In the future, we'll colonize the solar system, cure cancer, clone the human genome, and build trans-dimensional hoodies that can summon tiny talking horses from an alternate universe.

It's pretty snazzy.

Cover art by xioade.

There is no beginning and no ending; only hoodies and the poni poni poni that fill them.

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This is delightfully odd. :rainbowhuh:

This is delightfully adorable. And interesting.

Dem ear scratches.:ajsmug:

"Well, yeah. It's a classic. And, between you and me, I'm not too fond of the remake they did in 2019 with Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt."

Please no.

Calling it now. This is going to end in tears. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't help but expect something depressing in the final chapter.

Until then, I look forward to the further adventures of Applecat.

Also, this site really needs a Sci-Fi tag.

Reason why AJ is best pony: this.

I fiddle around the apartment a bit, watering the plants in the kitchen window, filing some drives away in digistorage, dusting off the top shelf of an unused bookshelf... for no apparent reason.


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I like it.

Holy hell, is this adorable!

Interesting vision of the future you got here. I'm especially curious about the specifics of the hoodies. Things like, what happens if you just take it off? Or, what happens if the timer runs out and you haven't sent the pony back? Also, is everyone in the future Mormon?

I dunno how long this story will run, but I think I'm gonna enjoy it.

I find this intriguing... please do continue!


"It's been barely two Galilean days."

Now I'm curious: which orbital period is being used as standard? If it's Io, with the shortest period, two Galilean days would equate to roughly 84 hours. Or is it some other (arbitrary?) measure? Perhaps an Io half-orbit, giving about 21 hours per "day"?

I have the same feeling :fluttercry: Nothing lasts.

It's amazing as to how that UI technology has already existed for years. :twilightsmile:

Ooh, I like this. It contains best pony!:yay:

The cute has exceeded 9000 cuties, and is now approaching critical levels!

Too cute. I really enjoy this, actually.

Well, this is far too enjoyable. Applejack is hilariously adorable, and the perfect size for additional levels of cuteness. I like the world that's being built, too.

A cat sized AJ with a cat toy. That's really cute. Time to fave and upvote.

Oh my god skirts this is too adorbs for words

There is no reading on the D'awe scale for this! The Cuteopolypse is upon us, and I want MOAR! :ajsleepy:

Reminds me a little of Douglas Coupland, in that it FEELS like slice of life: no big awkward dramatic event in store, so much as a well crafted personal little epiphany. Hope so, as I'm following it even if it turns into a billion-word epic. That makes a grand total of two continuing stories on FIMfiction I'm following, so it's not a common reaction for me.

Thankee. Here's hoping for more :ajbemused:


Well, it's cute as fuck, I'll give you that. But... It feels a bit insulting to Applejack. Why is a mature, grown mare... playing with a cat toy? Everything feels fine, and I really like the mini-looks at the world, but that bit there at the end really shocked me out of it. The really jarring part was the way she talked about it. I can only assume that is what you think is going through a cat's mind as they do the same, but while "ponies are the size of cats," hey aren't cats. The Element of Honesty, multi-time savior ofte world, primary owner of one of the biggest farms in Equestria... Should really not be batting around a little red ball like an idiot.

So... Yeah, I liked it well enough before that point. It was harmless and fluffy cute, but that last bit just sucked me right out of the story. Upvoted because it's well done before that, but I would think twice about the upcoming scene where Applejack stalks a laser pointer. :ajsmug:

Oh god, this is too cute not to read.


I think the whole thing would have worked better with Applebloom... you know, a kid.

True, but then Grorious Reader wouldn't have been able to tease the. AppleDash as hard. And those damn apples ain't gonna dash themselves, now are they? I mean, of course they aren't, since the Dash have already been Macked and the Apples are Soarin...

Putting on my Read Later list! :twilightblush:

Ponies the size of kitties? Count me in!

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4382282 if by best pony you mean best BACKGROUND pony then yes... best pony. for PINKIE PIE IS BEST MANE 6 PONY

4381485 Joseph gordon leviit, and page... in a movie? with a pirate and a fire swamp... that would end badly.

Screw read later, i had no time but i read it now!

more... this is a unique idea, and its hard to critisize because its all a new universe.


H...h...hoodies? :twilightoops:

cute overload

My cat does not ask to be picked up and placed on furniture either. The fckng fatty demands.

Come 2019, we need to make sure Joseph Gordon Levitt is locked in something with Michael Bay, where he'll do more good.

Remake Princess Bride? Blasphemy! :applejackconfused:

Well, I've just had to read it after seeing Applejack in a hoodie. Mainly because Background Pony is considered by me, the best thing I've ever read (counting in Sthphen King, Tolkien and so forth). And mr author, we all know that the hoodie was quite the important detail in there, dont we?

An interresting idea for a universe, a pleasant story great for relaxing, and the familiar text formating (yes, Ive noticed) making me feel at home. Not the pinacle of your work, but dont take it bad. I liked it alot, its just... a light-read (if there is such a word in english).

I'll be sure to give some warm words about this here thingy around. Take care sugarcube, thanks for the fic.

Until I read the description, I thought that he was referring to the Breezies when he said "faeries"... the breezies actually ARE fae ponies, I think.

I don't think I have a better way to describe my feelings than this..

a hero in black and a regal maiden stumbling through a boggy swamp.

I can't think of another movie in existence that fits with this sentence. Certainly not one that's better. Come to think of it this is my favorite non-Disney movie out there...

That is so unbelievably cute. Eeeeeee!:yay:

Majk #43 · May 13th, 2014 · · · Balls ·

Hmm this is new, adorable, silly and yet, not ridiculous and most of all, interesting. You sir/madam/other hit the jackpot and remained true to the spirit of the show. :ajsmug:

Also: Applejack chasing stuff! *Squeeeel* :twilightblush:

There are no words to properly describe my feels for this story right now, all I know is that if there were, it would express how much I love it. xD

This is nice. No real conflict, no real issue, just ponies being adorable. :yay:

Who's a silly pony? :rainbowlaugh:

I feel dirty for that joke, but it wasn't going to be appropriate anywhere else.

But... all of the d'aww. :pinkiehappy:


I lost it. :rainbowlaugh: Nothing could have prepared me for that deliciously slanted historical wordplay. Someone should write a ponified Atlas Shrugged.

Anyway, this story is dreadfully adorable. I love everything about it! It even has best pony! :ajsmug:

That movie...

Just awesome. Pure awesome.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You know, I'm not usually one to just say MOAR, but in this case, an exception can be made.


Aw mah gash, I'm dying from the adorableness... make moar? :pinkiehappy:

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