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A sleeping Rarity mysteriously appears in her friends' beds, and nopony knows how or why. Her friends are determined to discover the truth behind Rarity's night-time snuggling spree.

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I look forward to reading this once I'm off work.

Like, you don't even know.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Let ze snugglinsh begin!

You all just lost the game.


I'm really enjoying this so far. Keep up the good work.

Hmmm...Applejack's initial reaction to having someone in her bed raises some very interesting questions...

This has obviously happened before, with somepony else, but who?...

“Varmit! I told ya once, I told ya a thousand times, Ra—”

(Methinks Rainbow Dash. :rainbowkiss: )

Pffftt...Discord and "pornography". :rainbowlaugh:

Sweetie Belle is best filly. :rainbowkiss:

Hmmm... up until the previous chapter, I was ready to label this as an elaborate prank by Rainbow Dash (just look at how suspiciously she's acting! ), with her nabbing Rarity and flying her to various houses in the middle of the night, but I'm not at all sure anymore.

Well, well, well! I am entranced. Do please continue.:pinkiesmile:

Great story. Cant wait till next chapter.

And I love the last line in this chapter!:rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow, you live in a cloud house. How was Rarity supposed to get up there?

I find it disturbing how they lick their lips, and the one on the far right drools. :fluttershyouch:


Well, Dash does like napping wherever's comfy. I don't doubt she's worked on her tricks late, then climbed in AJ's window and flopped in bed with her a few times while too tired to think about it. :trollestia:

o-o What about the snuggling scares Discord so badly...? Bad enough he'd want Fluttershy away from it, too. Seemed like for personal reasons, like he didn't want to lose her.

My current theory is that a very small number of unwed mares have a magical disease that causes them to appear in the beds of those closest to them as some sort of forced partnership. On the night of their 26th birthday, the pony they are with will be labeled their soulmate.
Discord doesn't want that for himself and has a crush on Fluttershy which means he doesn't want it for her either. I think this fic is leaning towards Raridash, but Discord doesn't necessarily know that.

Hmm, I don't see a romance tag, so I have no idea where this is going.

Propsicle, color me intrigued, and goddamn this is adorable. It even makes me forgive your slight tease or hint at AppleDash! :ajsmug:

EDIT: Yeah, downvote my comment! How dare I praise the author and commend his hard work?! Jeez, I'm an asshole.

and the damn AppleDash line was a joke between me and a fellow Noble Juror. Holy shit, people...

Sweetie's not alone you forgot about Opal.

Another great story by props! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This is literally the best depiction of Angel I've ever read.

An interesting start! Although, it sounds like the Golden Oaks Library (or the Books and Branches Library, or Princess Celestia's Fortress of Knowledge, or whatever fanon name you prefer...) could really benefit from the Dewey Decimal System... :twilightsheepish:

An unabashed snug-fest, sprinkled with hints of oncoming apocalypse? Definitely sticking around to see where this goes; the fact that it's well done and light definitely doesn't hurt :pinkiesmile:

I knew I lost the game the moment Pinkie yelled it.
I'll forgive you for doing this to me since I enjoy the story so much. :derpytongue2:

I always did wonder what Rarity was thinking in that picture. With that look on her face.

Nah, I figure she'd go with Library of Congress. Not that her collection's big enough to justify it, but a girl can dream, right?

Nom, nom is all I can say.


I... I haven't lost the game in forever! :fluttershysad:

And you’re twenty-five, now?

!! 5 * 20 / 4 !!

This story is entirely too peculiar and cute... what's your game?

Rarity fell through the clouds..... Didn't she?

I'll just leave this here. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

4505330 why the hell is this downvoted?

the library teleportation.....
Being gem powered and all, and Rarity being similarly gem orientated?

Just a quick note: the carat isn't a unit of weight measurement, it's a ratio unit to compare the different elements in an alloy, particularly the amount of gold or silver in jewellery... and has nothing to do with gemstones. Consider changing that...


Not quite right. Thanks for the concern, though!

4506359 Agreed. I like "jerk with a heart of gold" Angel a lot more than the "jerk with a heart of jerk" Angel that we usually see.

Dat Twilight Struggle pun :twilightblush:

4507507 NEVERMIND! Prop's got it covered.

Also, great fic. Let's see where the snuggling takes us!

Ugh. This, so far, contains vastly fewer snuggles than I feel I was promised.

Also it's not really funny enough to warrant the comedy tag. Unless you count the implication Dash is a borderline sexual predator stalking AJ. That is hilarious (the idea not the implication), but more "random" than comedy.

So far this story makes no sense so I won't worry about the various concerns I have as to where it's going until it gets there.

I'd have related better to this story if it came with the random tag instead of its current ones.

4506359 This.

Also, that bit about Fluttershy leaving her spare feathers for the birds was just perfect.

1. The snuggles have only just begun.
2. I'm sorry you don't find some of the humor funny.
3. This story doesn't care about sense-making.
4. The "random" tag might be a good idea, actually. I'll consider it, but so far for the story "slice of life" does encompass a majority of the content.


Eh. Well the tags suck anyway. Slice of Life is a content tag while Comedy is a genre tag. What's up with that?

And as for humor, well John Oliver and Fairy Tail both had me laughing my ass off this week so maybe I'm a bit spoiled.

Yeah, that's hard to compete against! :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

This is getting very interesting...
I wonder what's going on here.

4507563 Yeah, this fits with the Angel we see in the show, who does things like scheme to get Fluttershy tickets to the grand galloping gala, or encourage her to sing for the ponytones.

4505283 My body is ready. Bring it on!

First of all, I love the picture. Did he put a full color one up on his deviantart page?

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