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  • 82 weeks
    I'm old

    That night, Rainbow Dash couldn't sleep. So, as always when insomnia hit her, she took to her books.

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  • 91 weeks
    Loyalty's Reward

    "How is she, Belle?" Pilate asked between steadying breaths. He slid over and sat at her side. "What does she look like?"

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  • 96 weeks
    MRW I've run out of facts to check

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  • 112 weeks

    Instances of the word "Fart" per story:

    Just going by this you would assume that there has been some variance and that the overall usage has increased over time. However, in graph 2 we factor in the actual story length in a 2D scatter plot:

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  • 122 weeks

    All incorrect "A-words" so far

    "Amazing" (Lime Tech)
    "Aaack!" (Ember Speak)

    "Awake" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Belle)
    "Austraeoh" (Belle)
    "Abomination" (Shell)

    "Amazing" (Belle)
    "Asinine" (Nightshade)

    "Amazing" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Rainbow to Pilate)

    "Amazing" (Rayvinne)

    "Amazing" (Twilight)

    "Abrasive" (Fluttershy to Remna)


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I am here to provide a very very specific public service

If you have any questions relating to the series or any particular topic you'd like me to research for you, please leave it as a comment and I will try my best to address it (or PM me, I guess). Thanks!

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And, here's all the flirting in Ofolrodi
Concerning Lights in Darkness

Rainbow's words, her frown, her very breathing—all of it melted away the moment she felt Ariel floating up from behind and hugging her in a soft, warm embrace. Rainbow's pupils shrank as she stared out into the starry expanse.

Fluttershy, Pinkie, and the rest closed in. "Rainbow..." Fluttershy sniffled. "Would it help if we cried first?"

Just a Short Survey

"Definitely." Rainbow nodded. "And that's as good a place as any to head to first."

"Have you talked to the others about this?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Rainbow's cheeks turned ever so slightly rosy. "I will now! Yup!"

Rainbow Dash Goes Forward

"But..." Ariel squirmed. "How's just that one pendant going to keep me from getting completely lost or separated?"

"Then I guess you're going to have to stay really close to me."

Ariel blinked. Her wings beated a bit more stiffly now. "Eheheheheheh..." She glanced over her shoulder and brushed her bangs back. "...oh... the horror."

There Is No Day

"Like... you take the lead... I follow you..." Ariel shrugged. "I ascend first... you follow me..." She shrugged again.

Rainbow's hoof brushed past bundled food, supplies, and a flickering gloss orb. She lingered slightly, her hoof resting on the edge of the Dragon Stone. "We're just flying," she muttered. "Not getting married."

"You... want me to stare at your tail the whole time..."

"Uh... yeah?"

Ariel cleared her throat. "Works for me."

A Frame of Reference

"I couldn't help but notice." Ariel giggled. "I notice you a lot."

"Yeah. I noticed—dang it!"

Four Words Is Hard

Ariel leaned in with a smirk. "Gotta keep those chubby cheeks of yours adorabadass!"

"... ... ..." Rainbow glared at her.

Friendship with Extra Mayo

Rainbow looked to the left... and got a muzzle full of gray fuzz. Ariel was spooning her from behind, enveloping the petite pegasus' body with a protective hug. She was also asleep.

It was like waking up in a warm cocoon of comraderie. Rainbow Dash instantly lost the nerve to move any further.

"Well... uh..." Rainbow gulped. "...I guess I'm getting some more sleep."

Stone Waters; Set Sail

Ariel merely smiled. She drifted in and gave Rainbow a soft hug. "I'll never be sorry for having known you."

Rainbow bit her lip. A slight rosiness crossed her cheeks.

Just A Little Ingenuity

"Go chillax," Rainbow muttered. "I made a promise not to kill myself."

"Okay! Cool!" Ariel smiled. She fidgeted. "... ... ...can I join you?"

Eve of the Exit

"I can deal with the runs if I have to," Rainbow droned. Her wings flexed. "I could use the exercise."

"I'll try and sit upwind of you."

"You certainly know how to charm a mare."

Full Armor of Dash

"Your friends telling a sweet joke?" Ariel's voice asked.

Rainbow looked over. "Oh... uh... it's nothing."

Ariel smiled, peering out of a narrow helmet. "You're allowed to smile at nothing."

