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A brony who writes fan fictions in an attempt to cope with clinical depression and believes that SciTwi and Sunset are the OTP.

SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles Timeline

Equestria Girls
Rainbow Rocks
Am I Really Their Friend?: Parallel with Rainbow Rocks
It's Time To Leave: Parallel with Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games
Friendship Games
Scars: spans from Equestria Girls to Legend of Everfree
Rainbow's Rave: From two weeks after Friendship Games until after Legend of Everfree
Legend Of Everfree
Blast At The Beach: two months after Rainbow's Rave
Blast At The Beach, Part Deux: one day after Blast At The Beach
Sunset's Day: Five months after Blast At The Beach
Twilight's Night: three days after Sunset's Day
Sunset's Shindig: one week after Twilight's Night
Spring Break: six weeks after Sunset's Shindig
Two Horny Mares: Parallel with Spring Break
Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 1: five weeks after Spring Break
Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 2: one day after Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 1
Forgotten Friendship
Caught In The Act: seven weeks after Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 2

Blog Posts

  • Saturday
    Damn It...

    ...to Hell. Well, shit happens and the noon until ??? live stream is going to be getting pushed back to its normal time of 9pm EST (GMT -4.0). Sooo... the Q&A is still going to happen, just not during the daytime. :twilightangry2:

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  • Friday
    Okay (Part 3?)...

    ...maybe not really part three but due to being caught up at work, I've got the entire weekend off :yay: for the first time in forever. So... I'm going to be livetreaming tomorrow from about noon EST (GMT -4.0) until whenever I get tired. During which time I will be doing a Q&A session on my Twitch channel.

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My Pony Paint Jobs on Forza Motorsport 6

See these and more by clicking here.

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you are welcome
I liked it because I liked it = 3

2610302 No problem. And thanks, I'm always adding more to my DA page.

Thanks for adding my story to your library mate! Much appreciated :twilightsmile:

(Sick paint jobs btw)

2609002 Do you wish to become delusional and see the world in a distorted manner?

  • Viewing 92 - 96 of 96
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