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It is highly recommended that you read The Gift of Life before diving into this story.

And I am back to writing! I'll try to have a chapter out a week.

King Sol and Queen Galactica are dead, Everfree City lies in ruins, The Eternal Valley and the Flutterponies have been mutated into equine insects, Discord reigns supreme over the land, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have gone into hiding within the small mountain town of Canterlot. The future looks bleak for Equestria under its new tyrant, and slowly the land begins to bend to Discord's will as he resumes his search for the Element of Chaos. Can Celestia and Luna stop the draconequus before he gains the full chaotic power of the moon, or will they suffer the same fates of their parents?


Part 2 of the Lullaby to the Moon series, a (planned) three part series involving the childhoods of Celestia and Luna. Told from the third person perspective of Celestia and Luna(in her respective chapters), this story delves into the holes about what the two princess' lives were like when they were mere fillies all the way until they barely reach adulthood.

Disclosure: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, DHX Media. The characters Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Discord, King Sombra, and Queen Chrysalis, along with the names of the locations depicted in this story, belong to Hasbro and its respected affiliates. In no way do I plan on redistributing or selling this story in the means to make a profit unless I have consent from Hasbro itself.

Viewer discretion is advised for:
-Suggestive themes
-Drug and alcohol use
-Blood and violence

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hooraay! hopefully this will get more attention than the last one!

2015570 I hope so, too!

I hope that one dislike isn't from the suggestion that people should read a 110,000 word fic before starting this one. :pinkiesad2:

Ha, don't sweat the random dislikes given for no apparent reason. I think everyone gets a few of those. It's the favorites that DON'T thumbs up that should drive you angry!@

2017429 I know! I try not to say anything, however.

I think some people favorite because they don't know about the "read later" button next to the title of the story.

My like,

I hereby bestow upon this story.

Can't wait for moar!!!

I'm going to guess that.............Stalliongrad gets decimated by Discord. Just a guess:scootangel:

A deer, interesting. :rainbowhuh:

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Oh and one more thing....

WTF ONLY 14 FAVS????? :flutterrage:

My hope for humanity dwindles, the lack of favs must change. :fluttershysad:

2050711 There are actually 18 favorites and 14 likes. Strange if you ask me... and a little irritating. I want to get more viewers, but even with the marketing that I sometimes do over on the Reddit MLP subs I only get a few readers. :applejackunsure:

It doesn't really help with the way FiMFiction's featured stories work. To get on the featured list you need to have a large amount of views and likes within a specific time slot, and it's nearly impossible for us lesser known writers to get on the featured list. You need to have a bunch of watchers who go and read your stories and like them.

I am currently editing The Gift of Life so that I can submit it to Equestria Daily. I can only hope that they will agree to feature it, but I'm not so sure that will come true. If there is one thing that EqD is actually careful reviewing over it is fan-fiction. Not to mention that their current queue for fan-fictions is up to 97 now. :pinkiesad2:

My mind decides to remember things at odd times. Like suddenly remembering at 3:30 am that 'Gift of Life' was to get a sequel but I didn't know when. So I went looking to see if there was any news on that and yay here it is(and not to far in either, I was afraid that it would already be several chapters in, 2 chapter catch up is nice).

2051591 3:30AM? Wow, that's early! I feel flattered. :pinkiehappy:

I agree. The methods used are rather inadequate in some ways. It's almost like a first come first serve basis.
And where does that leave us?
In the fimfiction version of the friend zone. :raritycry:

Just goes to show how hard it is to get noticed these days. (And everypony want's that)

And concerning equestria daily..... :trixieshiftleft:
The way they require perfection just doesn't go down well with me.

To be honest.....

There is no "perfect" method for sorting good from not so good.
I think it's often luck that brings people across good fics. I was lucky to find TGOL even though it wasn't on the front page.
Indeed i was veeeeeery lucky :twilightblush:

In the end, if ED rejects your fic, Don't sweat it. If they can't notice what a good story is all about, it's their loss. :raritywink:

I guarentee you they've lost more than one good fic because of it.

In the end,
People shouldn't have the great's brought to them on their proverbial doorstep,

They should find them themselves..... :trollestia:

So don't worry.
We'll all get what we want eventually.

2056008 I couldn't agree more with you. Some of the best stories I have found on FiMFiction have been when I did a little digging around. Some people are really great writers, and it makes me sad when they aren't getting the recognition they deserve. :fluttercry:

For example, there is this fic called Foundation's Dawn, by Spatial Observer. I was one of the editors (Mango12) of the fic, and I have to say, I was pretty blown away with how good of a read it was thus far. I had trouble editing it because I would get sucked into the story.

Thanks for the encouraging words! Already I have gotten four times as many likes, views, and favorites on this fic than I did starting out with the Gift of Life. For now that makes me happy enough. :twilightsmile:

One tiny thing-

Forza’s darted between Celestia and Luna

Forza's what, eyes? gaze?

