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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.


Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake
Clap your hooves and do a little shake
Find a friend to help you fly
Love will let you touch the sky


Move by moonlight, fire in our wake
Take my hooves and let me feel you shake
I’ll fly home with ashen wings
Join me when the big bell rings

Twilight seeks out the historical facts behind the bedtime story that was her favorite when she was a foal. She learns that the truths found in stories are sometimes more important than the facts.

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She learns that the truths found in stories are sometimes more important than the facts.

Whoa, hold on, better mark this [Alternate Universe] or something, because that's clearly not the real Twilight. :trixieshiftright:

This story was very interesting to read and I love how you connected it all in the end. Well Done

Aww, this is so sweet! I can't believe it isn't featured :twilightblush:

Intense, sweet, and still holding a fabulous old-world flavor .

This story hit a lot of sweet spots for me; bat ponies, adorkable Twilight, Equestrian History, etc.

You left me empathizing with Twilight at the end wondering what Celestia, Luna, and Cadence know :trixieshiftright:



The idea was for you to UNDERSTAND what they know, and be all "whoaaa."

The very very last line of the story makes it pretty clear... so I thought...

Well that prompted me to have another look. Some mixture of late night reading and my own density made me completely glaze over that last line at the time. So... it's about Luna and Sombra then? :twilightblush:


...Sombra? Where do you see HIM?

Clearly I have still not done a good job of making it so people "get" the secret that Twilight doesn't. Hmm... let me think.

Okay, this was well-written, but consarn it all if I can't figure out what the final puzzle is. Luna's "Little Light", Cadence is "Crystal Clear", and their friendship made them, uh, alicorns?

This story was amazing. I can't believe it has only 29 upvotes despite being up for over three months...

Anyway, I'll have to do some rereading to figure out the ending. Luna seems to be hinting to Twilight's upcoming alicornhood, but that's all I get. I'm wildly guessing that the "real" couple the stories were inspired by were somehow Luna and Celestia's, or maybe even Cadance's, parents?And maybe the 3+3 gemstones from the first chapter became the Elements? Hope I'll figure it out...

EDIT: just noticed what the final sentence about Luna hints to. Also, Crystal Clear's "mane the color of a bright sunny day". I'm starting to get an idea, but it's not, ahem, crystal clear for me yet.

By the way, when the innkeeper says “I did not see this pony with my own eyes,” I would say he is clearly lying. He'd need to phrase this differently

3314799 Well it doesn't. So please explain it, I HATE being confused.

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I actually happen to really enjoy this story. I came across it while looking for a story to read to my sister. I read the first chapter to her, of course. The second, I read on my own. Just like what I did when I was younger, I would create of make up fanciful tales, while hiding the more.... 'realistic' implications/attributes of them. It's an amazing thing. In any case, just to make sure:
Little Light was Luna, and Clear Skies was Celestia. (aka "Sunny Skies".) right?

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