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Chrysalis has taught her children as much as she can. Now they look to expand their horizons to discover their cutie marks and become princes worthy of recognition. While they struggle for the respect of their subjects old enemies conspire in the shadows to overthrow Queen Chrysalis.

This story is a sequel to Ebony and Ivory: Growing up Changeling.

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This is a great story and was a great chapter but I got to tell you if you that image you added is freaking creepy

7656097 Thank you very much for the criticisms and comment. Yeah, I was unsure about using that for the cover art. I know that cover art is important for your story to get recognized so I think I was a bit zealous with uploading it. I'm glad you liked it.

7656263 may I suggest the new image being Ebony and Ivory looking at each other with confident smiles and sunrise in the background and most importantly they are both fully clothed and not with younger versions of themselves

7657351 Alright, I'll try it thank you for the recommendation.

Great to hear from you again and see the less pedophilic image and that the story has finally gotten the attention of some people other than me

7833955 Yeah, somewhat, I'm glad you liked the new cover art, though. I'm a lot happier with this one but I still have a long way to go until I'm really happy with my work. Thank you for keeping the story in mind and for commenting.

Why doesn't this story have more readers? It's good!

Love this! Seriously keep writing and I'll do me best to promote ya.

"It will be up to them who will receive the honor but Chrysalis will most likely persuade them to choose her. I doubt she would stand with someone else having them." She replied.


No seriously this is kinda fucking weird. Especially considering it's their adopted mother.

I liked it. So Bad Dragon is helping you? Man that guy is fucking BUSY! Sibling drama is annoying but man if it isn't good for the story.

Counsiling Storm getting owned verbally visualised.


Also I like how you attempted to picture Alzheimer's. I similarly tried to picture Parkison's in one of my stories. It helps that I have a father who has it.

Though i would like more affection from arthemis to ebony and ivory but i guees you planning on that keep it up!

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