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Bucephalus is the pride of his tribe. The strongest of the strong, nothing and nopony has ever defeated him in combat. From his home in Manedonia, Bucephalus is only one step away from becoming consort to King Alexander. But to become the King's Consort, Bucephalus must complete a pilgrimage; the journey to bring back a form of strength foreign to the powerful warrior stallion. Upon the advise of a trusted friend, Bucephalus finds himself in Ponyville, Equestria. It is there that he will discover this new strength within.

The "gore" tab is due to some scenes referring to gory moments, as well as the mention and display of blood and or blood filled scenes.
Story commission for nioniosbbbb.

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6395515 Yup.

This is pretty interesting. I shall follow it to see what develops along the way.

And I'm thinking that that "strong mare" is going to be none other than our favorite orange cowgirl and Element of Honesty.

Ooh, this looks really interesting. I'll have to set some time aside to read it. I'm looking forward to that. :twilightsmile:

Why doesn't this story have an adventure tag?

Is it considered an Adventure? It's not really traveling much. Maybe up a mountain but staying in Ponyville.
Is this an Adventure?

6944202 The synopsis makes it sound like it does. Of course, it has one now, so it really doesn't matter. If the OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Oh luna, i have no idea :rainbowlaugh: most likely something similar to a greek accent


This is a play done in the Ancient Greek theatre of Epidavros .

"Come what may."

Rome Will Triumph.

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