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When a simple small town Pegasus finds herself out of work, she takes up the offer of an old fillyhood friend to move to the big city. After all, it has been over ten years since the portals to the human world were opened, ponies do this all the time now right? All anypony talks about these days are all the Humans In Equestria, so what about the ponies looking for a better life in a new world?


This fic is a series of short, slice of life stories about a pony who loves soft clothing adapting to life in the human world.

I adapted this old fic of mine from it's horribly done greentext version into prose so I can stop being so ashamed of it and finally write some more. Hello PiE threads!

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Here's to you continuing this! Any new PiE content is good news for me:pinkiehappy:

There's an instance of greentext in this story. Because it was small and insignificant, I allowed this to go through. I highly suggest removing it, however, since I doubt any of the other pre-readers would've allowed it.

Anyways, interesting read. Continue writing.

Awsome story can't waite for more.

I wasn't sure what you meant at first and I panicked thinking I had accidentally pasted in part of an unfinished chapter, but you meant under that picture. I forgot I did that. Yeah, maybe I'll get rid of it. I just thought it was an alright way to put a caption beneath the image. Some people are picky though so I'll change it.


You can put captions under pictures. Just not greentext.

I know but it was more of a little joke doing so.

okay, stupid question, is this the Pillowcase story from /mlp/ PiE threads ?

Yes. I wrote that story and it kickstarted the PiE threads. I fixed it up so I could post it here. :twilightblush:

awesome, liked, favored and watchlisted right away sir/ma'am !
by the way, had the same name in the early PiE threads hehe

This is pretty good. I hope you continue. Slice of Life stories with everyday humans and ponies interacting are really cool. :pinkiesmile:

Simply awesome. The story concept in this story is beyond any other I've ever seen, you've written it very well, and just well done overall!
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Good beginning, let's see where it goes.

Nice to have to back m8 :ajsmug:

Excellent story, the concept is exceptionally written, and the first person/pony tense is a hard type to master fully, but you've come closer than I could, that's for sure.


I'm going to say ignore that flaming bundle of twigs. He has no idea how to take a joke. I say leave it in there. Hell, there's an entire story comprised of green text on here by an old AiE writer.

If anyone can top this irony, I will lick a street.
I was surfing through my TV channels while reading this, and ended up watching the beginning of the movie Unstoppable, as I began this chapter!!
I mean what the fuck?!?!

the reason why PiE was a thing back in the time

BG nice work, it reads a lot better then the old stuff, i'm looking forward to the next few chapters !! i hope you going to finish this story this time !

and pillow case and socks pretty please !!!

yes!! a pony trying to live on earth!

Well, maybe because trains are cool and Unstoppable was a pretty alright movie despite certain character cliches.

What, are you trying to start something? Do you have a problem with trains?
Huh? HUH?! :rainbowhuh:
Trains. Fuck yeah!

Also, thanks for reading. :pinkiehappy:

No trains are boss and so is this story so far.

Found this in the feature box. I like it, and will watch for further updates.

I would like to invite you to use the Pony Earth Verse setting. It's the setting in which my own Awakening Pink is set.... although obviously if this is to be put into that canon, we'd have to say it's at least a decade after Awakening Pink so yeah.

Holy crap I'm in the feature box!
I don't belong here! Someone get me out! :fluttershbad:

I mean... Aww shucks. Thanks everyone!

I guess now that I've gotten this far I don't have anything left to aspire to and don't have to write anymore, right?
Right? :pinkiegasp:

3209996 I would personally take it upon myself to kill be thoroughly disappointed in you if you stopped writing this.


Oh wow. I remember back in the day when Pillow was first written, and that makes me sound old. Sadly, I never managed to keep up with those stories and soon lost them, much to my dismay. It brings me much pleasure to see it here.

Ok. This looks curious.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is pretty good so far.

You have my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I applaud you for doing something that's just a little different, and not the status-quo.

Well this is going to be an interesting story. The nickname is somewhat unfortunate. Not for Equestria maybe, but for Earth (there's a capital letter in it btw) standards it just sounds as if she was calling her a Personal Computer. "Look here, PC, this is my PC." :D

Also (but that is just me) why is everyone referring to this as PiE? I know it's supposed to be reversed variation of HiE, but the correct term should be Pony ON Earth, not "in". Equestria is a land or country, not a planet. Hence the difference. So PoE. And that reminds me of Path of Exile. Still, PiE is most probably grammatically incorrect. Just saying. ^^

was a little in aww


You're missing the it!

Seems out of place

No, calm down Pillow. Nopony’s going to eat you.

I have a kitten named Pillow.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Hrm. Weird how it didn't show this my first time through, but, I should suggest going through and spacing paragraphs like this:

I wonder if Strawberry has a computer. I thought to myself, She probably does. I bet she has games too. I hope she has Frogger.
“No Michael,” Strawberry said to no one, “I’m picking her up now.”

To be like this:

I wonder if Strawberry has a computer. I thought to myself, She probably does. I bet she has games too. I hope she has Frogger.

“No Michael,” Strawberry said to no one, “I’m picking her up now.”

3209996 *squeeeeeee* YOU'RE IN THE FEATURE BOX! :pinkiehappy:

BG congratulations on being featured on FIMFICTION :yay: And this story so far has me drawn:pinkiehappy:

Finally! Just what the doctor ordered. Every little bit helps.

Well it would be correct but PiE is a much better acronym than PoE. :pinkiehappy:
It was just cuter that way. This story kickstarted a group by that name on /mlp/. Over there we also have the AiE threads, which are "Anon (anonymous, as in, insert yourself here) in Equestria". PiE is just cuter and much more fun. And sometimes it's better to be fun than accurate.

And don't forget PC can also stand for Princess Celestia! :pinkiegasp:
There are a lot of things PC stands for actually, so I guess that would just add to her "Plain Jane" nature I'm trying to shoot for with the character if her initials are something so generic. My favorite nickname for her is Casey though. I guess you're right, it is unfortunate, but I like that fact!

I know, isn't it terrifying? People will have expectations of me! :raritycry:

Curse that spacing. Google docs has been working against me from the start. At one point I had to manually adjust the spacing three times just for it to stick. Then I had to do it again here.

Thanks though! :twilightsheepish:

3210246 A ponified version of Aku? can't wait to see it colored since I frequently see you xD

Anyway pretty interesting start I do so love PoE fics and pillow from the cover pic is pretty adorable ^^

This... I will favorite this.

Mega adorable~

Love the way you write Casey, so far. Plus, Straw-B is an A++ nickname.

The way you've described humans so far is pretty dang creepy. I kind of wonder how she's going to be at all okay living around them, considering how off-putting she finds them.

Silly little story, liked it. Especially how you present the main character. Feels very alive.

Looking forward to more.

Is her father's name Hard Case and works in the guard barracks as a Drill instructor? Or is her mother's name Closed Case and works as an ace attorney?
Does she have a brother named Basket Case?:pinkiecrazy:

How about a cousin in Manehatten named Casemod? I wish Justin Case made sense for a pony name. Hmmm... Suitcase would be too bland for a pony. Bookcase is too easy. Lower Case would be a printer or newspaper editor. Cassette would make a cute pony though. She'd roll her eyes are Vinyl Scratch. No, she'd be Cassette Tape from the Tape family, with her parents Scotch and Duct. Maybe her brother is a painter.

That's all I got. :twilightblush:

Going strong. Very nice.

Giant buildings are giant.


No probs. Try to do it for all paragraphs, or if you wish to not space, you can indent all paragraphs instead (although readers on the internet prefer to not see it in the "proper" story format). Anyways, if you need any help, let me know.

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