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A brony who writes fan fictions to cope. Now accepting commissions from other users.

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  • Saturday
    Happy Saturday...

    ...to everypony! Just letting everyone know that I'm working on finishing the first chapter of my next story and I'm going to have that released in the next couple days. In addition to that, I am working on a paint job commemorating the 10th entry of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles on Forza Motorsport 6. I hope to have that finished by next weekend. When it is done, I will post pictures of it. And finally, I'm

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  • Tuesday
    Who's Ready...

    ...for some SciSet clop? After some delays due to my grandmother passing, the premiere of Forgotten Friendship and falling asleep in the middle of writing the darn thing, SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles: Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 2 is finally out. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment. :twilightsmile:

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  • Monday
    Reader's Opinion...

    I'm having trouble with the next part of Cause And Distress and need y'all's help. The meat of the story is going to be dependant on the ending and I've got three different endings in mind. I'm having a Hell of a time deciding on one so I figured I'd get everypony's opinion. Vote for your opinion here. I'll keep it open for a few days before I start on the next chapter of Cause And Distress.

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  • 6 days
    SciTwi Shimmer Update...

    Okay, by now most everyone has either read about the title changes to the SciTwi Shimmer series or seen the change from it being numbered "books" to the title of SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles. The section of my user page that holds the timeline for SciTwi Shimmer has also been updated with the "book numbers" removed. While I try to keep the series as close to canon as possible, I will not be jumping on the Wallflower Blush train and adding her into the series. I loved

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  • 1 week
    Making Up For Lost Time...

    Well, this makes blog number three today. Of course my personal record is four blogs in one day. Now where was I?

    Oh yeah! This popped up on my YouTube recommendations a few minutes ago and I thought I'd share it.

    Can we please skip the next five weeks?

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Commission Guidelines

The following guidelines are needed in order for a commission to be accepted by me.

1) No crossovers. I got a request from someone once last year before I decided to do commissions for a Gravity Falls crossover. Since I've never seen Gravity Falls, I would have needed to do major research. So in order to keep things simple I won't be accepting crossover requests (Fallout: Equestria is included in this because I'm unfamiliar with the story arc).

2) Clop will be accepted, however it cannot involve weird fetishes (watersports, diaper play, etc.). BDSM is accepted as long as it does not involve rape. I have my standards. If you're unsure about if a fetish classifies as "weird", just ask.

3) Keep the length reasonable. Try not to request something that will take more than 3 chapters to complete. If necessary, a sequel can be made.

4) Let me know if you don't want your name credited in the description.

Aside from those, I'm open for anything.

SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles Timeline

Equestria Girls
Rainbow Rocks
Am I Really Their Friend?: Parallel with Rainbow Rocks
It's Time To Leave: Parallel with Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games
Friendship Games
Scars: spans from Equestria Girls to Legend of Everfree
Rainbow's Rave: From two weeks after Friendship Games until after Legend of Everfree
Legend Of Everfree
Blast At The Beach: two months after Rainbow's Rave
Blast At The Beach, Part Deux: one day after Blast At The Beach
Sunset's Day: Five months after Blast At The Beach
Twilight's Night: three days after Sunset's Day
Sunset's Shindig: one week after Twilight's Night
Spring Break: six weeks after Sunset's Shindig
Two Horny Mares: Parallel with Spring Break
Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 1: five weeks after Spring Break
Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 2: one day after Fluff 'N' Stuff, Part 1

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Just had to post for your new profile picture. Goddamn man. . .

Well that's about it.

2524515 Maybe it's a demographic issue. I've seen your stuff popping up a lot in my feed lately courtesy of SunLight groups, though, and there are a handful of presentation quirks and issues before anyone even starts that could be more likely culprits. Here's the impression I get as a prospective reader looking at them, at least.

First off, there are stories with titles like "SciTwi Shimmer Book 7.5." That's a name that basically screams I can't just pick it up and start reading, I have to do a ton of work to understand some complex continuum. Sure, I can click back all the way through half a dozen prequels, but then I'll start noticing that some of the lower-numbered stories were published after the ones with higher numbers... and that just says even louder that I have no idea what I'm getting into.

Second, there are quite a few stories where the cover art, tags and descriptions seem contradictory, leaving me with no idea what the story is actually about. There are multiple stories with SciTwi in the name/tags, but cover art of Sunset hugging Princess Twilight, for example. And also a story with suicide and Sunset being dead in the description that also has an E rating and cover art that looks like it belongs to a Fluttershy clopfic.

Anyway, that's my take: there's just a lot of stuff about the up front story presentation that tells prospective readers they don't know what they're getting into. Like, look at Dark Sunset: not part of a sequel chain, the name, description, tags and cover art all look like they belong to the same thing, and it has a big pile of views and accompanied follower surge.

I really do mean the best, and hope this is at all useful.

That's no problem.

I enjoyed the setting.

Thanks for reading Those We Leave Behind....


No problem 💟

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