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Snack-Sized Sweetie - Autismo555

Sweetie Belle’s practice of using a teleportation spell backfired. Now Sweetie Belle must get to Canterlot to get Twilight’s attention... that is if she didn’t find herself the target of being crushed OR eaten alive!!

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Chapter VI - Perchance to Dream

Four of the Mane Six limped through the depths of the Flame Geyser Swamp, tuckered out from their attempts to run away from the cranky Ursa Minor. This volatile and explosive land was the only safe place they could find to elude the gigantic ethereal bear cub, but, in a literal sense of the term, they jumped from the frying pan only to to land in the fire.

Rarity led the slightly injured search party with a very determined face, desperate to find a trace of Sweetie Belle in this dismal, yet dangerous land in Equestria. Applejack was held with her injured hoof draped over Pinkie Pie’s shoulder, who helped her across the plain of spewing geysers with bandages covering her eye. Rainbow Dash was stuck behind them, ready to cry as she held her wing over her left flank.

“Y’all just had ta wake up that Ursa Minor,” Applejack scolded Pinkie Pie as she narrowly avoided her tail from being burnt. “First ya treat Rarity’s time of need into a game of ‘hide-n’-seek,’ then we barely made it out with our Cutie Marks still stuck on our flanks.”

“Not mine,” Rainbow Dash whimpered with a quivering lip, revealing a spot of missing fur where her rainbow-lightning Cutie Mark used to reside. “Now I’m gonna be a Cutie Mark Crusader and those snobby brats are gonna call me ‘blank-flank!’”

“Relax, Rainbow. Ya still have yer Cutie Mark on the other side of yer flank.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie Pie chipped in. “You look like somepony who came down with Hasbro’s disease!”

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash began to wail and threw herself down in a temper tantrum, thrashing and pounding down on the sulfur and asphalt dirt. “That’s even worse!” she screamed. “Now everypony’s gonna be looking at me, and not the way I want it either!”

“Pinkie Pie! Haven’t ya caused enough trouble already!?” Applejack yelled.

“Why? Do you want some more?”

“No we don’t! Not while we’re trekkin' through Flame Geyser Swamp! If we don’t keep our ears open, we might get in some trouble, even more so since Ah ain’t got mah boots, lion-tamer’s chair, a snake charmin’ flute or a hunk of ricotta cheese with me!”

"Why? It's not like there's a chimera prowling around these parts or anything, right!?" Pinkie Pie giggled at her little banter. It was only after that she found herself the subject of Applejack's deadpanned glare. "What?"

"Pinkie Pie, that's exactly why Ah need those items," Applejack said. "Because somewhere around here, there's this big, nasty ol' chimera just awaitin' ta tear somepony apart. Apple Bloom tried ta get past through this here swamp without her items all by her lonesome when she encountered that three-headed varmint. It was a good thing I got ta her just in time. Otherwise, Apple Bloom would've been chimera chow, along with the pies she was deliverin'."

"Well that's silly! I remember this one time that a swarm of parasprites were attacking Ponyville, except I was there, you were all there and the parasprties were all there, but not all of the parasprites because the parasprites that were there might have already multiplied through their mouths and all and-- hey, what's everypony staring at?"

While Pinkie Pie was yammering pointlessly and aimlessly about the parasprites, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash all huddled together in fear. A massive silhouette rose up behind Pinkie Pie, the pony unaware of its presence until she saw her friends' scared faces. Like Owlowiscious, Pinkie turned her head backwards a complete 180 and her eyes became disproportionally huge. Standing behind her was a chimera, a mixed-up creature with the head of a goat, the head of a tiger and the tail of a live snake. All three of those heads stared down at the mares with hungry, fearful eyes, their stares making Pinkie Pie's whole body turn white.

No, seriously. Pinkie's pink melted from her body, leaving her entire self completely white.

"Four helpless little ponies lost in our swamp," the chimera's tiger head growled with venom.

"Without any items in hopes of taming us for their petty escape," the goat head added gruffly.

"And now," the snake head hissed. "We have a buffet of little poniesssss to eat."

"And how should we eat them?" the tiger asked. "I say we eat them raw."

"But I prefer them burnt nice and crispy over a geyser, like momma used to make," the goat said.

"Well, I like them boiled into a niccccce sssstew," the snake jutted in.

As the three animal heads debated with one another over how to eat the ponies, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash moved, carrying the petrified Pinkie Pie on their backs like a statue. Silently, they made it past the chimera with no other problems, save for the fires spewing from the underground geysers. While they carefully walked through the swamp, Applejack took notice of Rarity's silence, something that seemed to span after their run-in with the Ursa Minor.

