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Does he even write stories anymore? Geez, what a flufflenugget.


The unthinkable has happened. A new Draconequus has emerged, apparently intent on plunging Equestria into chaos once more. To make matters worse, Pinkie Pie is nowhere to be found, forcing Twilight and the others to scramble to find a way to defeat this new threat without the Elements of Harmony.


After strange dreams, Pinkie Pie awakes and finds herself in the body of a Draconequus. Between strange new powers that she can't control, and, for some reason, an inability to communicate with other ponies, Pinkie finds herself alienated from her friends... but finds help from an unexpected source.

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My god, this better not 404 on me this time:twilightangry2:

Edit: Heh, Avatar reference and man this is looking good and fun so far

Gilda's as scared of her image as RD is.

If Pinkie is speaking Ye Old Griffinese, there's a slight chance that RD will at least know she isn't speaking nonsense.

And people keep wondering where I got the idea of Fluttershy turning evil when she's forced to see nature's real face? (Law of the jungle.)

Thanks for bringing your story to fim. I couldn't reach it otherwise...kept getting an error page.
I like your portrayal of Gilda. The perfect straight man...bird...lion...thingy.

I want to see the rules for that drinking game...

Like, check. Favorite, check. Want more story, YEEEUUUS PLEEEAUSE.

Wait, let me get this straight. The author actually wrote in his avatar getting buried in a ton of hot coals?:ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused:

Dr Whooves and Rincewind!:yay:

Someone fat-fingered the link on EQD: there is a stray "<b> " in between "/document" and "/". :derpytongue2:

Of course something like that would happen in a story about everyone's favourite reality bending pony transforming into an avatar of entropy. Not so much tempting fate as much as smacking fate across the rump with an energized cattle-prod.

I love how you placed yourself in the story, i will have to remember that technique if i ever write a pinkie pie story, or discord story.... either way, good job. and again i say i love your name:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Please, sir, could I have some more?

Rincewind is there? Just give him a brick in a sock and everything will turn out fine. Reference aside, great story.

please? more? this is flying awsome :pinkiehappy:

PINKIE DISCORD :D and Gilda. Best story ever, tracking NOW


That is all...


great story, but when is the next chapter coming up, I want to know what happens next.

Hmmmm... I have to wonder if Gilda isn't Discorded. This whole "egghead" twist and vast quantity of knowledge seems awfully out of character for her, and it doesn't seem to fit that she might end up having such a seeming 180 of interests in only... what, a year since her falling out with Dash?

But on the other hand, it might make sense that she is Discorded, given what we know. It was said that Discord hit the city she was in when he broke loose, and it's also been said that the chaos wave isn't going into the Everfree forest and is instead stopping at its edges. By that logic, we might assume that if Gilda went into the Everfree forest when she was Discorded and has been staying there this whole time, then the Elements of Harmony's wave of friendship might have basically stopped at its edges as well, leaving Gilda in a Discorded state all this time.

It'd make more sense than "I'm just an egghead now. Deal with it." :unsuresweetie:

Also, I hope this doesn't get too terribly grim and warlike. Pinkie doesn't deserve that on her conscience. She's a victim of circumstance and this seems to be going a bit too far out of control for something that she didn't even ask for. Having a bunch of soldiers and volunteer militia dying because of her accidents would probably break the poor thing, and that'd just be depressing. :pinkiesad2:

it was bound to happen. fourth wall breaking comes with a cost

> “Well,” Gilda said, “in pretty much every story I’ve read where a character finds themselves in an unfamiliar body, the problem doesn’t get reversed until some pretty extensive personal growth has gone on. Said growth is usually tied to a personality-related issue that the character was facing immediately before the unexpected transformation.”

> Pinkie’s face lit up. “I see! So we’re gonna go through a zany adventure that will make me have that personal growth?”

> Gilda shook her head. “No, that’s the stupid way to do it. If your transformation really is tied to a personal problem, then it can just as easily be solved by calmly sitting down, determining the issue, and then solving it. Pinks, you don’t need a zany adventure, you need a therapist.”


Though Gilda apparently hasn't read The Metamorphosis yet.

Oh man this is such an awesome story, I can't wait for more!

Okey, this will be read. You got my interest in the discription.

OH YES!!! i can't wait for more. this just got 70% better!!! :rainbowkiss:


Truer words were never spoken.

I'm going to track this out of morbid curiosity.

Gilda being sorry?

Seriously, this story is freaking genius. Here, have a Pinkie. :pinkiehappy:

Oh Dash, jumping to conclusions like Pinkie jumps on cakes.

