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Great to hear! Don't push him too roughly, of course. And I have been waiting on that relationship for several chapters! I need to go back and read the entire story so far once more through.



The characters within Researcher Twilight were his own creation. Arcana he came up with and pretty much had him all figured out. While Fireshade I've suggested NATO to delve further into her character. She had too much potential to be left so vague and used simply as a device.

More or less everything on a base level has been his creation, I've simply helped him expand upon much of it and flesh it out into greater detail.

...I also wish he would cave in and have Twilight and Fireshade enter a relationship already. :duck:

There are many reasons other than simple romance for my suggestion of the two coming together. But that's a story for another day. :raritywink:

Anyways, in regaurds to NATO himself, he is doing great. he's just taking time to relax and recover. I'll be on his ass once he is ready to get back to writing though. :pinkiecrazy:


As for the eyes, they are grey, so I suppose the avatar does not have albinism.

Researcher Twilight is one of my favorite stories. It is a shame that the asktumblr went down, but Twisted Twilight has begun to attempt a similar venture. I did, indeed, love the Discord scene. Were most of the characters his ideas or your own?

How has NATOstrike been lately? I read a few of his blog posts about that surgery and about things getting better, and I see that your post mentions his recovery.



I wasn't entirely sure of the albinism, as I couldn't really see your avatar's eye color very well, but I went with it due to the all white being close enough. :rainbowwild:

Yes, This "Yandereshy" avatar happens to be one of my favorite MLP images.

And yes, I happen to be the editor for NATOstrike, as well as a few other talented authors. :raritywink:

Working with NATOstrike on Researcher Twilight has been a blast. As you can see from my recent blog at the very bottom, I've been working with him for some time, and will be again here shortly.

I'm actually the one who came up with the idea for the discord scene and how it played out. There's also a number of scenes I've made some suggestions he's implemented. NATO is an extremely talented writer, but I joke with him that he lacks in the imagination department sometimes. :trollestia:

Wait... I belong to a named avatar color scheme group? I did not know this. I came up with the name before anything else, and I figured that an all-white appearance would best fit. Anywho, anyhow, anyway, thank you! I enjoy your profile picture as well, the use of the phrase but with a lack of rage.
*Takes a look at profile* ...You had a hand in Researcher Twilight? Blessings of Celestia upon you!

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