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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


This story is a sequel to Return to Slender

Equestria is ruined... and now is almost empty.

Soon the great beast's insatiable appetite will take every stallion, mare, and foal in all the land. The only remaining hope is a band of gods and monsters led by Princess Luna herself. Each with their own reasons for the quest, they will do what they can to ensure the salvation of what remains of Equestria.

In the end, it will be the Princess of the Night who stands alone against the most unfathomable of evils... and will finally uncover the origins of the Slender One.

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“Scared is when you let out a scream. Being afraid is when you can’t.”

raised her claw

Spelling mistake.

Equestria Girls: The Slenderman. The third movie of MLP.

Also awesome explanation of Slender One.

I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about that new gateway- one could say it doesn't matter except as a plot device, but there's no more plot.:applejackconfused:

All in all, cool way to end the saga. Part of me wanted to see Slendy just take Luna, but that really would have made this pointless.


I think the new gateway is supposed to have resulted from Jade writing about Slendy's adventures in Equestria. Nice fridge horror to the other types.

5217049 Somehow I suspected as much.:facehoof:

What a wonderful ending...

For now...

No, seriously though, this was a great ending to these stories. Good job!

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