"Are ya alright, Rarity?" Applejack asked. "Ya haven't said a word since we left the Everfree Forest."

Rarity sighed. "I don't know, Applejack," she replied. "Ever since we narrowly escaped that Ursa Minor, I've been really worried about Sweetie Belle. I can't help but think deeply of whatever dangers my little sister is facing against right now. If anything happens to Sweetie Belle if she's trying to make her way back to Ponyville, I simply do not know what I would do!"

"Now don't go frettin' over that, sugarcube. Ah might not know Sweetie Belle better than ya do, but Ah'm sure she's stayin' strong and she's doin' her best ta keep herself alive." Applejack patted Rarity's back with reassurance. "Trust me. If yer doin' strong right now, than Ah know that Sweetie Belle is doin' strong too."

"Yeah. Hopefully she's being stronger right now than I am," Rainbow Dash lamented, sadly looking back at the bald area of her flank.

Rarity moaned insecurely, not feeling the comfort from the cowgirl's words. Then again, she was the Element of Honesty, so she couldn't question that. "I'm still not sure, Applejack," she said. "What if Sweetie Belle is in the face of danger now. For all we know, she could've already been eaten by some creature, or ended up somewhere outside of Equestria."

"Rarity. Sweetie Belle will be fine," Applejack stated firmly. "Ah promise you that."

"I should hope so," Rarity replied emotionlessly. Then she turned her head up to the sky, in hopes of sending her prayers for safety to Sweetie Belle "Wherever you may be Sweetie Belle, I hope you're alright. I just hope it's not a place that is disgusting."


"This. Place. Is. Disgusting."

Those three little words that ran through Sweetie Belle's head was clearly an understatement. There was no right word to describe the horrifying trip she went through in Apple Bloom's body and forced out of her other end. And now that she was forced out from that end, Sweetie Belle was sucked through dark, flooded metallic pipes, leading to the one place she never expected to be sent to at her current size: The sewers, the bottom of the bottom of the Equestria society that contributed into flushing away the disgusting expulsions of somepony's bottom.

This could end either way for Sweetie Belle. She was going to drown in sewer pipes, in the toilet water if there was no open place that provided air. If Sweetie Belle survived this ordeal, then there laid another ordeal that she had to face before her: Being disposed of at the sewer treatment plant along with the sludge that was Apple Bloom's waste and other ponies' leavings.

Either way, Sweetie Belle would die by the most disgusting of deaths she had ever experienced.

Death by chocolate, as if it were.

I know. Sickening.

As she was coursing through the metallic veins that was the Ponyville irrigation system, Sweetie Belle found her passage blocked by trash clogging up the pipes. A backup of sludge formed at the damming pile of paper, plastic, used diapers, anything that ponies recklessly flushed down the toilet and not thrown into the trash. Sweetie Belle both felt disgust and danger as she was being pushed down towards the blockage by the current. If she didn't find a way through, she would drown and nopony would ever know of her presence in the sewer pipes.

Panicking, Sweetie Belle tried to swim against the current away from the trash, but that was a futile attempt. The current was too strong to swim against. The shrunken unicorn filly needed a plan and fast. While attempting to swim away, Sweetie Belle saw a small opening in the pipe that allowed the air to flow out. If she could swim on over to the opening, then she would be free and not risk drowning in a blockage of poo. This was a long shot, but this was one she had to take.

Without a moment's hesitation, Sweetie Belle swam to the opening. At her size, the current of the sewer pipes were strong, but she used that to her advantage. Using her tiny little hooves, Sweetie Belle doggie-paddled over to the opening and reached for it with her hoof. She reached for the opening as far as she could, only for her miss it by inches.

With her tenacity preventing her from quitting, Sweetie Belle reached for the opening a second time.

She missed, this time only by centimeters.

"Buck," Sweetie Belle cursed in her head.

With another bout of strength left in her muscles, Sweetie Belle tiredly swam over to the opening. As if on instinct, Sweetie Belle looked over to her right by the corner of her eye. There, she saw another mess of trash somepony just flushed down the toilet, mostly dirty diapers. If she didn't know better, she would say that Carrot Cake was dumping Pound and Pumpkin Cake's diaper in a way not like how Cup Cake intended him to do. Now, with this oncoming mountain of diapers flushed down the pipe, Sweetie Belle knew she was in imminent danger. There was no way she would dodge the disgusting remains of the Cake Twins' meals.


With a final ditch effort, Sweetie Belle pushed herself to her limits by forcefully swimming to the opening. The unicorn stretched her hoof out, her eyes narrowing and sweat drops carried away by the pipes as the diapers drew closer. With a grunt, Sweetie Belle reached her hoof out farther and farther while the diapers were only mere feet away from deciding the filly's fate.

