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  • TPillow Case
    When a simple small town Pegasus finds herself out of work, she takes up the offer of an old friend to move to the big city. After all, it has been over ten years since portals to the human world were opened, ponies do this all the time now right?
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I wish there was more Pillow Case chapters ú_ù

Do you ever plan on writing another story?

R.i.p. Pillow Case.
You will be missed.

I remember seeing Pillow Case on /mlp/, not realizing that it was at first a greentext. I didn't read the description well enough. :derpytongue2:

Yo, What do you think of these rhymes

It took a second to register up in my branium
My dome, my head, my skull, my cranium
My eyes have had enough, it was time to do some talkin
I had to creep through the hound-dogs that were stalkin
This slimmy caught me peepin, this means she wasn't sleepin
On who I was, so she crept in like a hawk
In a minute's time, we adjourned to the floor
Ooh! I hit a high note cause of the way that she was walkin

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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Tumbling Pillows · 12:33am Aug 27th, 2015

So I'm making that ask blog I said I might do some time ago for Pillow Case and her friends.

You can find it here

I've worked on my ponying just for this. Here's a concept pic of Straw-B as a sample:

[Human boyfriend sold separately]

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