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This story is a sequel to If I Could Catch Fuzz In a Bottle

Twilight Sparkle enlists Rainbow Dash's help in a "Fuzzy Muzzle Nuzzle" research project. The experiment only has three steps. That's not too much to ask of a close friend, is it?

Written for the artist CaptainPudgeMuffin on their birthday, and using their cover art.

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An Annotated Guide to Ponyvillean Fuzzy Muzzle Nuzzles In Three Separate Steps

Ah, I see that science is finally tackling the real issues.

Pilate #2 · Oct 6th, 2014 · · 47 ·


This is like your second story in a week
What r u doin

Edit: CHRIST this is silly

Elkhorse #5 · Oct 6th, 2014 · · 12 ·

A screen shot of a really old tech demo sold as a game for an author's note on the silliest take on near clop I've ever seen. Cryptic.

Sickeningly cute. Loved it!


Best goddamn thing I've read.

Also, what's up with:


Seems like a formatting thing failed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I don't approve the shipping, but I must admit that the adorability was unmeasurably potent, and the comedic touches were brilliant in almost every facet. So a good 'well done' in those regards.

Myst was best game. It also ran super slow on lots of computers back then, and not at all on others.

Twidash... written by Skirts.

... I don't understand.

I also don't understand how cute this is. Twilight, you devil. :raritywink:

Both mares' noses made contact with the tiniest of honking noises. Or maybe they didn't, but it certainly would have complemented the deliciously adoracute absurdity of the moment. Whatever the case, both ponies found themselves leaning awkwardly into one another's nostrils like two lines of an isosceles triangle made out of quivers and fuzz.

And both mares proceeded to rub their noses in swift, lateral motions. It was as though a half-blue/half-lavender penguin was sitting in the middle of the room, trying to make fire with its flippers.

"Rainbowwwwww!" Twilight pouted for the ponyteenth time.

Both mares' faces made contact. It was like the dance of the fuzzy plum faeries.

She inhaled, rubbing her cheeks while frown-wincing... wince-frowning... er... frowncing?

... was there a gas leak in your house when you wrote this?

Your adoracute stories are always the best. I'd love to see you do a goofy LyraBon fic (yeah, I know it's cliche, but it works)


I'm a bad influence.

Me and all the cool kids are gonna skip class today to go read TwiDash and smoke cigarettes in our leather jackets. You in or what? :duck:

we need a sequel to this adorableness! the adorableness must not end!

I was Right, Its so Cute and Fuzzy!! I demand another!!!!!

That is Um... If you want to write another like this, that is.

Kaaaaaa-meeeeeeh, HAAAAAA-meeeeeeh, upvote.

acute self-fuzzination feedback

:twilightblush: this is the line that won me over

A+, would like again.

If Twilight keeps this up, pretty soon Spike will be snooping on events a drake his age has no business seeing.

While I always absolutely loved the game Myst, why is there a picture of it here? Maybe I'm forgetting something about the game that makes it relevant, but I'm drawing blanks. Is it because of the 'ship'? Because I swear, if you turned Myst into a bad slashfic joke, I will find you.

And if you respond with some kind of terrible joke in the form of a picture of Riven, I'll find where your body is buried. Retroactively.
I know what I said.

xoid #24 · Oct 6th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Everpony Cuddles, Sometimes


How has nobody mentioned the typo in the title before now?

With that, Rainbow leaned forward like a bent telephone wire. She presented her fuzzy blue cheek to Rainbow Dash

I wasn't aware Rainbow had cloned herself. :derpytongue2:

I've waited for this day!

I didn't think it'd come, but it's really here and I can only say, "MORE MORE MORE"

Fantastic fuzzy fanfiction, Firts--I mean Skirts! Thanks a funch!

(PS Myst! NICE!)

First rule about Fight Club Everpony is "Don't talk about Everpony"

"She smells like wet hay."


May I join in?


"Stop rubbing it in and let's rub it already!" With that, Rainbow leaned forward like a bent telephone wire. She presented her fuzzy blue cheek to Rainbow Dash, clenching her eyes shut and wincing as if she was about to receive a tetanus booster.

Rainbow presented her fuzzy blue cheek to herself? :derpytongue2:

That's just how it is, son.

Couldn't stop laughing. The description of the side-to-side nuzzling had me picturing Gunther from Adventure Time... :rainbowlaugh: My sides split.

Comment posted by Banshee deleted Oct 7th, 2014

So firm, yet so delicate, like a lead bullet wrapped in tissue paper.

You win an internet.

With that, Rainbow leaned forward like a bent telephone wire. She presented her fuzzy blue cheek to Rainbow Dash, clenching her eyes shut and wincing as if she was about to receive a tetanus booster.

Little do the readers know that Rainbow Dash visited the Mirror pool.

This... Is so cute.... The cutest twidash ship I have ever read.....

I came into this fully expecting to read a fluffy shipfic. Turns out I was entirely mistaken.

This isn't a fluff fic. I've read plenty of fluffy TwiDash fics and this definitely isn't one of them. This transcends fluff and enters an entirely new category of "fuzzy."

This... is way too adorable for words.

Just suck it up and tell her Twi:facehoof: (ah Myst the first one was the only one i beat without help 3 on the otherhand...)

And then SS&E became kits.

Why is TwiDash so darn cute?? HNNNNNNG


Wow this fucker has do many subscribers that anything he posts has 200 likes before it's out of the"just posted" box.

TwiDash fuzzy muzzle nuzzles. I swooon~

(Oh god way too fucking cute I swear my heart)

Oho, throwing AJ to the wayside and putting TwiDash in the spotlight? Did you...convert?

Overall, an incredibly adorable story. I hope Roarke gets the same treatment in Yaerfaerda (giving or receiving, either or).

I regret that I never got the chance to play much of Riven or any Myst game that came after. I was less then 10 years old when I played Myst on ye olde 90s PC, and of course, I had no idea what I was doing (I think I had a strategy guide or something at the time).

I tried playing Myst on my PS3, but it is wayyy too slow. Maybe someday I'l get a better computer than what I have now and get all the Myst games (I might get realMyst AND the original).
I think I'll get Obduction too, when it comes out.

I laughed so hard but that was really cute

Bow i dont ship pinkie and AJ cuz in apple to the core they maybe related :trixieshiftright:

I didn't need an intact heart anyway.

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