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This story is a sequel to In my Daughters Eyes

Princess Songbird, Daughter of Princess Luna and the biological niece of Princess Celestia was a sweet and kind filly who loves her mother with all her heart, even when that mother becomes corrupted and taken from her...

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Comment posted by Fizzyberries302 deleted Nov 4th, 2016

Disclaimer: I only own Princess Songbird, the cover picture and Songs all belong to their respected owners.

Comment posted by sakuralovelight deleted Nov 9th, 2016

Well this should be interesting, liking it so far.

Also, why don't you go check out my other fanfiction 'Violet-Rose, Equestria Tales'

I completed it last night

So far, this story is amazing! BUT! WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER?!?!?!? Gimme a new chapter! I need it in my life :D Also this book is the best! DO NOT DISCONTINUE IT! I will cry :( BUT! Till then I am happy that u r continueing this story! :D

Someone Needs To Cover This Version Of Luna's Lullaby.

OMG I did not expect this much feedback so soon!

I'm touched, thank you all so much!!!


Great chappy I absolutely loved it I feel as if the song was inspired from the scene from how to train your Dragon 2

Comment posted by Fizzyberries302 deleted Nov 10th, 2016

Nope that song didn't inspire anything

7711565 okay that works. I was just getting that kind of vibe from it

Comment posted by Fizzyberries302 deleted Apr 12th, 2017

Very nice, I look forward to the sequel and prequel.

When you say original song as in just Lullaby for a Princess warpout did not make it. He did the really amazing animation to it but didn't make the song. The one that made it is Ponyphonic so you might want to change your Author's Note. I understand the mistake as this song is really old like 4 years old but it was so popular that people make stuff with it still to this day.

Here's the original.

Fun facts the new animation by duo cartoonist has a song by him as well.

I Know It'd Be A Big Project. But Now I Kinda Really Wanna See Luna And Songbird Go Along The Mane 6 Adventures. (I Am In No Way Asking You For Such A Thing. Your Choice, Hope To See The Sequel Soon As I Absolutely Love This Story)

I'll think about, right now I want to write about Songbirds friendship with Discord and maybe Luna's wish on the star

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Can't believe this is the actual sequel while it was written earlier

Little bit dissapointed that Song couldn't tell Twi about her past. But it was an enjoyable chapter nonethelesss.

This was my first story on the site, I hadn't planned a prequel then.

I feel for Songbird, the dear is going through a lot.

The story keeps getting better.:twilightsmile:

:fluttercry: I remember this ! :raritycry:

:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: ( IRL)
I cry and I cry
I cry so much that
I wish that I could Die !
My heart hurts !
My heart Aches !
It hurts so much
That I know that
it will break !
I have cried irl when I horse that I fell in love with
that I knew had died . He.....Took a piece of my heart with him
when he , :raritycry::raritycry:
It hurts me so much inside ! I can't help but cry !
Why am I such an emotional mare ?! WHY?:raritycry:

Fizzyberry302 I sometimes dream/ imagine myself adopted by Princess Luna and also by her older sister Princess Celestia and I also imagine myself has been adopted by "Nightmare Moon "as a now separate entity , so I have 3 mothers and an older sister Princess Songbird .( Maybe? )
How did I get here? I was somehow transported to the Everfree forest. I was found by "Nightmare Moon " she was lonely and saw me lying unconscious in the old castle wounded and bleeding. Lying beside me was a sword, bloodied and knicked. Also beside me was a scoped rifle, backpack, and other supplies. She (Nightmare Moon ) asked who I was. Barely able to talk I said "Xenamare" and then I fainted from loss of blood. She knew if she didn't do anything to save me that I would die soon so..... ( I need help writing my story. How do I go about getting it posted here? )

If you want to post a story, go into the list from your account name. Click on stories, then click on New Story. After filling out the description, title, tags, etc, you can start writing. There are buttons that allow you to save, add new chapter, add links to videos or images online. Once you’ve proofread your story and grammar checked it, click the Submit button. You’ll have to wait a while for the story to go up, as they need to be approved first. After that, your story will be uploaded.

it makes sense to make a story with an alternative universe and add a new character if, in principle, nothing really changes?
I for example expected a much greater dialogue between nightmare moon and her daughter

all these stories with the "alternative" nightmare moon return are so identical that I practically skipped this chapter stopping only a few times when I saw unfamiliar words and sentences

I expected more :(

This was my first ever story. Back when I wrote this I didn’t have as much experience with writing. I might rewrite a better version in the future now I’ve gained some practice

So many FEELS!!! :twilightsmile::raritydespair:

I love that song so much. It's one of my favorites. It's cool how you created a reply song to the original.

"I told you to make some friends with ponies who have different personalities than you. I saw the signs of Nightmare Moons return and I knew that only you girls who have the magic to defect her." explained Celestia.

defect should be defeat.

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