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This story is a sequel to The Dusk Guard Saga: Beyond the Borderlands

Long ago, a city of great magical power and ability was beset by evil and sealed away beyond the scope of time. Now that seal has begun to fray.

First Lieutenant Hunter and the rest of the Dusk Guard have been dispatched. At face value, their mission seems straightforward: Secure the city. Hold until reinforced.

But nothing for the Dusk Guard is ever quite that simple, and this mission is no exception. As the city nears its return so does its ancient king, a shade who once wielded enough power to bring even immortals to their knees. And if he is allowed to regain his throne, will once more. Worse, the city may very well be under the iron hoof of his own followers, a ruthless order who will stop at nothing to see their king regain his former glory.

Dark magics. Cities lost to time. Ancient evil.

The Dusk Guard's first official mission has begun.

Book III of The Dusk Guard Saga
Epic Fantasy
Updates Tuesdays and Fridays + Every time it hits an upvote milestone of 100.
Official Series Timeline at TDG Group Forums
Can be found on TV Tropes at The Dusk Guard Saga’s page (Page outdated)
Cover art by ... well, I don't know. I was unable to find any credit whatsoever on the hosting site or by searching. If you know, please PM and pass it on so it can be properly attributed!
Alpha and Beta read by Halusm, Seirs, Bugsydor, and son_of_heaven176. Many thanks for your help!
If you encounter what you think are typos in the story, PM them rather than clogging the comments feed with them.

Author’s note: From time to time you may encounter a hotlink in the text. These hotlinks are background themes I listened to when writing the fic and can be clicked or passed over at your own choice. It is recommended that for maximum enjoyment beforehand if you do wish to follow them, make sure that your volume settings on YouTube are at a comfortable level and make use of Ctrl+Shft+Clicking or the middle mouse button to open the song in a new tab. Be aware that there may be ads if you do not have an adblocker.

Or just don’t click on them until later. They are an entirely optional experience, and can be passed over without incident.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 14 )

It’s out!:yay:

Just to note that the "The Dusk Guard" group link doesnt work. Missing the "saga" at the end of the link, and even then its missing "127607/the-dusk-guard-saga-timeline" after /threads.



Thanks. Fixing now.

Totally forgot that the hyperlinks changed a year ago as the result of some tinkering.

Oh nice, now this is certainly going to be a lovely proper mess!

And I very look forward to it.

Maan, I really gotta catch up in this series.

I was afraid I wouldn't remember who anyone was after so long. Ended up falling right back into it pretty quickly. Also I saw that little nod to Anubis totally not still kicking around or anything, that would be ridiculous.

Commence Operation Annoy a Demigod!

I went away from the site for a bit and come back to a new story that I've been looking forward to!
I love the way the thoughts and actions shift from something animalistic to something with cohesion and purpose.

“Hmm … Brig it is then, if we’re not going to need it. And if we do, whoever is in it will simply be very healthy.”


“Are going to hunt a mad king. And hopefully, if the Princesses played their cards right, save a kingdom.”

Seems like a potential summary for the story. :D

or how the death cults of Anubis still secretly run the Griffon Empire. Though I’ll admit the last one is far past the point of credibility,” she added with a roll of her eyes.

Well. Don't suppose they know yet that he isn't going to be a problem anymore?

Nova shrugged. “Princess Luna is a good teacher. Also, she cheats at poker.”

Hah! Sounds like an educational experience.

I think I can see why the Princesses are acting the way they are. But that's because I have information that the rest of the characters do not. Namely canon. :p

Looks like it is time to reread the other stories.

So, when did Sky Bolt get promoted? Also, it's great to have new content featuring these guys again - I've missed 'em.

9722185 9722221
Yup! They couldn't be held back forever ...

Mess? Oh ... you have no idea!

Yes. Yes you do.

It was kind of the same with writing it. "Well, it's been about four-five years since I've written these ... Oh, there they are. Like they never left!"

And yeah, Anubis? Whatever happened to that guy anyway? Just dropped out of history ... Surely he's gone, right?

Definitely a lot of interconnection between the series here, yeah. Don't forget to check the timeline! Though I'm sure you'll figure it out as the chapters move on.

Shortly after realizing that she'd just put together something that could upend the industry of Equestria. She's a corporal in the last two side shorts from Rise.

The cold poke and fun was a fun back and forth, and even the talk and from sabra's views another fun way of it.

It has been a hot minute since I read the first Dusk Guard and its supplementary follow-ups. I feel like I'm meeting everyone all over again, even though I'm just remembering things about them.

Things like how supportive Sky is of Sabra's search for his question, in spite of it meaning he'd leave. It's sweet and dodges a cliche.
Things like Nova reciting his own punishment just for Steel to double it.

So on so forth. Never did forget Hunter's accent though.

I love how sabra is in these. He has a voice that is exterior to many, but one that resonates to the readers.

And he works alongside the crew so uniquely. Inwardly focused characters are all-together neat when we can hear the thoughts.

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