And there goes the element of Hotheadedness, off to jump to conclusions, again. :ajbemused: :facehoof: Damnit, Dash, you really need to stop and THINK more. But seriously, I am loving this story! :twilightsmile: Can't wait for the next chapter!

I'm going to laugh so hard when Luna gathers this massive army together and none of it ends up being necessary.

I AM LOVING THIS THING!!!! Hehehehe... Pinkie Pie actually looks cool as a draconequus. Also the part with Discord; I heard his voice the ENTIRE time... It made me smile, smile, smile from ear to ear bigger than Pinkie's :pinkiehappy:. And when Discord mocked Celestia the mental image of Celestia's voice coming out of Discord will forever stain my brain making me LOL with joy:rainbowlaugh:.

But near the ending... Awwwwwww....:pinkiesad2: poor Pinkie Pie.

At first I was like :pinkiesmile:
Then I was like :yay:
Lastly, I was like :flutterrage:GODDAMNIT!GODDAMNIT!

And things just spiral more and more out of control.

You think RD would have a SHRED of trust left in her former friend. Enough to AT LEAST hear her side of things.

"Five minutes later, the assembled ponies stood knee-deep in water, trout swimming serenely around them. "
Beautiful... I can hardly type from laughing...

"Addressing pair of stallions in front of her"

That seems to be missing an article

“I shall pretend that I did not hear that,” Luna said dryly.

And that was the only dry thing in the room.

“Okay. Just making sure that our studio audience is up to date,” Gilda said sarcastically.

:pinkiegasp:You mean you can see them too.
Edit: With all of the regular-pony-to-alicorn-pony fics, It's kind-of surprising test there are so few stories in which a pony gets turned into a draconequus.


GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!! This story is sooooooo good!!!:rainbowkiss: It just got like 60% cooler!!!:pinkiegasp: So please for the love of bronies everywhere.... PLEASE FREAKING UPDATE!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Trixie guessed Eris' name before Twilight even mentioned her! Wow, she's good...

Pinkie Pie and Disqord.
Creation and Entropy.
Both are Chaos, but are CLEARLY not the same thing. Once our premiere party pony Pinkie Pie gets her powers fine tuned, the disastrously destructive draconequus Discord will be regretting even CONSIDERING pulling off this prank. Until then, however...

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Pinkie_loool.png <Noooooooo!)
dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/discord.png <YES!)

Oh my it keeps getting better. Now Pinkie can control her powers... but only Gilda can understand her and everypony else think that 'Eris' and Gilda is evil and wouldn't listen to explanations. Wow!

People, you seem to be forgetting that it isn't really Dash's fault she's jumping to a conclusion. When you see your old friend who yelled at your friends, and may have murdered somepony, saying 'the sooner this is over, the better' to and acting friendly towards a draconequus who everypony has identified as an enemy, who Dash hasn't seen yet, and who's been tearing apart reality, what is your reaction, when you don't even know that there's a lot more to the (very amazing and awesome) story?
Also, uh, this person says it well: 967505 Thanks for putting it into words. Even if 43 of those words are the same.

A dark grey unicorn author? :rainbowderp:

...you...you haven't been reading my stories, have you?

“But Dash, this isn’t what you think, I’m just helping her to better control her powers, so she can help me set things right between us, she is properly the only one that can”

Yea that is just what Gilda should say

:twilightsmile: Dear author:

:twilightangry2: Your assertion that all Chaos equals Entropy makes me want to punch you.

:flutterrage: Right between the goal posts.

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Rainbow_dealwithit.png Your faithful reader, Starcat5.

*Long slow blink* I'm not even sure I know WHAT that looks like, Spiderman. MOVING ON!

Also, it looks like Pinkie's attempt to seal her OWN powers seemed to make the more proactive Chaos (outside influence?) go into overdrive. I'm holding out hope that Pinkie's Chaos Powers are NOT the same Chaos Powers currently sweeping across Equestria. Creation (Harmonic Chaos) and Entropy (Disharmonic/Destructive Chaos) are two different things, or at least two different opposites of the same greater whole. Pinkie embodies one, while Discord embodies the other. THAT is my Headcanon. Stories that try to lump ALL Chaos in with Disharmony makes me enter Flutterrage, shouting "Fluttershy SMASH", and punch authors below the belt.

Please, Charcoal Quill, don't slander the more Chaotic elements of Harmony. MAKE that distinction. Please? :fluttershysad:

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