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A brony who writes fan fictions in an attempt to cope with clinical depression and believes that SciTwi and Sunset are the OTP.

My Pony Paint Jobs on Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 4

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  • 1 week
    Christmas Is Growing Near...

    Its been a couple weeks since I posted a Christmas song so without further ado, once again, Twisted Sister...

    In case you can't figure out what each item is, here they are from day 12 to day 1:

    12 Silver Crosses
    11 Black Mascaras
    10 Pairs Of Platforms
    9 Tattered T-shirts
    8 Pentagrams
    7 Leather Jackets
    6 Cans Of Hair Spray
    5 Skull Earrings
    4 Quarts Of Jack
    3 Studded Belts
    2 Pairs Of Spandex Pants

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  • 2 weeks

    Well, the next chapter of A SciTwi Shimmer Christmas has been published. The "oops" is because of a mistake that a lot of authors have done: hit Publish instead of Edit. Luckily I was just going to do a couple touch-ups.

    But anyway, this week's chapter has the Rainbooms' Christmas concert at the children's hospital marred by tragedy.

    So have a read and leave a comment on the story. And we will see you next week for the next chapter in this tale.

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2648720 Thank you. That means a lot.

your very welcome mate, your stories are awesome.

you are welcome
I liked it because I liked it = 3

2610302 No problem. And thanks, I'm always adding more to my DA page.

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