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Twilight Sparkle assigned Sweetie Belle to practice her teleportation magic for the next Twilight Time while she was away at Canterlot at a royal gathering. During that same day, Sweetie Belle practiced that magic on herself... only to be reduced to a mere inch tall! The worst part is, everything and everypony became giants to her!!

Now she must trek through dangerous territory to Canterlot in hopes of grabbing the attention of Twilight Sparkle so she could restore her back to normal size. That would be cake for Sweetie Belle, if those obstacles didn’t include getting crushed or eaten alive by everypony!!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro Inc. and Lauren Faust
Cover Art by Ponythroat

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Okay, i'm not a fun of this kind of stuff...


I really want to know where this is going so...


I'm going to have nightmares for weeks, man.


you know, in that style where the exit is always...you get it. Nevermind. It's funny though. :rainbowlaugh:

4131301 I'm with you on that one.

However this turns out, I like it and favorite it, it is the best story like this I have found on this site:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:, although the others I've read aren't anywhere near bad or any worse at conveying the dangers and strangeness of these sorts of situations, this one is simply more engaging.

I realize I would gladly take Sweetie's place, for two reasons, 1. I don't want her to be in danger, 2. I'd find it overwhelmingly sensual:pinkiehappy:.

I'm really loving this story. That being said, I found a very minor thing that you may want to edit.

She saw herself in the shaodw of Big Macintosh, the big red stallion who nearly digested the poor unicorn without ever knowing of her presence.

That should be "shadow".

4200173 Fixed it! Plus the third chapter should be up tomorrow. :pinkiehappy:

After reading this chapter a second time, I found some more things you may want to edit.

What am I do to!?

That should be "to do".

. She would be crushed easily underhoof like a bug, eaten by a giant-sized bug or an animal... an nopony would ever stop to think twice of the “bug” they disposed was actually a tiny unicorn filly who only wanted to earn her Cutie Mark badly.

That should be "a"

At the same time, a little black ant, roughly the same size as Sweetie Belle’s scuttle along the dirt road.

That should be either "scuttles" or "scuttled".

Sweetie Belle chideed herself.

That should be "chided".

The filly screamed screamed and held on to dear life onto one of Big Mac’s taste buds, but her grip was too slippery for her to hold on for much longer.

There should only be one "screamed".

Gravity took ahold of the apples and dragged it plus the screaming filly down to the back of the giant’s mouth, the throat muscles welcoming the food.

That should either be "hold" or "a hold".

The trip down Big Mac’s throat felt like forever, more less torturous for Sweetie Belle.

I'm pretty sure that should be "more or less".


That comma should be a semi-colon.

Another great chapter, though I found some things you may want to edit.

Sweetie Belle made a personal note to drop from Celetiism and convert to Lunaism if she survived this whole ordeal.

I think that should be "Celestiism".

The bead of sweat trickled down to Sweetie Belle, eventually making contact with her, engulfing her in the salt,y transparent liquid.

The "y" and the comma need to swap places.

The seat trickled down the lower point of the curve and dripped off from the bottom, leaving the micro-sized unicorn plummeting down to her doom, floating in a sphere of salty liquid.

And that should be "sweat". I'm really looking forward to reading what happens next.

Er, mate? Apples ain't citrus. Citrus is lemons, limes and such. Unless Applejack is branching out in her wares, you may wanna give this chapter a quick run a through.

Will sweetie manage to escape Winona? I'd like to see one more vore scene later where she's accidentally swallowed by Twilight. Keep it up.

"Another caused it to expand until it exploded like a balloon, leaving behind gooey remains of the citrus fruit."

Bro, apples aren't citrus

"earthworm residing inside grew to immense portions"

Should be proportions

4263076 I am currently working on that, plus the revamping of ACIE Chapter 14. Don't worry, it's a-comin'.

btw, great job with 12,713 words in 3 chapters.

Found something you may want to edit.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo deapanned at the dog.

I have a feeling Sweetie will know more about biology then should be physically possible by the end of this story! :rainbowlaugh: I am wondering what would happen if she some how managed to get inside another beings head and accidentlly used her magic to interact with the brain, parasite Sweetie Belle anyone? :unsuresweetie:

Found something you may want to edit.

Ahhh! Apple Bloom, we were supposed to help Sweetie Belle get her out of your stomach, not flush her down like some pice of...

Just a minor suggestion, can Sweetie Belle be accidentally swallowed by Rainbow Dash please, it would make the story about 20% cooler! Seriously, give it some thought.

Just a minor suggestion, can Sweetie Belle be accidentally swallowed by Rainbow Dash please, it would make the story about 20% cooler! Seriously, give it some thought.

Why didn't they just told Rarity or Applejack or something :facehoof:
But still,Great story!:rainbowkiss:

4410744 Because both were out looking for Sweetie Belle at the time they found her. Plus, 18 baths take a while to take altogether.

Imagine if Sweetie gets into another ponies head... literally! :rainbowlaugh:

When are you going to add the next chapter of this story? I want to know what happens. Strike that, I NEED to know what happens next, I must! So when will it be uploaded?

4466618 I'm trying to come up with the premise of the chapter, but it will involve Fluttershy and a near-vore from Owlowiscious. So... as soon as I can.

This is a wonderful story! I see that others have already given you some well intentioned advice and reviews, so I don't have much to add there, but I just wanted you to know that I eagerly await your next update. Keep on writing this awesome story, and don't rush yourself too much! /)

4513366 I thank you for the compliment. Right now, I'm working on revamping my other story, "A Cartoonist in Equestria," so it might take me time to finish before I can get back into business.

Again, thank you for the compliment.

Very nice chapter, but there's a very minor thing you may want to edit.

Before she could process who tat pony was, a bright light flashed from the darkness, driving the black away into oblivion.

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:Can this story possibly get any better??!!.

Rely on her friends? Like the one that ate her and then gave her a tour of Ponyville's sewer systeAt this point, her fear of being eaten is perfectly rational.

I can't wait the see what fluttershy's going to do once she realizes thats Sweetie and not a animal, which I beileve thats what she thinks Sweetie is due to her talking the her like she would one of her animals, let the mind screwing begin Flutters! :pinkiecrazy:

Um, not that I don't like this story, but I wasn't expecting dream vore. I find it boring, REAL vore however, I LOVE IT!!!!! Story is still awesome, still love it, but expecting some Fluttershy vore in the next chapter. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

4582970 Actually, I'm gonna have it be a near-vore chapter involving Owlowiscious.

4597759 WHAT?! MORE pet vore? Ugh LAME!!! Pet vore isn't fun!! I want more REAL PONY VORE!!!!!!! No offense, but seriously!!??

4598851 Keyword: NEAR. As in almost gets eaten by the owl but Fluttershy stops him from doing so. Plus, I might have Sweetie Belle plot-crushed by Fluttershy in later chapters.

4598947 You know, like "butt-crushed" except for ponies.

4598949 Ugh, butt crushed... REALLY!!??? That sounds like a really dumb idea, wasn't it bad enough when big mac did it to her, why do it again!?

4742274 Right now, I am focused on revamping my other story. Don't worry, it's coming to me in pieces.

Wow. This took forever to get this chapter thought out and fairly well written. Nonetheless, the chapter is done and it contains near-vore material, like I said in the comments. I hope you enjoy what I pushed out of my brain, because it is now officially killing me.

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