Whip It Real Good

"I sw-swear..." The mare in Rainbow's arms pouted. "I'm not doing this on purpose! I'm not trying to be the damsel-in-distress all the time! It frickin' sucks!"

Are You Watching Closely?

"Woohoo!" Rainbow shouted down towards the arid landscape below. "Hey Ariel! I can spell you now!"

"That's great, Rainbow!" a voice hollered up. "Hey Wildcard! How about teaching her transitive verbs next?"

Fun and Games, Until...

Ariel floated down low enough to nudge Rainbow's shoulder. "You go girl."

Rainbow rubbed her limb. "You're just looking for excuses to say that."

Try Not To Cave

"Rainbow Dash?!" Ariel flew in. A beat later, and she was gasping wide. "Rainbow!" Swoooooooosh! A gray streak collided with the mare, hugging her tight. "You made it! You made it! You made it! Heeeheeheee!"

"Grnnngh... yeah..." Rainbow wheezed in the other pegasus' fetlocks. "Spttkt... h-how are the others...?"

"Oh! Uhm..." Blushing, Ariel leaned back and stood at attention. "I got Wildcard patched up. He's gonna be okay. Kepler's working on more rune stones and... uh..." She reached forward, dusting Rainbow's coat clean of ash with her feathers. "...we're... like... stuck in a cave."

The Adorablest of Comas

A gray muzzle leaned in and gave her nose the softest and girliest of kisses.

"... ... ..." Rainbow froze in place, blinking.

By then, Ariel had leaned back with a friendly smile. "It's Ariel." Warm eyes. "Remember?"

"... ... ..." Rainbow's eyes twitched, finally relaxing. "... ... ...hiya, Toots."

Catch some Fresh Harmony

Rainbow blinked. "Does it mean you're game?"

"Rainbow Dash, I'm a member of Mortuana's Sovereign Seven," Ariel said. She held a hoof on Rainbow's shoulder. "I was game before I met you."

"Heh... so was I..." Rainbow smiled. A blink. "Game, I mean."


Pinkie leaned in. "Pssst. She said 'game'—"

Fart, Fartier, and Fartiest

"Anyways..." Ariel rested a hoof on Rainbow's shoulder. "You're the one light of Harmony in this entire plane. If a lot of crazy creatures are peering in on your head—yeah, that sucks—but that's only because they don't know what's up. But you do. That's your edge... your power. And—from what you've told us about your 'meetings' with this Nat'rdo pony... it sounds like you're starting to grasp who's in charge of what finally." She winked. "If she haunts you again, I know you'll show her what-for."

"Heh... maybe..." Rainbow rubbed her head. "...I just really hope she doesn't catch me in a wet dream next time."

"You mean she hasn't already?"

Where Chaos Split Ya

“You're the fastest flier we've got, girl,” Rainbow said. “You'd be on my team.”

“Oh!” Ariel sat up perkily with a smile. “Well, okay, then!”

Fffffffffffffffff sorry, this is the hardest question to answer because of how ambiguous and contextual "flirtation" is. So I'll have to answer in two parts. Here are the instances from Utaan:
Mares of a Feather, Flutter

"No kidding?" Rainbow pivoted to look north. There—the majority of the undulating bands were most densely situated. "Must be friggin' hard to fly around here if we're that close."

Ariel winked a blue eye. "No trouble for this mare. You can count on that."

"Heh..." Rainbow did a mock curtsey. "...I didn't mean to insult the token filly of the Job Squad."

Music Rasps the Savage Beast

Ariel was hovering above Rainbow Dash in a blink. "So... uh..." She winked. "...who knew you were such a crooner, huh?"

Rainbow coughed, then gripped her throat as she rasped: "Been a long time since I had a proper shower for it..."

Ushering In a New Age

Ariel cocked her head to the side. "You're not just in the company of the Herald, Rainbow Dash. We're your friends. At least... we'd love to be."

"I don't doubt that."

Ariel squinted. "'But...'"

Rainbow shuddered, glancing aside. "You know why."

"Sure I do." Ariel spun until she hovered effortlessly upside down. "I also know that you didn't trip on nothing."

"You're watching me that hard, huh?"

"Can't help it." Ariel winked. "It's my job."

"Now there's a happy thought."

"I've got lots of them to give." Ariel winked, then flapped her wings. "Just whistle. I'll be your wings. I promise." FWOOSH! And she shot back into the sky with a dark streak.