And then...


The diapers collided with the blocking trash, thus backing up the sewers even further. The opening was blocked, and the toilet waters were refused passage to their destination. The diapers squished the trash together under their weight, crushing everything in between under the soft but deadly load of their cushiony fibers. Nothing could've survived in that deadly onslaught of garbage and fecal matter.

But then again, they failed to do in the micro-sized pony.

Sweetie Belle made it to the opening the second the diapers collided with the trash. Like a geyser, Sweetie Belle was shot up like a rocket through a narrow passage, something that only a shrunken filly like herself could only squeeze through. Resisting the strong urge to scream because of the sewer water and her shortness of breath, Sweetie Belle found her world slowly going black. Just as she saw a light at the end of the pipe rapidly approaching her, Sweetie Belle slowly slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

"Rarity. I... I miss you, big sis," Sweetie Belle thought. "Please help me, Rarity. Please."

With that, her world became dark.


A couple of squirrels were collecting nuts in the trees near the road.

Their caretaker and friend warned them not to go into the stream because of how there was a small pipe which released some sewer water. But then again, she didn't warn them about not using the trees nearby to collect some acorns for their nest, so they didn't bother pointing that out. Both of the squirrels were harvesting the acorns, carrying them around in their expandable pouch-like cheeks which expanded to the size of a big bird pill. All seemed to be going so well for the squirrels.

That was if one of those squirrels didn't do a spit-take at what she saw.

When the male squirrel went over to scold his mate for spitting out a month's supply of their food, the female squirrel chittered at him, pointing down at a tiny little animal in the sewer water. She was about the size of a baby mouse, all white with two grayish tones of pink and purple on her head.

The squirrel couple both looked at each other worriedly. Then they climbed down the tree bark with their little claws and approached the tainted stream, looking over the unknown creature that laid before them, unconscious and covered in a brown mess. They were repulsed by the smell, but behind that, they saw the creature to be like a pony. This was odd for them, considering that ponies were way bigger than this pony's size. She was no bigger than the squirrels' tummies, standing up.

The squirrels chittered with each other, discussing what to do.

Almost immediately, they knew what to do.

They needed to take the little pony to her.

Gently and carefully, the squirrels picked up the filly from under the undersides of her legs and gently placed her on the female's back. She wrapped her bushy tail around the little filly, providing her comfort and security for her unconscious state. Then they stormed off to their caretaker's cottage near the Everfree Forest.


Sweetie Belle slowly fluttered her eyes open to a headache.

She had been laying on a hard, flat surface, where the only light that shone was the overhead light that reached high above. Slowly getting up on all fours, Sweetie Belle looked around at her surroundings. She could see nothing. There were no buildings in sight, no trace of any pony to be seen. There was only darkness around her and the hard plain of blue that she was stranded on. Sweetie Belle became worried.

Where was everypony?

"Hello!? HELLO!?" Sweetie Belle shouted into the emptiness, only to be met with an echo. "Is there anypony around here!?"

There was no answer.

All there was was a pitch-black darkness surrounding the eerie glow of the light.


But Sweetie Belle was not convinced. Surely, somepony had to be here. "HELLO!?! IS THERE ANYPONY OUT HERE!?" she shouted to the emptiness. "RARITY!? APPLE BLOOM!? SCOOTALOO!? TWILIGHT!? ANYPONY!?!"

Still nothing.

Sweetie Belle fell to her haunches, her ears drooped in defeat as her attempts for help were all for naught. Then she felt tremors underneath her seating. Sweetie Belle's ears perked straight up and swiveled towards the source of the noise. She looked on in fear as she saw a titanic silhouette in the darkness start to take form in the light. The silhouette looked to be a giant pony, with a long, curly mane and tail. A hue of dark white began to brighten with every earthquake-like hoofstep she took. Her sapphire eyes peered down on the filly as the latter recognized the giantess. The giant pony happened to be none other than...

"RARITY!!" Sweetie Belle yelped with a sudden rush of joy. "Oh, Rarity!! I'm so glad you're with me!! I've missed you so much!!"

The gigantic Rarity looked down on Sweetie Belle, bearing a smile.

"I missed you too... my dear little morsel."

As if the word "morsel" was the trigger word, Sweetie Belle suddenly reeled back, her blood running cold. She saw too late that her sister's smile was not what it claimed to be. "Wh-Wh-What did you just c-call me?" Sweetie Belle squeaked, shaking with growing fear. "D-Did you just call me a.. a... a morsel?"

