• Published 31st Jul 2012
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Big Macilicious - Mitslits

Ever wonder what would happen if Big Mac turned into a girl?

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Treated Like Royalty

Red Gala tried to break away from the crowd, but it was far too late. Blueblood was staring at her with pure lust in his eyes.

As he approached, the crowd drew back. Some of the mares had dreamy looks on their faces, others who had met him had disgust written on their faces. "Pardon me", the prince said, staring straight at Red Gala. "But I must say, your beauty is uncommon amongst these homely peasants. Please, allow me to escort you to our float. You can have the place of honor next to myself of course." He stared at her, as if already hearing her acceptance.

"Er, Ah'd rather not", Red Gala said, darting her eyes to the ground.

Prince Blueblood was aghast. "I must have misheard you, my dear. It did just sound like you refused my generous offer. But of course, you couldn't have." He held out his hoof. "Come, then, we're holding up the parade."

Red Gala was about to refuse again when Princess Luna alighted beside the prince. After that, it was a combination of hormones and the sunlight hitting the princess just right that decided Gala.

"Excuse me, Blueblood, is there a problem here?" she asked with a voice as smooth as silk.

Accepting Blueblood's hoof, Gala smiled shyly up at the princess. "No problem at all", she responded, batting her eyelashes.

Luna nodded and swept off towards the float.

"I am most certainly glad you saw sense, my dear", Blueblood said, casting a smug look at the pretty mare beside him. The crowds parted for them once again and they eventually reached the float.

And what a float it was. It was three layers, decked out in white lace and colorful banners. Comedic faces grinned from each corner and there were multiple pictures of typical pranks, such as shaving cream and glue. Celestia and Luna stood on either end.

"That is my place of honor", Blueblood said, grinning. He pointed to the dead center of the float where a large throne bedecked with roses waited. He helped Red Gala up and made her stand by the throne. He settled into it himself and stared out at the crowds haughtily. "Gaze at the lowly peasants below us."

Red Gala did gaze, but it was not at the crowd below them. Instead, it was at the dark beauty opposite him. Her ever-moving mane twinkled with stars and her eyes, though cold as the night she represented, held sparks of kindness that she felt sure could be fanned into flames.

As they made their way through the streets, Gala found herself wishing they could just get back to the palace so she could get Luna all on her own.

Applejack and Twilight had nearly given up the search. That was when the float came down their street. Both mare's jaws dropped in perfect synchronicity. "Wh-wha?" Applejack said.

"Bu-but", Twilight stuttered. "This, this right here, what is right in front of us, cannot be happening." She turned disbelieving eyes to the equally stunned pony beside her.

Applejack's gaze was fixed on her sister standing beside Blueblood of all ponies! "That darn-tootin', sister-stealin', son of a gun!"

Red Gala, who had turned her gaze from Luna for a second, saw her sister and Twilight. She winked, then tossed her head in the direction of the princess. Then she saucily licked her lips, relishing the shade of green Applejack turned.

Soon the float turned the corner, and all on it were lost to sight. The crowd began to disperse, but two certain mares were standing stock-still, shocked to their very core.

"Twilight", Applejack whispered hoarsely.

"Yes, Applejack?" Twilight Sparkle asked, still staring after the long departed float.

"Do you really think she'd...well...screw the princess?"

"Yes, Applejack. I think she would."

And at that moment, that was exactly what Red Gala was thinking.