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I am new at fanfictions, but I really enjoy writing so here goes nothing!


It's April Foal's Day and Applejack is, as usual, the recipient of many pranks, much to the amusement of her brother. When she enlists Twilight Sparkle to help with her revenge things get a little out of hoof.

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Oh dear... I think I know where this is going...

Big Mac meet Rule 63. Rule 63 meet Big Mac.

Is pretty good. Though you can put some space in between things like the part where Applejack is at the farm to the library.

I'll stay.

1006115 Aren't they all ponies? He might become a mare if this is were I think it's going

I just have to read this... I gotta ask, but am I the only one who thinks that R63 Big Mac is cute? Just me?
Well, whatever. You've got yourself a thumb and a favorite.

Applejack's accent is too thick. With her, less is more, and as it is, her dialog is kinda hard to read.

Not bad, 'cept I got confused when AJ went to Twilight's house, there needs to be a page break there. I guess I'll track this.

1006235 Then the question is just how long does he need to be a mare.

Oh and he forgot to turn the Swag off

I wonder how many of the guys in town are going to try and hit him..er....her

"She watched her brother examine every tree until he found a suitable tree for his nape, just as she had known he would." << italics need fixing

A very entertaining idea, well executed thus far. I'm interested to see how you'll keep it funny past 'big mac being a mare', ie their antics and his management of said dilemma. Thumbs up and a track, definitely

1006203 Although I can see where you're coming from, it's not so bad; I've seen far worse. It does need toning down just a tad, though. Less 'fer's and 'ahm's, more cliche similes.

Reads describen. Alright where's the popcorn?

This is going to be interesting :derpytongue2:

WHAT THE HAY?! :eeyup:

ERROR: nape should be nap.

Need a bit more transition, otherwise it's beautiful.

Now the question becomes what shall we call R63 Big Mac?

1007296 The general consensus is that her name is Red Gala.

AJ just calls her 'Big Red', though.

I like this story

:applejackconfused: Poor AJ, she's in for a rough day.

YES. I knew it. I'm not the only one who thinks R63 Big Mac - Er, Red Gala is a cute pony. In the beginning of the chapter, I noticed "How they hay did this happen?" Might wanna get rid of the "y" at the end of "The".

I eagerly await more of this... To be honest, I eagerly await more of Red Gala. :heart: Keep up the good work.

:rainbowlaugh: You have no idea.

And to all of you who guessed the Rule 63, good job! And, sorry, there will be no sex with Rainbow Dash. :rainbowhuh: This IS rated everyone after all. :scootangel:

And so...IT BEGINS!

Um, yeah, I AM considering changing that.

It took m five minutes of staring at the picture to realize hes a and im read the description ohh this is going to be juicy

Stupid nookIt took m five minutes of staring at the picture to realize hes a and im read the description ohh this is going to be juicy

AJ, what have you done? :raritydespair: Do you not know what you have unleashed upon the world? :applecry:

Hmm, okay why would Twilight not recognize her own spell? Things seem to happen a little too fast for my liking. Maybe next chapter will be an improvement.

And I still haven't found my popcorn. Did you take it Pinkie?
Pinkie: No
Me: GAH!! Holy shit, Pinkie!

Big Mac genre savvy. It would seem he knows who has a weakness for mares judging from this. Personally, Spike should see this and lets watch the hilarity spread. For that matter, unexpected visit from Blueblood comes to mind.

ummm.....he's taking it rather well. I mean he just finds out he swapped genders and the first thing he thinks of is who to show it off to? If I were suddenly turned into a girl I would probably panic for a few hours, cry and mourn my lost "manhood". Big Mac does none of that! He just thinks "nice prank sis! you really got me there!" Come on at least show a little rage, anger, anything! You interested me at the first chapter but lost me on the second :facehoof:

oh joy 63'ed Big Mac
:trollestia: this gun b gud

oh Celestia lol :rainbowlaugh:
let the gender-swapped shenanigans begin!

Big Mac-ahem, Red Gala, I hope 63 is your favorite number. You're going to be hearing a LOT about it.

this is going to be hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

"Thanks, Twi, y'all're the best!"

FINALLY, someone spelled it correctly!

wow ok you need to slow down a bit. sorry it all happened to fast you need a proofreader oh i'm sorry for the negative comment but here come a good one the story line is a good one i still think this is going to be interesting:derpytongue2:

This will be fun to see what she has in store for us. I still wonder if Rainbow Dash is going to try and hit that

1009899 Rule 63 is Gender change.

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