Big Macilicious

by Mitslits


Gala shook her head, clearing it. Then her eyes met the clear blue of the princess'. "Oh...uh...sorry", she said, averting her eyes almost immediately. "I mean, for running into ya and everythin'."
Luna stared down at the apologetic mare before her and she smiled warmly. "It is quite alright. I am somewhat used to collisions, what with mares normally exiting the prince's quarters quite hastily." She gave a light chuckle.
It was at that moment the prince realized his gal pal was missing. "Not another one!" He stomped moodily out of the room, halting when he saw Red Gala standing with Luna, both laughing. "What is the meaning of this?" he almost shouted.
Red Gala froze. She turned towards Blueblood, fake smile pasted on her face. She suddenly realized her mud mask was still on and it was beginning to crack. With a grunt of disgust, she shook her head, flakes of mud spattering the prince, herself, and Luna. "Oh, Ah'm sorry", she gasped, gazing at the spots of mud on the dark blue coat of the princess.
"It's alright", Luna said again. She glared at Blueblood. "Yet another of your unwilling victims, I assume?" she said icily, eyes flashing dangerously.
Blueblood backed up a pace or two. "Of course not! I cannot believe you would even assume that of me! How dare you?"
Luna, steel glinting in her eyes, leaned forwards, glaring at the prince. "How dare I?" she asked, voice low and menacing.
That was when Prince Blueblood saw all of his plans fall to ashes. "Um, no, don't worry yourself about any previous statements. I'll just be going now." He turned and beat a hasty retreat back to his quarters, muttering to himself about spoiled fun and Princess Luna.
Gala cracked up, laughing so much she had to lean on Luna in order to regain her breath. Once she realized what she was doing, she leaned away quickly, wiping a few tears of amusement away. "Sorry. Again."
"No, again, it's fine", Luna laughed. "Please, don't apologize. So few ponies treat me like one of them and it is most certainly refreshing", she told him, smiling.
"Ah also apologize for my accent", Red Gala said, a little embarrassed. "None of us down on the farm mind, but we're all like that. Speakin' to ya high-bred ponies, though, makes me feel jist a little...odd."
Luna shook her head, mane billowing around her head, stars sparkling in the depths of both mane and eyes. "Do not feel like that. I find it charming, actually", she remarked. "Now, about the float ride. I felt that your eyes did not leave me even once. Am I correct in the assumption that you", she gestured to her body, "want to...get with this?"
Gala's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Are ya offerin'?" she asked, trying to check her eagerness, but totally unable to.
Nodding, Luna gave another of those amazingly friendly laughs. "Yes, I am. You are most attractive and have been through a most traumatic experience", she said, eyes flitting towards the still retreating figure of Blueblood. The alicorn turned and led the way through a series of intricately decorated hallways and through several marvelous rooms. They eventually reached her room and she swung the door open with a flourish. "Welcome", she said. "To my humble abode."
Red Gala gasped. The room was absolutely beautiful. Painted a dark blue with several pinpoints of white light, it looked exactly like the night sky it represented. Swooping streamers of aquamarine littered the room in places that accented the walls and furniture perfectly. There was a small desk of mahogany, and then there was the bed. And, oh, what a bed it was. Four poster, silk and satin, colors perfectly complimenting all the colors in the room. "This place is amazin'", she said breathlessly.
"I am so glad you find it to your liking." Luna smiled with satisfaction. "Now, I think I shall bathe before...well, you know. I shall be back momentarily." She exited the room, mud stained coat disappearing, leaving Gala alone again.

"I think I have it!" Twilight shouted. "I feel as if it would drop off now, if we wanted it to."
Both Applejack and Spike came running, eagerness in their eyes. "Ya'll better not be kiddin' me, Twi", AJ warned, casting a severe glance at the lavender unicorn.
Twilight shook her head. "No, I assure you I am not kidding. I just hope this works." Closing her eyes, a purple magic began to dance around her horn. She imagined what she wanted to happen, and felt the familiar tug of magic. Then there was a vicious snap and she cried out, eyes flying open. Her mane was sizzling and frizzy and black patches covered her body. "Well, it didn't work."
Applejack raised an eyebrow testily. "Ya think?"

Luna returned, wet mane flowing around her knees, still sparkling with her signature stars. Water droplets lingered on her skin, shimmering in the daylight. She leaned on one of the bedposts, raising her eyebrows. "Well?"
"Wow", Red Gala said, before nearly tackling her.
With a gasp and a laugh, the princess fell back onto the bed. She closed her eyes as Gala pressed her lips to Lunas.
The princess tasted of starshine and moonlight. Gala moaned, wishing she was a colt, but not wanting anything to interrupt this. But her wishes were not to be answered.
"Luna!" Celestia called from the outside corridor.
Luna tore herself away with a huff of frustration. "I better see what she wants", she said, casting an apologetic glance at Gala. She departed, blowing an air kiss at the disappointed red mare on her bed.

Twilight washed off the last of the black spots, resettling herself into the same corner as before. "I'm going to try once more", she informed AJ and Spike who were both milling about restlessly. Before either could object, her eyes closed and she summoned up the reversal spell. This time she could feel it working. Quickly, she completed the spell, smile of relief spreading over her face almost instantly. As soon as the spell was completed, she leaped to her hooves. "It worked!" she yelled.
Applejack smiled, sighing in relief. Spike nodded as if he had expected just that to happen. "Great job!" he said.
"I'm glad that fiasco's over", Twilight Sparkle said, almost breathless with happiness.
"So am Ah, Twi, so am Ah", Applejack laughed.

Red Gala had her hoof between her legs when she felt an odd sensation. Purple sparks did a frantic dance around her and she could feel herself becoming more masculine. Her voice deepened, she filled out, her mane returned to its usual state. And of course, his manhood had returned, swinging like a pendulum.
That was when Luna entered, surprised stallion spread-eagled on her bed. "Um..." The princess seemed at a loss for words. "I left a mare and returned to a stallion that looks...surprisingly similar." She fell silent for a moment or two. "Are you...were you...the mare?" she finally asked.
"Eeyup", Big Mac said, reverting to his one word vocabulary.
Again, an awkward silence blanketed the pair, Luna rubbing one foreleg with the other. After several minutes had passed, she looked up again, eyes sparkling. "Do you still want to have sex?"
Big Mac's eyes met hers and a small smile spread over his face. He uttered one word. "Eeyup."