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Cadence wasn't always an alicorn, and neither were Celestia or Luna. They used to be something altogether different—technically, they still are. In reliving Celestia's past, Twilight takes Equestria's future in her hooves. Time will tell what she does with it.

The Alicorn Delusion is a prequel to Magical Mystery Cure.

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You have my attention for what it is worth. Good grammar, decently paced, an old formula given a distinctive twist... Good job.

This story looks cool and is interesting so far, cant wait to see more!

I always enjoy a nice historical fan fiction.

History fic involving Changelings that doesn't even mention flutter ponies (yet)? :raritystarry:


One thing, It'd be nice if you could make Celestia and Luna's thought-speak more distinctive


I'm very happy you like it so far. The real fun happens in the next three chapters, so stay tuned.


I've never heard of flutter ponies. Rarity comes to mind, of course, but she requires no historical explanation.


I could italicize it, but I have a penchant for notepad documents, which means no special formatting. I'll see what I can do, though.


I've seen this premise executed with the main six, but excluding Pinkie, the added character depth is lacking. Placing the princesses in their horseshoes, however, makes a startling amount of sense, as you'll soon see. If life permits, I'll update every six days.


Just gotta memorize the tags. They're not complicated. I do it for my stories.


I'd prefer a more Rube-Goldberg-esque solution, but to each his own.

oooh possibilities abound from this one chapter, fave and watch:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Flutter ponies are something from a previous generation (G1? I... think. I have a 66% chance of being wrong...), and it seems to be a fan-favorite headcanon that Changelings came from flutter ponies (via Discord, other type of corruption, evolution, etc.)

Immortal Changelings? Or new ones taking on the role as the orginal ones get older and older?


That explains why I haven't heard of them. When I write Of Mares and Moons, any similarity to G1 sea ponies will be coincidental.


Changeling mortality is complicated. The second and fourth chapters will cover it.


I'm glad you caught that.



I've seen this premise executed with the main six



Well, drat. I've seen ones where Twilight or Rarity or Rainbow Dash or someone or everyone is a changeling, or where Pinkie is eight changelings, or where Twilight becomes a changeling, but aside from the one "everyone is a changeling" story, I don't know of any where all the main six were secretly changelings. Or did you mean separate stories for separate characters secretly being changelings?


I meant separate stories, but a story where one reveals her true nature to the others only for them all to come out with the same admission would be an amusing twist. I'm very happy to see that a story exists where everypony is a changeling. Why stop at alicorns when you can say all of ponykind is in denial about its true nature?

I haven't read anything that hit me the way this did in awhile. Can't wait for more. :heart::heart::heart:


Good! I must be doing something right. The next chapter will be out tomorrow.


This is truly an interesting tale, and an unique methos with which to spin your own version of world building of the events leading up to current day Equestria. So far it is very well handled, and most impressive to read.

As for the Tragedy tag, is this linked to Luna's 'downfall'? Mostly curiousity driving this question, I don't typically read Tragic type material, I'm too much of a softie for it.

Regardless, another excellent chapter, please keep up the good work.


It certainly makes Luna's transformation much more vivid and serious. She didn't just want their love and adoration. She NEEDS it to survive. And them withholding that would make her desperate.


As many as four characters are tragic heroes, all of which have appeared at least once, but Celestia and Luna are the salient ones. The story is meant to fit into canon, so you can assume everything will turn out all right in the end.


I would picture her 'devolution' into Nightmare Moon to be something akin to 'absorbing' hate in lieu of Love, or something similar, which ultimately ends in her thorough corruption. As far as the exacts of the war (if he makes one), and subsequent 'banishment' (who knows exactly how it will play out), this is where I am most curious now.

And that is what I figured, in terms of the tag anyways. I've started to enjoy these stories that aim to explore the what of the time leading into the current state of affairs, this is the first one I've read (so far), that uses them as changelings however. Then again, the only other origin-specific story I've read is Paradise Sundered, so don't have a large base to really draw from. I will say that this feels like it'll be one of those unforgettable ones however at the rate the story is going.

And I meant to ask this, but are you going to essentially run these memories in order? Or will we [the readers] get a chance to see Twilight talk some of this over with Celestia (and perhaps Luna) at some point? And you've also got me most interested as to how Cadance and Chrysalis work out with marrying Shining, since I am assuming (bad me!) that they are going to be different characters.

Could be either, yeah. Corruption from hate, or corruption from desperation of a dying mare.

And the banishment is another thing that comes to mind. The people no longer loved her, and without that love, she would die. Sealing her away in the moon could have also have been to preserve her life, and letting her go into myth to let her start anew, and a thousand years to give her time to be forgotten.

All depends on how the author takes the story, and I'm going to be watching for certain.


Celestia and Twilight will get to talk as soon as Twilight recovers from reliving a thousand years of memories in an instant. I have Cadence and Chrysalis tagged separately, so your assumption is defensible.

Very well written, and Twi/Celestia/Changeling coaxing the sun out like she did the Ursa Major was a nice touch.

very well written chapter. cant wait to hear more!

Just to clarify, in the "Changelings Everywhere" story, Celestia and Luna are the only Ponies left, but Luna herself was still on the moon. The entire Pony race had been wiped out in less that a thousand years, right under Celestia's nose. For a random comedy, that is some rather dark and grim Grimdark right there.


Oh, my. I wasn't terribly inclined to actually read it before, but I am now.

Wait a moment, but that does not explain how did Luna survive when every pony was afraid of her, or how she survived 1000 years on the Moon as Nightmare Moon if not only she had no connection to any pony, she was totally isolated, without love or positive emotion supply Luna would die from starvation in weeks, more or less surviving 1000 years on the moon.

How can you explain that plot hole ?


I'm glad you caught that, as it's important foreshadowing, but calling it a plot hole before the story has time to address it is jumping the gun. The answers to both your questions are in my notes for the next two chapters.

Maybe I jumped to the gun, but it seems like something very hard to explain in this story if not impossible, but I will look foward to next chapters to find out what you planned for us.

I pretty much agree with this, but the author claims it will be resolved. Perhaps the lack of love somehow drove her insane instead of killing her?

It is curious.


When your ageless diarchs come from a species of master illusionists, few things are as they seem.

Chapter III will be publishable by the weekend.

For some inexplicable reason, my changeling stories always end up alluding to sex and gore. I've updated the rating accordingly.

is ok I liked it.:twilightsmile:

I had been wondering if 'Nightmare Moon' hadnt been caused by the changlings, interesting way of doing it up

Uh oh.

Then what about Shining Armor? :twilightoops:

What about Discord? Kinda skipped that part…


Shining and Discord star in the final chapter.

So I imagine this tale shall end in death?
I can already see that Celestia sacrificing herself for the good of the whole of all Equestria.


I'm hesitant to reveal details about the conclusion, but Luna stated in Chapter II that starvation is the only way a changeling queen can die, and she and the old queen are currently the only ones in danger of that. To think that we have four changeling queens running around is ridiculous.

Apparently I'm incapable of putting Twilight and Celestia in the same room without shipping them.


I don't think you'll hear any objections about it though.

Good chapter, Discord was rather... anti-climatic to be honest. Appeared, then stone, with a very very short time passing.

2112954 LOL. As long as this is not the end I don't care what you do.


I almost forgot to mark it "complete."


Discord's anti-climactic defeat was intentional, but I admit it was a poor choice story-wise. I even tried to lampshade it.

That is soo HNNNNg!


Oh, this was the end? Damn.
Well, obligatory remark as to whether you might expand on this idea in the future. Was a nice story.

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