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Does he even write stories anymore? Geez, what a flufflenugget.


The back of this slim volume reads as follows:

On winter's nights, when cold winds blow outside and ponies everywhere huddle around the fireplace, friends and family often pass the time by telling stories to one another. Many of these fanciful tales have been told and re-told for generations, and the most enduring ones have become immortalized in folklore as pony tales.
My brother and I have travelled the land, gathering many of these stories, and now present this collection for your entertainment. We hope you find them as interesting as we did.

~Scarlet Quill, of the Quill Siblings

Most of the pages are blank, but as you watch, neatly-penned words begin to fill the first few pages all on their own. Already, one story has completed itself. It appears to tell the tale of the First Changeling...

(Partially inspired by LadyMoondancer's Gobbling and Other Traditional Pursuits. More short stories may be added later as new chapters.)

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Comments ( 23 )

This is awesome. :pinkiehappy: It truly has that fairytale feel to it, and it's an interesting backstory for Chrysalis. I'd loved to see more. :twilightsmile:

I approve of this.

Is it odd that i feel like a long lost sibling

I love it! I can't wait for the next one!
Have a mustache and know that this is on my favorites.:moustache:

This story (and all the subsequent ones that are [hopefully] soon to come) are indeed worthy of attention. A lot more than what it received, I should add. The fairytale-like storytelling is spot-on in my opinion.
Please, dear author, I humbly ask of you for more. This is simply phenomenal.

The storytelling style is great, but when we get to the fourth gift everything seems a bit... off for some reason.

Why does Discord lie about healing the King when he was content to fulfill his promises the first three times? This is especially glaring when you consider that following through on this promise wouldn't actually make things better for the Queen- she'd end up with a living King but one who didn't love her anymore. I get that he's angry because he found out that the first three trades worked out for her, but taking her beautiful heart as payment would be revenge enough on its own- he didn't have to also let the king die, and it would be more consistent of him not to. And I know Discord doesn't think making sense is any fun, but if that were a trait of his that were important in this story, wouldn't it have shown up somewhere in our first three encounters with him? It feels like the King only dies because the story needs to end with Chrysalis alone, and that's not a very good reason from an in-story perspective.

The bit that ends with the Dragon feeling foolish for addressing her Hoard the way her friends addressed the spirits of other places is funny, but saying outright that "treasure doesn't talk" makes you question why Mountains and Forests and Great Oceans do, which throws you out of the story a bit. Maybe it could be changed to something about how the Dragon's hoard isn't big enough for its own spirit, or how it's not a place and so it doesn't have a natural spirit living there, or something.

The overall story is good, and I'm adding it to my favorites because I hope to see more like it. Those two things just bugged me.


Hurts to type words, have a greatly approving grunt-like sound.

My apologies if I'm a tad late in typing this, but I must state that this is one of my favorite stories. The tone you were going for, of a true fairy tale, with the predictable yet satisfying development and ending, was as sure as the aim of Robert Locksley. I enjoyed the quip at the Dragon's turn. Of course, it is always a good day when I find a Changeling fanfiction done absolutely right! Thank you for an excellent adventure.
This is also the third story I have read from your archive. Keep up the good work.

Very beautifully done, I hope there is more of these in time.

That this story has so few views and thumbs up is a travesty. Absolutly beautiful. Considering the masterpiece that was nosfleratu tho, this is hardly surprising.

A wonderfull fairy tale, just wonderfull...
I think you have inspired me to write one, too.

This was incredible!!! My gosh well done!

Dang, I'm slow. It took me until that bit with the Great Mountain to realize who the Princess was :derpytongue2:

Guess the artwork was a dead giveaway, but I wasn't really paying attention

This was such a beautiful fairy tale. I felt like I was really reading a book for kids. They should take your tale and make something similar for MLP. Or like a theatric show. I'm serious it fits so well. Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful.

I stepped into an old fairytale. A cautionary one to never give yourself away in all the wrong ways. Well done. Poor queen

Smart story, but the protagonist is an idiot.

Awesome! Definitely gonna fave this!

Pretty cool fic. I really liked the storytelling to be you used.

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