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World Builder

Elsewhere a writer, here a reader. Sometimes goes by Suitov. Attempts to leave thoughtful reviews.

Notes on taste.

(If you're browsing my favourites for recommendations, these are what you're likely to find and not find.)

Elements that entice me to read:
Completed stories, long stories, the adventure tag, badass spellcasters, badass Woonas, science fiction, dry humour, puns, rationalist/deconstructionist/optimiser/Peggy Sue/fix fic, an occasional troll fic, GhostOfHeraclitus, worldbuilding worldbuilding worldbuilding.

Elements that dissuade me from reading:
Bad grammar, clop, humans, second-person, wangst, mad OOCness, grimdark propter se, the romance tag, the sex tag, OCs I don't like the look of, excessive CMC, crossovers with things I haven't read, tired fanon memes such as time lord ponies, lack of care for spelling, formatting that chokes my ebook conversion software, Equestria Girls Equestria Girls Equestria Girls.

Lists aside, I've totally read things with almost all of my dislikes in them. It just has to be an interesting enough story! I hate abandoning things half read and only do so for things like really bad writing, creepy misogyny or unironic flag-waving HFY. So I'm not all that picky.

Find lovely things to read!
My favourites serve as a general-purpose list of recommendations. Read on for particular categories instead. Anything I've faved should be a worthwhile read... always allowing for taste.

I'll grammar-nitpick stories. Shoot me a message and I'll find some time for you if I can.

My ponysona
World Builder, a unicorn, special talent storytelling.

I do write, and may someday turn my hoof to fanfiction, but up until now it's all been original fiction, including one completed novel written as a special gift. It contains no ponies, one tiger and many guitar solos.