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The magician's art lies in the act of misdirection. This is true even in a world where magic exists. Trixie has mastered the art, but how much of her act is true magic, and how much is an illusion? And what if that same question applies to her entire life?

Discover the truth about Equestria's most Great and Powerful showpony, in a story told in a most unconventional manner...

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... D:

That was... Wow.


This is the only Trixie story I like.

(that said, I haven't read that many of them)

Manly tears were shed. :fluttercry:

Lol took me reading it half way to realize the deception, tsk tsk on me :trollestia:

And now that i read it

I wasnt really sad, she had a hard life and the saddest part was probably that Nightmare was like a mother to her,she didnt treat her too cruelly ,even if it was for her own benefit Trixie got something out of it, if it wasnt for NM she would be dead long ago.

Really lovely story,the end can go any way and just calls for a continuation.

love this idea of Stepmother Moon hehe

Tear-worthy, to say the least. Rewinding through the years of Trixie's life gave me a feeling of delving into some dark, haunted cave. It just gets worse and worse the father I go, but I have to go deeper. I have to know.

For successfully inciting this feeling in me, I award you five secretly-unhappy Trixies out of five.

I've always loved this story. Frankly, it's a shame it hasn't gotten more attention. Hat's off to you for producing such a gem!

I salute your imagination. The backwards progression annoyed me, but whatever. I really don't see the Nightmare's angle, though. Due to various reasons, I don't think I can honestly upvote, but I certanly can't downvote either.

That was a really intriguing way to tell the story. Mad props.

As someone who's heard of this since ages ago - this is a bit of a legend, y'know? - having finally read it... while it wasn't mind-blowing, the experience was refreshing, and the plot was solid. Quite an interesting take on Trixie, and the feat of having made this backwards and coherent - that last line, especially, amazingly so - is a win in itself. This needs to have some kind of pedestal as a fanfic milestone; for having not only the determination but also the chops to pull it off, you have my respect. Kudos, good sirrah.

Just from the title and this being about a magician, I'm slightly reminded of the movie, Now You See Me.
The title, The Liar, sounds like a tarot card.

Interesting. Now to actually read it.

I agree with Casca - not mind blowing, but still refreshing. The plot was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing everything unravel backwards.
Well done.

I was expecting Sombra or Chrysalis to be the master. Well done.


Yet, it was disturbing how much psychological abuse Trixie took from her "Mother", and how much she was ready to humilliate herself for a twisted sense of "love". Truly, a broken pony :fluttercry:

Confusing at first but a very solid fic. I confess as soon as it was shown what the villain was, the fic really lost a lot of appeal to me. An unknowable evil is always scarier than the known after all. Nightmare moon has been ascribed to so many things in the fandom I think it's just become a bit tedious to me.

till an amazing fic and full thumbs up from me.

That was quite a poignant and heartbreaking origin story. The fractured narrative was confusing at first, but it served its purpose in illustrating Trixie's broken life, and it was fun to watch the source of her trauma deepen as the layers were peeled back one at a time. The story reached an emotional summit for me in the paragraph in which she walked out her front door, and it maintained that height until the last sentence. There's a very powerful sadness about an innocent kid who'd never done anything wrong having their great potential and high hopes torn down against their will by a life that sends them down a dark, loveless path.

Huh, what a weird piece; and I mean that in a good way.

At first the narrative confused me a bit, but then I realized it was just backwards and my brain clicked in all the pieces. :derpytongue2:

Nicely done as a whole, I can feel the anguish that Trixie has gone through, and the fact that her entire life seemed to be telling her that she was a lie, so she accepted it and became a lair.

Wow. Just wow.

This is magnificent... And the way it's told? It's flawless.

Honestly, if you tried to do it the other way it'd probably lose the charm.

Glad I found this by sheer chance.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I realized it was backwards at the part with the headmistress's disappointment. Interesting origin story. The ending was moving and wraps up the story for those who didn't figure it out earlier. I especially love the title at the end. It is just such an epic way to end the story. Way cooler than THE END.

I'm not particularly keen on your interpretation of Trixie's family background, but the gimmick, despite being obvious fairly quickly, works pretty well. Making me, a non-Trixie fan, feel empathy as well as sympathy for her is notable, so have a like.

I'm a little embarrassed at how long it took me to realize the paragraphs where backwards.:facehoof: The story was good though.

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