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The shifts on Princess Luna's night guard can be long and boring, but tonight Princess Luna invites you in to play a game.

EDIT: Non-mature feature box day of posting, 11/11/19!

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I knew from the get-go she would throw the game. I mean, it's you. How could it not lead to cuddling? :heart:

Sweet and Short :twilightsmile:
However, I would have loved for Luna to say something along the lines of "CUDDLE WITH ME OR FEEL MY WRATH! "

Nice slice of life tale but your character tags says Celestia instead of Luna.

First or third person would have worked better, but still an excellent story. Thank you.

I am crying tears of joy.

I love Luna cuddling stories, and you do them very well! Thank you!

Cute! Though I must ask, should we be worried about the fact that this is titled endgame?

I love cuddling with Moon-butt.

Well, this left me with a happy smile. Amazing work.

This was beyond adorable, beautifully written, and the scene fit perfectly! Excellent work mang! I hope ya didn't mind, but I did a lil reading on it just because this was too good to not have one!

Always happy to hear that! Love seeing your work on Youtube!

I’m glad that snuggling me rates up there with chess.

aww yiss, categorical grant at it again with them sweet, sweet cuddle fics bringing me my cuddle fix.

Cute fluffy Luna snuggles always good for brightening my day.

Clever mare but to obviously to see... Nice anyway :eeyup:

Although It is a bit weird to me, (Given my oc is her kid) having another Luna Cuddle fic was


Great story, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

That was kinda hot :raritywink:

the title made me think of Avengers Endgame for some reason.

Aaaahh! I'm the Princess of Chess!

Wonderfully cute story. I do note that all you needed to do to make it a gender-ambiguous story is leave out or alter the line about stallions.

I like the idea the guard could also be a mare.

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