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You reappeared in February? Impossibru.

1936621 I go to various different sites for anime. I don't like seeing people I know disappear.

1933076 Afraid so my friend. Guess it was just a phase for me. I have carried on now. To anime and manga And the occasional hentai So I salute to you Fare the well noble Psychopath it was great in the beginning, but everything comes to an end and mine ended long ago.

Be free to hit me up sometime on MyAnimeList if you ever get there, same username.

-And just like that, this... man faded out in the darkness. Disappearing forever from the place he used to call home

And now you're gone. Great...

1620961 Pretty much. The vast majority of my followers don't read my stories anymore and I can't get any of my stories on other sites meant to host them in order to create pubilcity that isn't annoying.

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