• Published 31st Jul 2012
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Big Macilicious - Mitslits

Ever wonder what would happen if Big Mac turned into a girl?

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Fun Time!

Big Mac stood, eyes nearly popping out of her head. "My voice is all funny", she mused aloud, listening to the unbelievably feminine voice she now possessed. The red mare marveled at the feeling of being the opposite sex. The familiar weight between her legs was missing and she had the unusual urge to sway her hips. "How the hay did this happen?" A chuckle reached her ears and she glanced over her shoulder to find Applejack rolling in the grass, full out laughing. She knew now. An April Foal's Day prank. And a good one at that. Big Mac, being a regular prankster, knew a good prank when she saw one and could appreciate it.

"Now, how ta turn this back on 'er...", Big Mac asked herself, placing an amazingly slender hoof on her chin. The ideas came thick and fast. This would be almost too easy...

Applejack couldn't believe how unbelievably easy that had been. And it felt great! She surveyed her new sister and she could feel herself growing uneasier by the second. Big Mac was... well... surprisingly sexy. She had big green eyes with lusciously long eyelashes. She had curves in just the right places and her mane and tail fell exactly where they were supposed to. Her cutie mark was the same but a few sparkles akin to Twilight's surrounded it. AJ found herself nearly drooling over the red beauty in front of her. This was not good.

Big Mac tested a couple of things out, trotting around the tree, wiggling her hips suggestively. Then she pulled one foreleg in front of her chest, back legs outspread, eyes half-lidded, suggestive smile on her lips. Oh yes. This would be fun. Now who to try it out on? And she couldn't very well introduce herself as Big Mac. That wouldn't work at all. Macilicious? No, too close to her real name. After a few moments of deliberation she settled on Red Gala. The name was perfect. And she had found the perfect pony to try this out on. Oh, this would freak her out...

Applejack watched with something like panic as her brother trotted off to an unknown location. "Oh, this was a bad idea. Ah should go tell Twilight to reverse it." Quickly, she galloped off the farm, keeping one eye open for her sister as she went.

A slow knock on her door once again tore Twilight away from her book on Starswirl. "What is it now?" she muttered to herself as she swung open the door. Her jaw dropped. In front of her was a beautiful red mare with great curves and enviously gorgeous mane and tail. Some voice was whispering in her head that she should know who this mare was, but she silenced it quickly, just drinking in the beauty.

"Hello", Red said seductively, savoring the look of awe in Twilight Sparkle's eyes. She knew she couldn't slip into her accent or this would all be over. I'm new in town and I was hoping you could help me get to know other ponies." Red knew she already had her prey hooked and she pulled a pose.

Twilight nearly fainted as she saw the mare, head tilted slightly down and to the side, a small pout on her lips, back legs tucked close together, front legs crossed over each other. "Yeah... yeah I could do that." Dear Celestia, this pony was prettier than Rarity! And Luna knew she had thought of Rarity enough times... "I could most definitely do that."

At that moment, Applejack burst in. "Twiligh-" She froze in shock as she saw the purple unicorn so close to her brother. "What is going on here?" she exclaimed.

The purple unicorn leaped backwards, a blush spreading over her face. "Um, hey, AJ. This is-this is nothing. It's just... um, who are you anyway?" she asked, looking over at Red Gala.

"That would be mah big brother", the country pony said, throwing a glare at the red mare. "And Ah cain't believe you would try this on Twilight!"

Red Gala could barely stop herself from laughing. "I'm Red Gala, thank you very much. And, Applejack, you can't even imagine what I have planned." She smiled mischievously, trotting past the two stunned mares. As she passed, she smacked AJ lightly on the muzzle just for good measure.

"Twilight", Applejack gulped.

"Y-yeah?" Twilight asked, voice wavering.

"Please tell me this spell wears off soon", AJ pleaded.

"I can't do that", Twilight whispered.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to lie."