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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.


Tell me the story, Celestia. The one that you promised you would, so long ago...

This is the beginning of a story.

This is the end of a story.

This is a story about beginnings and endings, about gods and mortals, about love and death.

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Comments ( 22 )

mfw this fic has so few views and so few likes: :ajbemused:

I personally love this sweet little thing; keep up the excellent work, Tactical! :pinkiehappy:


I haven't sent it to Fimfic's front page yet.

You'll see why.

So many feels... I like it... :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

If it's a Tacie story....You know it's gonna be a good one! I will read this in a bit...got a ton of other shit going down right now.....plus the sad tag makes me apprehensive as I am borderline suicidal as it is :pinkiesad2:


This isn't primarily a sad story. I feel like I want to add that as an author's note somewhere. This little thing really has a lot of positive energy and beauty--no tragedy, and no despair.

Thats cool........ Still pry be a good idea to stick to the upbeat, rainbow puke, happy stories for now. It wouldn't take much to send me over to the dark side......Is pry a good thing I'm not that cowardly to actually off my self....but....how many have said that, then ended up on a ledge somewhere.......best not risk it....lol....but I wont be so afraid to check it now.....:twilightsmile:

:fluttercry: It was... beautiful.

*silent for a little while*
Still very beautiful and powerful in a way I can't entirely explain...
Thank you for allowing this story to enter the world :applejackconfused:

I like it. :pinkiecrazy: Except for the whole part about Cadence dying...

I actually had a moment at the end there where my eyes went all prickly and I thought I was going to cry... it's a very rare story that can do that to me.
A very powerful piece, somehow both happy and sad at the same time. Love it.

I'm mostly speechless, but I'll try anyway.

This story is pure fanon-fodder and it did a better job writing its subject into the story than canon did. Bravissimo.

:fluttershbad: WAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW :heart:

This is fantastic!

Wow, you really cleaned this up since the last time I saw it. You've definitely earned this:

I'll also put this fic into consideration for the TL featured fic of the week. Excellent work.


I have no idea when I last revisited this thing. Apparently one of those times involved sweeping for errors. Glad you like it! The only reason it's not on EQD is because Vimbert hated it (for legitimate reasons).

This is very good! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I found this story about a year ago, and wanted to read it, but I couldn get around to read it, till now.

How this still only has 79 upvotes I have no idea.

So sad, but so great. Have a like and a super fav!

Oh wow. First person Celestia that rings true, and a mortal alicorn with justification. Well done!

A nice bittersweet tale, with an interesting fanon. I liked it :heart:

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