to dig himself out of it. If it weren’t for Celestia, he would’ve been stuck in that nightmare. With the worst behind him, he felt that he could breathe unhindered.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Gemini said with a reserved smile, “So, you got anything going on today?”

“I’m glad you’ve asked.” Celestia chimed with a motherly tone, “I have a few places to go so I can get things for my baby shower next week. With Luna out with Time Turner, I’ll be needing an extra set of hands to help me. How about that, It’ll be a day on the town for just the two of us, some quality time.”

Spending some quality time with his principal; that was something Gemini never expected to do. Even with his feelings about her divided, it was a chance to know her better. Her current condition would make a simple shopping trip difficult as her body changes with the pregnancy. Still, Gemini liked the thought of hanging out with her.

“Sounds good, Celestia.” Gemini said as he got to his feet, “Lemme go get a shower and we can get going.”

“Okay, you do that.”

As he stepped into the shower and cleansed himself, a multitude of thoughts raced through Gemini’s mind, all concerning Celestia. After that one night where she cuddled with him to ease his rattled state, it put his thoughts further into conflict, especially with the kiss on his forehead. His hormones raged like a roaring inferno, preventing him from drawing any conclusions.

Celestia, she’s… a good person. He thought to himself as he washed his hair, She’s kind and wise among other things. Yet, she’s so beautiful. Damn, why can’t I make up my mind about her?! I mean I-I~ love her but- christ! Slowly, his mind descended further down the trail of lust and want. With him no longer being in school, what else did he have to lose? Fine, maybe with this outing, I can prove my love to her. Who knows, maybe another kiss.

Drying off, shaving his stubble, Gemini got his day clothes on, quickly glancing through the mirror for anything he missed. Slipping his shoes on, he walked back to the living room with his hoodie in tow, rejoining a smiling Celestia. God, he could never get enough of her smile.

“Hey, not quite bad looking there, Gemini.” Celestia cooed to the student’s shock. Such a compliment rendered him flustered.

“Wow, uhhh thanks.” He stuttered, “So, are you uhhh- ready to go?”

“I am. But, can you go wait out in the van? I have to send off a text to my friend from college. She’ll be coming over for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, take your time.” Once Gemini was out of the house, a worried sigh escaped Celestia’s mouth as her smile dropped to a frown. Picking up her phone, she saw one message to reply to.

So, about Gemini, does he know about us?

I told him you and I were friends. That’s just about it.

You know he’s going to find out eventually. And when he does, given his fragile state…

I’ll try to let him off gently after I get home. I hope he’ll understand.

Tia, of course he’ll understand. He’s more amenable to reason whenever you talk with him. I’ll be coming over later on tonight. If he doesn’t know before then, he will when I walk in.

I’ll handle it. I’ll see you later on tonight. Take care.

“God help me if I can’t manage the strength to tell him.” Celestia muttered as she slowly got up from her seat, “Maybe after lunch… I dunno. I hope I’m doing the right thing.” Not a moment longer, she walked out and got in the van, driving off with her ward in tow.

The first stop was a craft store in the downtown area. All around, there were all sorts of materials for those seeking to create art for any purpose. Projects, parties, anything the human mind can think of, the materials to make visions reality are stocked on shelves. For Celestia and Gemini, they were there to gather supplies for the expecting principal’s baby shower.

“Okay, what we need first is balloons and streamers.” Celestia said as she grabbed a cart, “Fortunately, those should be easy to find.”

“We better hope that Pinkie Pie hasn’t taken the whole stock yet.” Gemini dryly said to Celestia’s amused laugh. Strolling through the aisles, they found the party section where all sorts of items that would have CHS’s resident party organizer jump up and down the walls. There, streamers and balloons of varying colors lie in wait. “Okay, so, should we go for pink, blue, or both?”

“Blue.” Celestia answered as Gemini turned around, “I’m going to have a boy.”

“A boy, huh.” Gemini scoffed, “I thought you wanted to be surprised.”

“Well, I got a little impatient during my last ultrasound. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see my son.”

“I can only imagine how excited you are.”

“More than anything in this world, that’s for sure.”

Celestia rubbed her belly as she and Gemini started grabbing what they needed, all colored baby blue. After that, they picked up anything extra that they needed, ranging from anything their minds can come up with but within reason. All throughout the walk, Gemini found himself captivated by his principal’s figure. Robust yet graceful, any man would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. With a perfect figure, it had only been refined by her pregnancy.

Oh my god! She’s… She’s gorgeous! Gemini thought to himself as his heart pounded. Be still, my heart. I just… have to wait a bit.

