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I am new at fanfictions, but I really enjoy writing so here goes nothing!


Scootaloo has always wanted a sister. And Rainbow Dash decides to give her one.

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Moar please!

1st >:)

I'll certainly be watching! :scootangel:

More and it is so good:derpytongue2: keep it up



Oh...wow that's depressing...:fluttercry:
More please.

Keep this up and you'll need to add a Dark tag to this story.

Don't worry, it starts looking up from here. Well, okay, no, ONE more depressing thing.

"Rarity and I are going to be in the Sisterhooves Social again this year!" Of course me 'n AJ'll be competin'.

So...I'm assuming her family is actually dead, and the story of what happened has given Scoots reoccurring nightmares? Sad, though it seems Dash is already on top of things, that's good.

The filly in question was staring at Scootaloo Rainbow, eyes popping out of her head, jaw open to the ground. "Yes." She finally said. "I'll compete with you."

Also, you described Scootaloo's mane as "pink" earlier in the story, was that on purpose or have I mistakenly been thinking of it as purple the entire time?

I don't know. I think that depends on your opinion. I see her mane as pink, though I know some people do call it purple. :applejackunsure:

I am very excited to see another chapter.:rainbowkiss:

I find it amazing that you can give so much in so little time without it feeling too rushed. Also... :fluttercry:

A little bit of advice, try adding something more in between major scene changes to help the reader better transition. Nothing fancy, maybe just a bunch of dashes like so ------------------------------------ I'm always happy to read some Scootalove, even if it is a bit sad.

so i'm guessing sunset died from the injuries?

okay what happened to sunset?

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