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I am new at fanfictions, but I really enjoy writing so here goes nothing!


Everyone knows that the Mane Six are great friends. But what would happen if one pony decided they couldn't deal with it anymore?

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Very interesting :pinkiehappy: will track

This will have to be handled very delicately. Based on this first chapter, though, I'm thinking you're up to the task.

Hmmmm.... ready to read..... indeed :moustache:

Edit: so sad.... but i want more plz

It's a little confusing at first but yeah, man this story is going to be sad :fluttershysad:

Quite sad that AJ feels this way, and I wonder how the others will cope. Liking and watching. :twilightsmile:

A really sad story and I feel sorry for Twilight she is my favorite pony after all. :fluttercry:

[img]C:\Users\Mum\Documents\Laura`s Stuff\My little Pony Pictures[/img]

This is definitely a conflict I have never seen before, so I applaud you for you originality sir, it's something that sometimes this site lacks. Secondly, this is really sad. Thought I'd say that in case anyone missed it.

The only way it could have ended, I suppose, but most wounds to the soul are in fact self-inflicted. Twi knows that, and now so do we.

I hated it. How could you have done that...there was no happy ending, you've made me feel so sad...

You deserve so much more than the simple upvote I can give you. It turned out beautifully. So sad. It's interesting, and the first story I've came across on this site that ended so sadly. :fluttercry:

You've done a great job.

Though I didn't cry, it was sad. :fluttershysad:

1 more chappy, go on, reunite the mane 6 so I can sleep a little easier at night.

I do not suggest reading My Little Dashie. This cannot even compare.

1016551 My little Dashie was the first mlp fic I read. It wasn't bery well written or emotional by my standards. I couldn't even conmect to the MC. I was really dissapointed when I read it. This story is so much better than that. I do think you could use a little improvement on your writimg, but.that will come with practice. This story is at least 20% better than mld.

Yeah, I can kind of see why you wouldn't connect to the OC. Being a girl, I find it difficult to connect to male OC's sometimes myself. I, however, did find it emotional, but the fact that you didn't and you still liked mine makes the compliment even better. Thank you so much. :heart:

1016780 :) I actually don't have a problem with male ovs. I just wasnt given enought time and information to bond, I guess. But yyeah, yoi're welcome.

Hey, can I tell you something?
I barely shed a tear over My Little Dashie. It was sad, but it couldn't make me cry.
After reading your CMC story and then this, I can't stop crying! :raritycry: APPLEJACK NOOOOO HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!? TWILIGHT.... YOU BURNED HER HAT, WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO DUMB!? :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

That said, I applaud you for being original. I've never seen a conflict like this before, and I love it. I rate your story a 12/10.

Really good fic, I'm surprised I held my emotional ground for this chapter, I suppose the last left my dry. I have but one reservation. Where the hay would Applejack go? That aside, you had really original conflict and good all around story telling. :pinkiehappy:

I guess she could back to either Cherry Jubilee or she could go live with Braeburn. I didn't really think about it. XD

poor AJ's hat... good story and very sad

This was a good story and had its emotional parts not to mention a very unique premise, but I don't understand these comments, I never even got close to being sad enough to think about crying, certainly nothing like My Little Dashie (which totally made me cry happy-sad tears)

Actually those are pretty viable. PLOTHOLE THAT I INVENTED - FILLED. :yay:

I'm not too convinced about this one... sure, it's sad and all, but why is Twilight writing about respecting AJ's opinions if -by my reckoning- Twilight never expressed anything other than confusion over AJ's reason for leaving? And that's another, it was way too stupid for my tastes.

Why even leave? Why was she unable to see that just because the others liked her better than they did some other ponies that didn't mean that she had to herself? Why did she not notice that Twilight behaved like that towards her and the others because THEY are nearly the entirety of her circle of friends?

It seems to me that she never actually thought of them as friends in the first place! Just because she doesn't love one more than another, that doesn't mean that she can't tolerate them. Friends do that.

Applejack does not have my sympathy, nor my anything. She hurt the others, for something entirely preventable, something that it could have been worked out, just because she DIDN'T want to work it out. She wasn't their friend and just hurt them.


Hello, friend, you bring up valid points.

However, the intent of this fanfiction was to paint Applejack as the 'villain' (or, at least, the closest thing this story has to one), so I'm guessing from your last paragraph that this point got across.

This was actually based on real-life events that happened between and my friends a couple years ago, so Twilight was actually me in this situation and Applejack was the other person. From my perspective she was, of course, in the wrong, so I wrote her as such. Not to worry, though, things have since been smoothed over. :twilightsmile:

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