“Gemini, is something wrong?” Asked Celestia, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Oh uhhh, nothing.” Gemini nervously stammered, “I’m just deep in thought, that’s all.”

“Well, we can talk about it at lunch when we’re done here.”

That smile, that warm welcoming smile, it always gets to him as if it could pierce his soul. It was like that one gift that only someone as worthy as Celestia could wield, bringing warmth to even the hardest of hearts. For Gemini, it seemed almost magical at times. Nonetheless, it was always a sight he welcomed.

After another twenty minutes of shopping around, they took the cart to the front and bought their cargo. Due to a sale, Celestia paid less than she thought she would. All the fixings and flair for a baby shower were all accounted for. Allowing her a break, Gemini took control of the cart and walked back to the van, offloading the goods. Now, it was time for lunch.

Cornerstone Diner was a fine small eatery situated across from Sugarcube Corner. It was one of Celestia’s favorite places during breaks during work. During Gemini’s first night with Celestia, it became his favorite as well. The comfort food was to die for, especially their chicken fried steak; crispy yet tender. As they sat down, Gemini helped Celestia into her seat, making sure she was comfortable.

“Hello, welcome to Cornerstone Diner. I’m Hashbrown.” The waitress greeted with a sing-songy voice, “Can I take your orders?”

“I’ll have the corned beef and swiss omelet” Gemini said, “with a side of chicken lemon rice soup and a coke, please.”

“And I’ll have the bacon alfredo pasta with a fresh garden salad and water, please.” Celestia added as they both handed over their menus.

“Excellent choices. I’ll be back with your orders in just a jiffy!” With the waitress gone, Gemini looked out the window towards the sunlit cityscape. People and cars passing by, it was a sight for both him and Celestia to enjoy. Truly, the diner was set in the right spot.

“So, back at the crafts store,” Celestia muttered, loud enough for Gemini to hear, “what was on your mind?”

“A lot of things.” He replied, still slightly embarrassed from starring at her, “But, even after recent events, I still feel as though it’s all etched in my memory.” Celestia could tell what he was still troubled by previous events. She never expected him to recover quickly as Luna told her.

“How about this.” Celestia’s train of thought was interrupted by the delivery of their drinks, “talk to me about your experiences in as much detail as you want.” Her motherly tone eased his nerves. Apart from his secret affection towards her, Gemini held a sense of trust for Celestia. With a sigh, he readied himself.

“It all started when I was about thirteen years old. My parents usually got into fights with their parents. It got bad to the point where they were disowned by them. After that, a bit after I started my junior year, that was when the drug abuse started. There were times that I had to skip school to work a part-time job… just to keep the damn house afloat and pay the bills. They never batted an eye, not even a single brow! All they did was smoke that meth while I worked hard for them.”

Oh dear. Celestia thought to herself as she exhaled, “I’m… honestly sorry you had to go through all that.”

“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault. In fact, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now. You took me in and gave me shelter. I can’t thank you enough for that. I can see now why everyone holds you in high regard. You’re the most caring person I know.”

“Why, thank you, my former student.” Celestia said as she took a sip from her drink, “But really, I just did what was in your best interests. I wanted to ensure that you graduated.”

“And I’ve made it.” Before he could shake her hand, their moment was interrupted by the arrival of their food.

“Here are your orders!” Hashbrown sang. “I hope the mother and son enjoy their meals.”

“I’m not actually his mother.” Celestia answered with a nervous tone, “He’s more like my ward.” It took a bit for Hashbrown to realize what she meant.

“Oh, sorry. My mistake. But anyway, enjoy your meals!”

“Thank you.”

For the next twenty minutes, Celestia and Gemini ate their lunch, all the while making friendly conversation. The topics varied from thoughts on whatever subject, stories, be it true or humorous in nature. Spirits were high and much joy was had. As far as Gemini was concerned, it was the most fun he had in a good while.

When it came time to leave, they were handed the bill, about twenty bucks total. Walking up to the counter, Celestia reached into her purse for her wallet. To her surprise, it wasn’t where she’d normally put it. She kept digging around to find it but to no avail.

“Crap,” She sighed, “where did I put it? Did I leave it in the car again?”

“And take the rest as a tip.” Turning to the counter, Celestia saw Gemini handing the clerk some cash.

“Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.”

“Gemini, you didn’t have to do that.” Celestia sighed, “I could’ve gone out quickly to the van for my wallet.”

