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Vanilla Beam has lived with the Mane 6 since being shrunk. But one day, Twilight Sparkle shrinks herself and ends up getting stuck. She and Vanilla are now at the mercy of all the "giants" of Equestria.

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That was awful, the robotic Cerberus would never team up with a garlic lobster in real life.

Jeez, at least make your shitty OC story believable.

Pretty cute so far!

Kind of a strange OC, but I like the story. You should continue it.

:twilightoops: Things or getting interesting

i smell dark coming on.....

Comment posted by midnight rose deleted Aug 18th, 2013

3045613 Lol,that doesn't even appear in the fic.

PLZ CONTINUE IT!!!!!1!!!:twilightsmile:

This was unfortunately true. And what was making matters worse, she was so close, that the tremors she was making were making the two loose their balance.

That should be "lose" instead of "loose". Also, you need to use [] with the B in the middle to make the text bold instead of <>. That way, the results will be more like this:

"Nah, Daring Do would never be that dumb to step onto a mine field without checking all of the spots where it's safe." said Rainbow Dash.

I'm loving this so much! :duck:

3140092 Thank you, never used the bold before

The grammar's gotten way better, I've noticed! I really like how you've started using bolding, rather than all-caps.

This story seems to have potential. Good luck with the next chapters! :)

:twilightsmile: another good chapter cant wait for more

Aaahh! Close call!!

Your grammar's gotten quite good! One or two typos, but really solid otherwise!

Wonder what they'll do now?

I found two typos you may want to edit.

"It's kidda hard to hear you from down there. Let me give you a lift."

That should be "kinda".

He was on the cold floor of someones house.

And that should be "someone's". Nice chapter though.

Excellent new chapter I do hope we get a flashback on how vanilla and Twilight became such close friends :twilightblush:

where's part 4?

Good to see you got a DA page up! I hear it goes a long way toward helping an artist keep up thier practice.

Basically, what I've heard works well is setting aside at least one hour each day to work on your art (or your writing). It's a lot like working out a muscle -- you need to keep in the habit, consistently.

aslong as we get a new chapter every month or 2 i wont complain:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by TwiSparkle89 deleted Mar 6th, 2014

another solid entry :twilightsmile: but thats to be expected :heart:

Oh, so after this will come that situtation from your newest picture? :D

I'm guessing the next chapter will have something along the lines of "CUTTIE MARK CRUSADERS BUG SQUISHERS!!"

That cover art...

4958395 Indeed :twilightsmile: I made it a LONG time ago

I found some things you may want to edit.

"I never thought that riding in your best friends tail would be so........ intimidating, yet relaxing." said Twilight, looking all around again.

That should be "friend's".

She then began converting with Vanilla again.

That should be "conversing".

"Oh I'm sure you just need to get closer to the girls like you are with me. And as for Luna, I'm sure even though she comes into everypony's dreams, I'm sure she's seen you lots of times, but just forgot you were tiny. It happens sometimes."

I would recommend getting rid of one of the "I'm sure" parts, otherwise it seems kinda redundant. Also, remember to start a new paragraph when you switch which character is talking.

Tee hee hee hee!
Shocking titan-sized ponies always gets great results :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter, but there's some things you may want to edit.

As said before, the bakery to the tiny ponies no appeared to be like a huge fortress. It was even bigger than Canterlot Castle to them.

That should be "now".

The fillies mouths began to drool over the aromas of the cakes, cupcakes, and pies.

That should be "fillies'".

She scooped everything up, and that even meant the tiny unicorn and tinier pegasus.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have sworn that an earlier chapter said Twilight was an alicorn. Also, there's something you may want to note based on this sentence.

He quickly ran after them, hoping they wouldn't fall. A fall from that kind of height was definitely fatal.

In actuality, being that small would make it much less likely that they would die from falling because of how quickly they would reach terminal velocity.

5577984 What's with all the yelling?

(It was a freaky cliffhanger)

This story is really amazing it kinda reminds me of legend of Zelda the minish cap:pinkiehappy:

5584552 When I read when Twilight and vanilla were tiny along with the CMC I said to myself: Whoa! man this story reminds me of the time I played the minish cap back a couple years ago: but truth be told every single part of it.:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:

My reaction: images.khinsider.com/The%20World%20Ends%20With%20You/Artwork/Mugshots/Neku02.png

5584647 Heh, well, glad to bring up some nostalgia

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