• Published 31st Oct 2014
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Lunar Slender - Jade Ring

Princess Luna leads a band of gods and monsters in a final offensive against the menace that is devouring Equestria. But in the end, the Princess of the Night will have to face the evil alone.

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It watched the pink one bounce as the four farmers watched her silently. The pink one tackled the young farmer it had taken some time ago and the pair went sprawling into the dirt. Before any of the creatures could see it, it ducked behind a tree and stalked away.

It had taken years for it to find a new way into this world, its previous pathways either closed off or destroyed.

The world the Nightmare had sent it to was teeming with new life, all plump with fear. It had learned its lessons from this world of four-legged creatures and kept its appetite in check, never taking more than was necessary.

It looked down at its new bi-pedal form, the same basic shape as the creatures it now fed on.

They told stories about it, built whole mythologies that kept it alive and strong. Some even worshipped it, hoping to be taken into its never-ending darkness.

In the end, one of them had accidently opened a gateway for it to return to this world.

For a moment, it considered remaining here. It thought about assuming its original form and feeding on the four-legged creatures once again.

But its new home called to it, full of creatures that loved it, hated it, but, most importantly, were deathly afraid of it.

It stepped into the shadows and left the old world behind, returning to the world of the prey that called themselves ‘man.’

The sun broke through the trees, pushing away the now empty darkness.

One less nightmare roamed the shadows of Equestria.


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“Scared is when you let out a scream. Being afraid is when you can’t.”

I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about that new gateway- one could say it doesn't matter except as a plot device, but there's no more plot.:applejackconfused:

All in all, cool way to end the saga. Part of me wanted to see Slendy just take Luna, but that really would have made this pointless.


I think the new gateway is supposed to have resulted from Jade writing about Slendy's adventures in Equestria. Nice fridge horror to the other types.

5217049 Somehow I suspected as much.:facehoof:

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