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Austraeoh Fact Checker

"If you are looking for fanfics, I can tell you I don't have any. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career"

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  • 261 weeks
    I'm old

    That night, Rainbow Dash couldn't sleep. So, as always when insomnia hit her, she took to her books.

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  • 270 weeks
    Loyalty's Reward

    "How is she, Belle?" Pilate asked between steadying breaths. He slid over and sat at her side. "What does she look like?"

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  • 275 weeks
    MRW I've run out of facts to check

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  • 291 weeks

    Instances of the word "Fart" per story:

    Just going by this you would assume that there has been some variance and that the overall usage has increased over time. However, in graph 2 we factor in the actual story length in a 2D scatter plot:

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  • 301 weeks

    All incorrect "A-words" so far

    "Amazing" (Lime Tech)
    "Aaack!" (Ember Speak)

    "Awake" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Belle)
    "Austraeoh" (Belle)
    "Abomination" (Shell)

    "Amazing" (Belle)
    "Asinine" (Nightshade)

    "Amazing" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Rainbow to Pilate)

    "Amazing" (Rayvinne)

    "Amazing" (Twilight)

    "Abrasive" (Fluttershy to Remna)


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I am here to provide a very very specific public service

If you have any questions relating to the series or any particular topic you'd like me to research for you, please leave it as a comment and I will try my best to address it (or PM me, I guess). Thanks!

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Hello sir Austraeoh Fact Checker!

Could you get as many entire Xonan paragraphs as you can into one gigantic list of conversations? Any and all Xonan text for both second born and first born speeches and the royal the warrior and casual speeches. You can also include some of IC’s narrative before and after for more context about what the words might mean.


Christ, I didn't remember that for the life of me. Must have been before I took one of my lengthier reading hiatuses. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

It's when Josho and EE were chained together in Innavedr. They escaped the diamond dogs but then got captured by foxes and had to fight a bunch of them on a train and in gliders. Innavedr ch. 62

I'm avoiding the other comments for spoilers' sake so I can get down here. Anyway—

I'm a little past the halfway point of Yaerfaerda, and numerous times they've mentioned 'the foxes.' Who the frig are the foxes again? I feel like it's something I should not be forgetting, but I am... :raritycry:

Universe God bless

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