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Bitter southerner with a laptop. I write Mountain Dew fueled train wrecks.

Nintendo Network ID: FullMetalFurbee

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A Small Snippet of My Work In Progress · 3:13pm Jun 6th, 2014

My current work in progress is shaping up to be less dark than An Equestrian Freedom, and a lot more character driven. At face value, it's about cutie marks. I've always been fascinated by the innate magic that seems to be responsible for giving every pony in Equestria an extra special mark to showcase their talent. I got to thinking, what happens when fate goes wrong? What happens when the major deterministic factor of cutie marks malfunctions and a pony's destiny is fractured? The answer

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A Brief Progress Report

Life Awoken:On Hiatus

The Exiles (Working Title): 2/3 Written. Approximate Word Count: 104,000 [>SAMPLE<]

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The Division Bell by Pink Floyd

Do I every try to be social?

Sure. Pre-reader for Overly Extensive Editors. Let's collab something! Right now. I have Mountain Dew. My body is ready.

I made a thing!

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That's quite a mustache you got there.

paper mario ttyd, great game

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