“Celestia,” Gemini placed a hand on her shoulder, “after all that you’ve done for me, I wanted to repay you for your kindness.” Celestia was taken a bit aback by his gesture. Despite having only a couple hundred to his name, he still paid for their meals. She couldn’t help but feel thankful for him.

“Thank you, young man.” She replied with a hug. As she left it, her phone buzzed once more as she pulled it from her pocket. “Gemini, Can you go wait out in the van? I’ll be there in a bit.” With a nod, Gemini left the diner as Celestia unlocked her phone. She shied as she saw the newest message from her friend.

Does he know about us now?

Not at the moment. I honestly can’t bring myself to.

Well, to be frank, there are two ways he’ll find out. In all of them, I can only imagine how he’ll react.

I know but…

Listen Tia, I have full confidence that you can. Even if you can’t, it won’t be the end of the world. I’ll help out however I can.

You will?

Of course. Anything for you. I’ll be coming over at around 6. Can’t wait to meet him.

See you then.


“I don’t know if I can.”

After a quick trip to the grocery store, the two returned home and offloaded their cargo. With the effects of their meals taking hold, they took brief naps. Throughout his, Gemini dreamt of him and Celestia, sitting by a lakeshore while holding each other in their arms. The feeling was almost real to him as cradled her, being extra gentle with her precious cargo. As he looked into her eyes, he found his face growing ever closer as his eyes closed and his lips puckered. Before he felt the kiss, he was snapped wide awake with a bit of a cool sweat.

“Jesus,” He panted, climbing out of bed. “Talk about a pleasant dream.”

Walking into the living room, he saw Celestia sitting on the couch, watching what appeared to be an old movie. She looked relaxed and peaceful, yet so lonely with her sister being out and about. It was his chance, a opportunity to confess his feelings to her. With a gulp of air, he sat down next to her, surprising the principal with his presence.

“Goodness, you certainly surprised me.” Celestia hummed with her signature smile, “How was your nap?”

“Needed it.” Gemini replied, “That omelet got me good.”

“I bet. Come on, sit closer to me. I promise I won’t bite.”

Nervously, Gemini complied with her request. Even though he was close to her before, it still made him nervous. All he had to do was keep calm and go slow. There was little room for error in his mind. Still, the warmth that radiated from her body was nice to the touch.

It’s okay, Celestia. She thought to herself, Just keep calm and he’ll understand. “They really don’t make movies like this anymore.”

“Yeah, I find that to be a real shame. Also, I never knew you were into sci-fi.”

“My mother got me hooked on it after reading some of her books.” Celestia’s attention was jolted away by a kick within her abdomen. She stared at her gravid midsection, rubbing it to calm her unborn son. “Would you like to feel it?”

“Wha- Are you… serious?”

“I am. Don’t be shy about it.” Nervously, he wrapped an arm around her back and hovered the other over her belly. Gemini couldn’t believe Celestia would allow him to do something of the sort. Yet, his flood of thoughts stopped him dead in his tracks. It wasn’t until one of Celestia’s hands forcing his onto her belly that he fully began to process what it felt like. Warm, soft, smooth, it was incredible to the touch. “How does it feel?”

“Can’t really describe it other than amazing.” Then, Gemini felt something push back against his hand. Knowing very well it was her son reacting to his touch, he briefly retracted it before putting back on. “Hmmm, I guess he notices me.”

“I guess he can’t wait to meet you.”

Being this close to Celestia, touching her in such a way with her blessings, sent Gemini’s mind in all sorts of directions. He felt as though his heart would jump out of his ribcage. Blood pumping, nerves pulsing, synapses sparking, it was pure madness for him. All or nothing, now was the time for him to act.

Giving no visual cue, Gemini latched his lips onto Celestia’s, never breaching her mouth with his tongue. After a few short seconds, it was broken. The air became deathly silent as both parties process what happened, mostly Celestia. Both faces turned a shade of ruby red as the awkwardness of the situation had set in.

“G-Gemini…” Celestia shuddered, breaking the silence, “what was that?”

“Celestia,” Gemini said while looking her dead in the eyes. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to confess. The truth is… I’ve ha-”

“I know what you’re going to say. I’ve long known about your ahem affection toward me. But the truth is…”


Oh crap, Celestia internally panicked. Her friend had arrived sooner than she hoped. “Come in.” After a few shakes, the doorknob turned and the door opened, revealing a confusing sight to Gemini.


Author's Note:

After weeks of writing, hopefully, it'll be worth the wait. Can't believe I managed to turn a fic around like this. Well, wait until tomorrow for the end of the cliffhanger. :)