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Celestia invades a carwash as part of a greater strategy of world conquest.

Rated teen for reference to butts.

Featured 2/22/2021!

Inspired by one of my favorite pony stories

Cover sauce

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If it's just one butt reference, then does there really need to be a teen rating?

Comment posted by TheEighthDayofNight deleted Feb 22nd, 2021

I mean technically there's also slavery, which while nice and essentially opted into, still uses the word slavery. I'm just going to keep it teen to be safe.

"Forgiven my friend," Celestia giggled. "My stay inside was short anyway, and you destroyed it after, so all is well."

i'm going to make another

Certainly nicer than the Independence Day aliens.

Though I wonder if Jeff Goldblum could have figured out Celestia's weakness to Bad Pony Boxes.

No, Why- ThE SuN Is a DeADLy LaSeR.


I- What the hell did I just read? I'm adding it to my favorites and I'm not sure why.

Eh, humans are doing a barely passable job with the earth. There's worse fates.

This is crack, but it's damn good crack. 🙂

Equestria conquering humanity? That's a good joke. Then Celestia wakes up, remembers that Equestria was destroyed by humans and goes on to service her human master.

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