Rainbow blinked calmly.

"She's very..." Fluttershy smiled. "...nice."

Rainbow and the Snow Piercers

"Well... for what it's worth..." Ariel flapped her wings, taking off. "Austraeoh or not... I think you're a pretty sweet pony." She smiled. "And someday, when all of this craziness is said and done, you're going to get exactly the kind of rest and comfort you deserve." Her teeth showed. "And there'll be no shortage of friends for someone as loyal as you."

"Heh... there you go again." Rainbow smiled rosily. "Filling me with happy thoughts."

"Girl." Ariel winked. "I'm a friggin' well of 'em."

But There's Something About Her

"Ariel..." Rainbow sighed. "I'm s-super glad that you're so nice to me... and..." Her words came short, as did her breath, for a soft pair of lips brushed against hers. When Rainbow didn't resist, the kiss grew firmer. Rainbow's eyes closed, and she quivered at the stroke of dark feathers against her neck.

Ariel kissed her a second time, then a third. Each gesture was soft, friendly, inviting. At last, after a fourth kiss, she brushed her nose with Rainbow's, speaking... breathing: "I can be so much nicer, Rainbow." A warm smile, accompanied by a soothing voice. "After all this time, does the Austraeoh deserve any less?"

Everywhere and Everytime, All Encompassing

"Heeheehee..." Ariel giggled, relaxing. "And... uh... I-I'm glad that you're glad that I'm in one piece... Rainbow..."

"Just kiss already," Logan grumbled.

Between Old and New Rainbows

Ariel was shivering slightly at this point. When she next spoke, it was in a wavering voice: "Rainbow Dash... if you need anypony... anypony whatsoever just..." A whimper. "Just to hug you—"

"I'm good, thanks," Rainbow said. A few heartbeats later, and she flinched slightly. She turned to look at Ariel with a sympathetic expression. "But... like... if you need somepony to hold—"

"No." Ariel sniffled, wiping her cheeks dry. "No... I think... we b-both know what that would mean for me."

Was it Worth the Wait?

"Rainbow Dash!" Ariel gasped. Swoooooosh! She crossed the distance in a gray blink, hugging Rainbow tight. "You're up! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Heheheh..." Rainbow Dash patted Ariel's shoulder. "Easy, girl. Don't squeeze the awesomeness out of me."

Could Have Gone With "Shortdust"

"I'lldoit!" Ariel chirped and—Fwoooosh!—she was airborne.

Bard rolled his eyes. "Do we have a volunteer?"

"Uhm... is it just me...?" Nicole turned about, blinking her slitted eyes. "...or does that mare really... really enjoy having an excuse to talk with Rainbow Dash?"

All Down to the Whinny

"Is it just me?" Pinkie blinked. "Or does that mare need saving a lot?"

Rainbow exhaled. "Works just fine in my book." She then exhaled, rushed forward, and flung the staff in her grasp like a javelin. "Mrggh!"

"Httt!" Ariel flapped the limb, sending her body in a spiral. She ended up tossing the other midnighter straight into the pirate sailing towards her. Both fell into the drink while Ariel rushed in to assist Wildcard. "Thanks a bunch, sexy!" she exclaimed.

In The End, All Stardust

"I want to make sure that the Austraeoh gets to the Midnight Armory, just like the rest of you," Ariel said. "I guess... erm... I-I worry about her a bit more than everypony else." She sighed, gazing off. "Not that it matters. So much of that... that 'worry' only works one way. So... whatever..."

Things More Priceless than Gold

Rainbow's muzzle scrunched. As more tears welled up in her eyes, she curled up in Ariel's grasp, blinding herself to the elements. Ariel held her tenderly, giving the others a tender look.

Knowing a Place to Be

Flynn rolled his good eye. "Well of course you want to protect the Austraeoh." He gestured at Ariel with a smirk. "I'm afraid that job's already taken, though."

Ariel wrapped a hoof around Rainbow and blew a raspberry at Wildcard.

One Last Hiatus Before Plunging

"You're too young for regrets, girl."

"The same could be said of you." Ariel brushed some bangs away, steeling a vulnerable glance at Rainbow. "All in all... I should be thanking you for giving me the greatest distraction a pony could ever ask for. For giving us all this opportunity."

Death Isn't Willing to Wait

"Have faith!" Rainbow sputtered. "Faith in Keris!"

