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I forget what I wish to remember and remember what I wish to forget.

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Gabby's the name, writing's the game

So I see you've stumbled upon my page...

If you're on my page for the first time, you've probably never heard of me before, seeing as I'm a bit of a nobody around here. I have a small circle of fans (and for that, I will always be very appreciative) and I hope an even smaller circle of enemies.

After all, I write mediocre bittersweet stories... not fight crime.

I'm a very approachable person and I am always willing to chat -- whether it's through Skype, PMs or Skype! Drop by and say hello if you're so inclined.

Special Mentions
Here are just a few of the many wonderful people I've met on this site. Please go check them out -- they're very friendly and very talented!

A man of many name changes -- TornadoFIM, Cyclone Flashie, Tornado Dash, etcetera, etcetera. he means the world to me! So sweet, kind and a very talented author. He's there for me when I need him and I can't thank him enough.

He's been an avid and constantly supportive fan ever since the very beginning of my horse word career. His OC made an appearance in an old story of mine as well! He is such a sweetheart and deserves waaaaay more followers based on personality alone.

A very recent addition to my league of super-awesome Internet pals. An amazing writer and a very interesting person to play Truth or Dare with.

Positive Feedback

At Her Hospital Bed

I enjoyed this quite alot... The feels went to the moon on this one, I would have to say the "What was the point of smiling if the one pony who gave you your first smile was dead?" bit was a real hard hitter for me.


Well, you're right up there with 'My Little Dashie' and 'My Number One Assistant'. If you haven't read them, you should. They are VERY sad. Like this one.


The Life of a God

As long as this continues you are the best brony ever. Seriously. Making me feel feels for Dizzy. Dawwwwwww.


I read my little dashie and didn't bat an eyelid I have read many other sad stories and only one made me cry this one has too you lucky sod :fluttercry::fluttercry:


Nice work! The story is frankly brilliant. And I love how the diary works.:pinkiehappy:

But what I don't get is why he writes the thoughts?

I know they are there to increase depth of the story (and they do a brilliant job of that!) but it seems a bit far fetched that he would write what he is yelling at himself in his head...:rainbowhuh:

Other than that the story is fab:raritystarry:

Fear the Dark

Words From Our Hearts

I am practically shaking now. Some people hate Trixie, but I think she's just misunderstood. I mean, she does boast a lot but she's trying to... Read the letter and you'll know why. Oh and use sad music like My Little Dashie to make it more sad.

N Harmonia Greatfield

So yeah, I have this huge tear in the middle of my heart. I believe that was caused by you, Viola Velvet. I would like you to pay for my hospital bill.

Chaotic Note

dude, i'm fighting back tears after reading this. that doesn't happen much when i read sadfics. just thought i should share that.

that aside, amazing story my fine writer.


I know its been said hundreds of times but this story was moving and frankly I do not get emotional, at all really, and this made me cry. Maybe because I sympathise with the character or maybe because it was just written really well.

Fave like and a follow cause you deserve them for this masterpiece.

Fear the Dark

And many, many more. To sum it all up, I can't thank all of you enough for all the love and support I receive on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing your feedback on my future stories! :raritywink:


Hiatus · 4:19am Nov 7th, 2014

Dear followers,

I apologize in advance for my further lack of activity. This last week has been extremely hard for my family and I. My great grandma has been hospitalized and diagnosed with lymphoma and my grandma has Parkinson's.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Nearly 5 years since you've been last online, hope you're still around wherever you are.

Hmm. Been a while since you had a comment. Here's a free one.

1599484 I have limited supplies and limited time in school. I'll have to smugglw it in from home.


What about nail polish or airplane glue? Hell...I made sangria out of oranges in the brig. Get creative.

1597895 It was the best I could do in the middle of class.

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