Maybe it's me but, I'm getting the feeling the Forza, isn't telling us everything or knows more than she's letting on.

2075029 Thanks! Fixed.

Nice analysis. We'll see what happens. :raritywink:

My, my, I must admit my sympathy for the royal sisters.

After losing their parents, letting each other go to face god knows what must take strength. :pinkiesad2:

Another grand chapter my friend :pinkiehappy:

I'll be watching... as usual lol

Oh joy.

Secret scary place of doom. This could get interesting :twilightoops:

Will there be more of Autumn Lullaby? (if you don't mind me asking)
I really liked this chapter by the way, and in regards to the rate of which they are being produced, take your time.

I aint going nowhere :pinkiehappy:

2105268 There will be some more Autumn Lullaby, yes. It's really hard for me not to be spoilerish about her. :pinkiesad2:

Good Chapter, loved it~! Makes me quite excited for the events to come! Experiments and what have you do make me quite giddy, I just love the tone of this wondrous story. Sad to hear about ya' getting slammed by school, but it happens. At the very least updates will still occur, so that in itself is quite enough to keep this reader happy.

2107191 Yeah, I'm trying my best to balance everything. I have midterms at the moment, so chapter five might taken 6-7 days to come out, but after this week I should be able to get back into getting chapters out every four to five days.

Ah, take your time. After all, one's studies are quite important. 6-7 days isn't that bad, especially for such quality installments.

I wish I could get a chapter done in 8 days. I have so much free time and I can't get started. :fluttercry:

They killed Autumn!!! :raritydespair:
Those bastards!!! :flutterrage:

In other news... another wonderful piece of mindcake you have given us :pinkiehappy:

I hope you'll be able to get more chapters up like you said. If they're anything as good as this, I'll be fat (mentally) by the time this is over lol


I had to give Celestia more mental turmoil somehow. :raritywink:

Stepping on a caterpillar would've had the same desired effect lol

Oh well.
Easy come easy go :raritywink:

Perhaps in the future Celestia will be more hesitant to stay at potential slaughterhouses like oh I don't know.... a foal hospital lol

Still loved the chapter btw


There is more where that came from! I'm already 2,000 words into the sixth chapter, so you won't be waiting for too long. :twilightsmile:

I'm breaking away from the Celestia/Luna joined chapters since I need to start developing their adventures more. They'll each be getting their own chapters, which means even more side character development to work on. I don't know why, but Forza is much easier than Moonlight to develop, even though Moonlight is very similar to Meadow Free.


Yay :yay:

I like the idea of separate chapters. When they're split I get the feeling that they aren't really that far away from each other. A separate chapter would surely emphasize the isolation of the two groups.

MAN! Quetzl....Queztltle....quetzal@#$& is a real jerk.

2169665 Haha, yeah, sorry. I have a particular interest in Aztec deities. Nice observation! (ket-zal-coat-ahl)

I guess you could say that negotiations... collapsed.

Comment posted by hell00001 deleted Feb 26th, 2013

Brilliant :rainbowlaugh:
I'm so glad you got that :pinkiehappy:
It's the first time I've come up with one of those on the spot,
And the comic just immortalizes it!!!

Nice job!!!

This is the best chapter yet!! :pinkiehappy:

And concerning Lunas recklessness...


It's not being reckless if you have a cause :raritywink:


Exactly! It isn't recklessness, but that depends whether or not she believes that or not. :raritywink:

I think you should update your stories when more people are around to see it. Like......5:00 PM? That usually works for me.

Anyway, WHEW! I thought something terrible had happened to Meadow Free and Regality. Good to see they're alright.

Comment posted by hell00001 deleted Mar 11th, 2013


I could do that. I typically upload at really weird times like midnight or in the early after noon. That's usually right after my editors are finished.

Meadow Free and Regality are safe. That alone made my day, however I must ask this:
Are brothels even legal in Equestria?

Great chapter btw


They are. I like to think of Equestria's legal system similar to that of the Netherlands. Plus, I'm sure ponies can get cutiemarks in just about anything. :raritywink:

Luna!!! Don't run with spears!!!

I can only imagine what the other trials have in store...


They just get better from here on out.

...if I can come up with them.:derpyderp2:

2343883 2347535

I had to get Celestia's playful side in somewhere. I didn't feel like her foalhood was enough. :raritywink:

(I tried to pole dance once, except it was on a stop sign and I almost died. :facehoof:)

But something tells me she didn't fight the decision not to dance as hard as she could've. :trollestia:


Of course not! She liked to dance when she was a filly, so why not keep that interest fully grown as well? :twilightblush:

Jeez, those Changelings seem to favour the blitzkrieg tactic the more I think about it.

That is a lot of changelings attacking Stalliongrad.

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