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"What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also." -Julius Caesar.


Celestia invades a carwash as part of a greater strategy of world conquest.

Rated teen for reference to butts.

Featured 2/22/2021!

Inspired by one of my favorite pony stories

Cover sauce

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Comments ( 8 )

If it's just one butt reference, then does there really need to be a teen rating?

Comment posted by TheEighthDayofNight deleted Monday

I mean technically there's also slavery, which while nice and essentially opted into, still uses the word slavery. I'm just going to keep it teen to be safe.

deadmemes #5 · Monday · · ·

"Forgiven my friend," Celestia giggled. "My stay inside was short anyway, and you destroyed it after, so all is well."

i'm going to make another

Alondro #6 · Monday · · ·

Certainly nicer than the Independence Day aliens.

Though I wonder if Jeff Goldblum could have figured out Celestia's weakness to Bad Pony Boxes.

No, Why- ThE SuN Is a DeADLy LaSeR.

Illi #8 · Tuesday · · ·


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