Memoirs of A Guard

by TheWingman

Entries 7-9

Friday, November 14th, 1010

As I write this, my hooves ache and quiver. We did another hike that was longer than what we were used to. Steelhoof decided to increase the intensity of our training regimen in light of the latest changeling incursion in Canterlot. Though the attack was swiftly dealt with from what he told us, it was a bit of a wake-up call for my mother. Knowing that one of Equestria’s long known enemies would dare pull a fast one on us, I couldn’t blame her for increasing the volume of guards in the city. In a sense, we had those bugs to blame for our hooves barking at us like crazy. We were all pissed off and some of us were eager to fight them once they got done with training.

But today, I also made a bit of a slip up. As Steelhoof was delivering another of his curse-laden fiery speeches, a butterfly landed on my neck and started to tickle me. I couldn’t hold back a laugh… and boy did the sarge get pissed. As punishment, I got to do 200 pushups while wearing four sandbags. Yikes, I’ll be feeling the soreness for a good while. All of that was due to some little butterfly giving me a bit of a tickle. I can tell that later on when I look back on this, it’ll be a funny story to relate to my friends with.

Wednesday, November 19th, 1010 ESY

After a month of talking with Splitstream, one of the head instructors at the academy, he understood Redwell’s anxiety over his impending fatherhood. But rather than letting him leave the campgrounds, he made arrangements for his wife to stay in the visitor’s house until it was time, moving there about a week ago. It was a reasonable compromise and we wouldn’t risk Steelhoof barking up our damn necks… for the most part anyway.

As we were cleaning our armor this afternoon in our barracks, one of the nurses barged in all flustered. I knew from his state what he wanted. Sure enough, he told us that Silvian Mist had gone into labor. Upon hearing those words, we dropped our stuff then and there and galloped to the infirmary. Our hearts were beating but I knew Redwell’s was beating even faster. Though I’m not magically gifted like him, I could still read a bit of his emotions through his face. Being a husband and soon, a father, he has every right to worry for the safety of his family.

When we got there, I let Redwell go into Silvian’s room while I sat outside the door. It was his moment and his alone. For what seemed like hours, I caught some much needed winks before he came out with a thinly veiled smile. Following him, I saw Silvian cradling her child, an earth filly with the same crimson coat like her father and cyan mane like her mother. Redwell trotted over to hug them both, a heartwarming sight. But then, Redwell did something I never expected. He made me his foal’s godfather. With that, he deferred to me on the matter of her name. As I watched her sleep soundly, one name came to my mind, one that reminds me of a long gone friend: Meadow Sunshine.

Monday, December 1st, 1010 ESY

I was woken up by that dream again. But this time, I saw more of it as if I was there. The stallion was an earth pony with oddly enough… a darker coat than me while the mare had a cream-colored coat. At a glance, it looked as if they were talking to nopony. Then, that’s when a stallion wearing a cloak as black as night came out and stabbed the mare to the stallion’s shock and horror. Lunging at the attacker, the stallion put up a fight before being knocked back… and slashed in the neck.

After struggling, both of them were dead except the killer. He took one good glance at their bodies before lighting a match. There, an inferno erupted and engulfed the two. It was nearly real as I found myself being suffocated by the smoke and my fur singed by the roaring flames. All I could do was reach out to them in a vain attempt to help. Just as the flames engulfed my vision, my entire being, I shot wide awake. Nopony else noticed. I was the only one awake.

I honestly have no idea what’s going on. The dreams are starting to get more and more vivid every time. There has to be more to them. Could they be visions, past or future? What happened for those two ponies to warrant getting murdered? Why does it feel like I know them somehow? Hopefully, when holiday break rolls around, I’ll talk with mom about this. What in blue blazes is going on?