Ariel fidgeted in mid-air.

"Friggin' go, you sexy melon fudge!"

For simplicity I am going to count chapters containing appearances, not individual appearances (because he loves to pop in and out of action scenes).
By this count, the total is 34 chapters.

12 There Is No Day: The goggles reflected dull scales glinting by.
14 Dead World, Dead Detritus The air filled with deep, breathy cackles.
17 Come To Your Senses: "I keep sensing... things," Rainbow murmured. "Like... shadows. Reflections. Shades of stuff... y'know?"
30 Back Where You Began: "Why, hello there, Sparky." The fang glinted.
33 Stone Waters, Set Sail: ...for she saw a length of gray scales and goat fur reflecting off of Ariel's ocean blue eyes
39 Dark Corridors are Sexy: Light glinted off a series of steel bars and reflective metal slabs. Rainbow saw the hint of reflected goat fur vanishing as soon as her light hit it.
40 Hold Onto Your Flanks: A sharp fang glinted. "Aaaaaaaaaand boom goes the Dark Side."
44 Mobile Awesome Spectral Horse: "Do you really intend on dragging their useless fannies all the way to your destination?"
48 Familiar Change of Pace: "This is likely your last chance at happiness, Sparky. So why not give in?"
67 Darkreach Chronicles, Part Five: For a moment she saw—or thought she saw—a reflection of goat hair and grinning teeth.
72 Five Weeks in Darkreach: "You'd think marshmallows would be less predictable," a deep voice rolled. "But I suppose some ponies were just born limp and squishy."
83 Nothing to Fidget About: A muzzle grinned in the shiny surface of a shield, lined with a fang and a tuft of goat hair.
90 Who's There? Discord Who?: "Honestly, are these who you choose to call your friends these days?"
103 A Grain of Mustard: "...that is a most dashing look for you." Discord smiled, fang glinting
120 Destiny of a Madman: Discord proceeded to play solitaire in the tranquil silence of the glen.
129 Viva La Dash Mania / We Your Prey Alone: "Oh! You actually wanted to speak to me? Well, that's a smexy turn of events."
135 Do Not Feed Them, and the next few chapters whenever trolls are close: A goofy dragonequus materialized, scratching his head. "You continue to surprise me, Sparky—"
138 Thanks For Your Support: "Bah gawd!" he hollered out one side of his muzzle, fang glinting. "If I'm my own witness, they're broken in half!"
139 When Discord Needs Updates: He pointed at Seraphimus with his paw. "Looks like the catbird found its catbirdnip."
141 The Kaizo You Know: "Hah!" Discord brandished a fang-glinting smile. "And who said I was ever about helping anypony, Sparky?"
142 Directed by Alfonsoats Cuaron: Around this point, Discord reappeared, cradling a ghostly box of popcorn
143 Rainbow Dash's Limit Break: He stroked his goatee thoughtfully. "...yes...I almost think I had one of these as a pet once upon a time. More than one, at least."
145 A Little More Time: "'Scab frogs!'" He lifted a claw, grinning. "I think I'm going to steal that!"
148 Try Not to Cave: "You expect me to be impressed by all that explosiveness?"
151 Planned from the Start: "What could I possibly enjoy from this heartfelt conversation."
168 Welcome to the Party: "...am I late to the beach party?"
169 The Best Web Site: "So, allow me to guess..." He aimed a "camera" at the ancient spires all around and took several noisy "photographs."
180 Signing On to Discord: "Oh, it's me who's to blame, huh?" Discord pointed a finger at himself. "As if I just strolled in and did backup drums for the song we're all singing?"
202 No Room for Dreaming: "After all, what's more chaotic than dreams? "
212 You'll Find Your Thrill: "Not much of a 'Sparky' without the spark, huh?"
216 The Element of Twang: "The progenitors of Urohringr were foot fetishists!"
222 That Is No Moon: "I have become God, destroyer of underwear!"
240 Look Before you Strip: "Oooh... I get it..." He scratched his furry chin. "...we are living underneath your homeland, after all."
265 That Which We Purge: “... … …you rang, Sparky?”

Nothing that I can find. The closest thing is Ariel accusing him of having a "marefriend" when he's trying to talk to the Dihmer with orange eyes. Flynn's backstory is notably absent from the whole story thus far.

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