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Yes, the black and white pegasus who steps out of the glowing mirror seems very nice, but Pinkie's twitches tell her that this is her evil twin. And when Pinkie makes her own journey through the mirror to meet even more Pinkies and even more Pies, well, that just means more fun! Doesn't it?

I've been haphazardly planning this since March 12, 2011, the day my story "Pinkie Pie's Evil Twin" went up on Equestria Daily. A year and a half later, a little rewriting has turned it into the first chapter here, and the rest will follow in due course. Twelve chapters, maybe? I guess we'll all find out together!

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In case:

Folks're wondering about the overall title, here's what Wikipedia has to say about an infinite number of monkeys.


*Reads title.* "WE'RE DOOMED! :applecry:

But... but there's already a restaurant at the end of the universe. You can't have two of them!

That's exactly what I was going to post!:pinkiegasp:

Gah, now she's in the comment box! Run, everypony!

Ooh, the ultimate party! Can't wait. :pinkiesmile:


Yes, but who's working in the kitchen at that restaurant? Besides, if Pinkie doesn't do six impossible things of a morning, who does?


Whats with no attention to this story -_-:facehoof:

Pinkie Prime seems a little bit evil...

Are you making all these up, or will there be like Berry Bubble, the Cupcakes Pinkie (all done up in a straight jacket and mask like Lecter, I hope), and Surprise, versions like those?



There's evil twins, and then there's evil twins... :raritywink:



As the title implies:

There's a lotta Pinkies to choose from. But I'll just be focusing on those I need to carry the story, so all of 'em here will be new and different!


:facehoof: I just got the pun with Thagoras's name.

Using a party to destroy all of space and time :pinkiegasp: ... yeah that seems like a very pinkie thing to do. :pinkiehappy:

And there are:

More puns to come!



And the party:

Shall last--


(cue fiendish laughter)


:pinkiehappy: What could possibly go wrong?
:pinkiecrazy: What could possibly go right?

I can not wait for the next updates. This story is going to be amazing, please post quickly dear :raritystarry:


We'll try to fit:

All possibilities in!


My plan is:

A chapter every 10 days or so. So look for Chapter Three today or tomorrow!



Looks like a chapter every ten days is doable. So, chapter four on or about August 28th!


"All ponies are allowed to want things! And they're all allowed to do everything reasonable to get what they want, too!"
That sounds... oddly motivational, actually.
Great story, by the way. I can't wait to see all the worlds you create! And just who is this Pinkie Prime, and what are her intentions? :trixieshiftright:

Deft avoidance of Cadence's duties. Well done.

1109643 Cadance is an ambassador, I think. She's not an alicorn, she's a unicorn with wings.


When I was learning mythology:

I only ever heard the word "alicorn" used to describe the substance that a unicorn's horn was made from. And since the word has never actually appeared in any episodes of FiM, I don't use it, either. A winged unicorn is just called a winged unicorn in my stuff. :eeyup:


1112242 I call them that because it's what they're usually called. Celestia is supposed to be all three types of pony in one. Cadance, I believe, lacks the earth pony strength and probably can't fly well either (we only see her glide, I think). So she's just a unicorn who happens to have wings. She's not otherwise special, like Luna and Celestia.


"We hold these truths to be self-evident":

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. :twilightsmile:


Mr. AugieDog, your story is vey fascinating and original, favorited and tracked!



For my part:

I'm holding fast to the theory I presented in my story The Birth of Harmony that Cadance is Equestria's "death goddess," the psychopomp who carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. However, I'm also predicting that this theory will become "canon fodder" approximately fifteen seconds into season 3... :raritywink:


1112242 Alacorn, not to be confused with alicorn, is Latin, and literally translates as "wings, horn." But, to each his own.

Since we heard there was a fire at the beginning of the story, I'm guessing Pinkie Prime has something to do with it... Urgh, just what is this "party" she's plannign?!:raritydespair:

Dear, I'll be perfectly honest. Pinkie Prime scares me, I have a feeling something sad/dark is going to happen and I'm fearful. Either way, the story is wonderful so far and I can't wait to see more. :duck:

Because why have one Pinkie when you can have an infinite number of Pinkie Pies!?!?!


All wil be:

Revealed! But don't fear! Pinkie's here!


Always my question as well!


1107436 a chapter on tuesday... please make it happen cause Wednesday is my first day back in school and i need to be able to go back on a good note.


Chapter Four:

Hit the 5,000 word mark on schedule yesterday, so if all goes well, I should have its last scene done this weekend, do edits and clean-ups on Monday, then get it posted here Tuesday. If all goes well... :twilightsmile:


I wonder if:

This is gonna be like my previous big story, "Half the Day is Night," where each succeeding chapter kept getting longer and longer till the last one was almost as long as the first five combined?

Anyway, here's 4. Let's say another 10 days or so for 5: Sept. 8th, we'll call it.


Well i can see where this is going


My guess is:

It's going where no Pinkie has gone before. But that's just a guess.


Pinkie... What have you done now? Is what I asked in the first chapter. But now, I'll let this story take it's due course. I mean after all it's getting good. One Question though, (Big Power Rangers/Super Sentai Nerd Alert) Are we going to see a pony ranger version of Pinkie? Because that would be really, Really cool.

I'm loving the progression of this story, and it seems that Primey does go evil on everypony. It seems like you alluded to her somehow damaging our ponyville. I can't wait to see how this continues to develop. Waiting with baited breath dear :raritystarry:

1170228 I think I can too. Can you see the alicorn Nightmare Party Prime defeated by the Pinkies of Harmony?

1173316 Honestly i think Pin Qi Khan was Prime's main objective. But the thing is the real pinkie is the only one with the names Pinkie and Pie in her name so she is actually the ultimate pinkie. Besides i think that the one ability that she has other than the pinkie sense that the others dont have is her "go anywhere" ability. that may give her an advantage when prime tries to take over.

1173568 Actually, I somehow forgot about that. Not sure if what I'm saying next is where you were going with this, but if Primey got in a fight with Real Pinkie Pie, Primey would be an idiot: Pinkie would evade every attack, teleport randomly, and blast her away with the Party Cannon, whether or not she realizes it's a fight.

1173631 If Primey is what she claims to be then she might be able to turn all of the others evil which is why it is going to be a problem. And like dash said there were more than one alicorn Pinkie out there so that power may be doubled.
The only problem i have with this story is that it is somewhat of a paradox because it goes against and yet still follows the string theory. It is said that there are an infinite number of universes and in which every possibility is possible. So far it seems that it is following it but due to the string theory, but there should be universes where there are whole planets inhabited by nothing but Pinkies all of them exactly the same as the real pinkie the only difference is that they are the the only ones there. but it also goes along with it because the mirrors only go to worlds that have a pinkie.
But that means there is a chance that pinkie goes to a world where this already happened and then what?



No Pinkie Power Ranger is scheduled to appear among our main characters. She might be in the background, though--I mean, there's an infinite number of them, right?


And I should probably make it clear, too, that we won't actually be visiting the starship Equipoise or anything like that, either. Just so folks don't get any false hopes that Space Captain Pinkie Pie will be showing up. After all, that's a completely different fic.


Structurally, the next chapter will be the halfway point--if I end up following my notes--so nine chapters all told.


The word "pinkpocalypse" just popped into my head... :pinkiehappy:


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