Rarity giggled mischievously. "I do believe that you've heard correct, Sweetie Belle," she said seductively. "While I was working to create a suitable dress for my dear friends, I suddenly had this craving for something small... and sweet. And you, my dearest little sister, just happen to be the size of a little h'ors d'oeuvre coated with marshmallows. I simply cannot wait to see how satisfying it feels to have you descend down into my stomach."

"No..." Sweetie Belle shook her head frantically, daring not to look away from her colossal sister. "No, Rarity, please don't joke like that. It's not funny. You're scaring me."

"Does this look like a joke to you?"

Rarity lit her horn her baby blue aura. The magic enveloped Sweetie Belle and she screamed as she was lifted her up in the air in front of Rarity's face. The alabaster looked at the filly with an evil glint in her eye, licking her lips like she was about to enjoy indulging herself in swallowing up her puny sister.

"I think I might enjoy letting you slip down into my warm, dark throat, Sweetie Belle," Rarity cooed. "But first, I'd like to get a good smell of you. It's important to smell your food before you may consume them."

With that said, Rarity brought Sweetie Belle to her muzzle, near her nostrils. Rarity inhaled, smelling the sweet scent of her sister's fur, along with her salty sweat of her fear. Sweetie Belle began to whimper as her body was subjected the gale force vacuumed into the slimy caverns of her big sister's nose. With another inhale, the shrunken unicorn was then sucked in with that vacuum, bringing the air and the filly deep within Rarity's nose and into the dimly lit caverns of her nostril.

Sweetie Belle was forcefully passed through the orifice of Rarity's nostril and past her delicate little nose hairs, covered and coated with slimy mucus dripping from deep with the caverns. Sweetie Belle screamed as she was sucked further into the nose, becoming encased with snot along the way. Another deep and powerful inhalation brought the shrunken filly to the back of the nose, where, according to Twilight, was where the esophagus was also located behind the uvula. Curling up into a scared little ball, Sweetie Belle whimpered as she was sucked down towards the back of the throat where she might end up in Rarity's lungs.

Then, a sickly little snorting resounded from all around the fleshy tunnel.

Afterwards, Sweetie Belle felt a big gust of air push her and a fluidly blob of throat phlegm onto the back end of Rarity's tongue.

Sweetie Belle gasped.

She was back in Rarity's mouth.

"Oh no..."

"Mm-hmm-hmmm. Oh, yes."

Sweetie Belle felt herself tossed around Rarity's monolithic tongue, sliding all over her taste buds as her flooring was slick with both saliva and phlegm. The tongue curled back and pinned Sweetie Belle down on the soft muscle, and sucked in her flavor. She tasted like marshmallows mixed in with the saltiness of mucus and fear. Sweetie Belle tried to move and run, but the tongue was quicker than her, for Rarity used the tongue and threw her sister onto her molars. Then, the bottom molars lifted up towards the top molars, the little morsel screaming for dear life as the hardened teeth clamped her in both ways.


A little giggle resonated from Rarity's throat. The molars ground Sweetie Belle, mashing her and chewing her into gum, though she had no trace of physical damage being done to her. Rarity must've cast an invulnerability spell when she used her magic on her so she would taste and enjoy. her sister's suffering. With an evil laugh booming out of her throat like deafening thunder, Rarity scraped her sister off of her molars with the tip of her tongue and near the back of the squishy, spongy muscle. The uvula undulated to welcome its new arrival.

"Mmm-hmm-hmm. This has been such a delicious experience. Thank you for being such a dear and loyal little sister, Sweetie Belle," Rarity's voice boomed with a sinister giggle. "But now I'm afraid this is where the role of food comes into play. Again, I thank you for being such a tasty little snack. Au revoir!"

Rarity's sea serpent tongue lifted up to the roof of her mouth. The slick layer of saliva and added mucus contributed Sweetie Belle to slowly slide down the back of the tongue, near where her sister's throat muscles began. Despite Sweetie Belle's crying and pleas for mercy, her fate was inevitable. She was going end up as food for Rarity, just a tiny little marshmallow soon to be dissolved into nutrition for her beloved family member. Her head inched closer into the entrance of the humid, moist tunnel of her siser's throat.

"No, Rarity!" Sweetie Belle sobbed. "Rarity, please!! Don't eat me!!"


With an audible swallow, Rarity sent the filly into her esophagus. But, instead of falling into the esophagus, Sweetie Belle was falling into the void, screaming as she plummeted towards a bottomless darkness below. Tears of sadness leaked from Sweetie Belle's eyes. Was this how everypony would see her as? As food? As a helpless bug? This was not how she wanted to go. She wanted to go peacefully in her sleep at the age of an old mare like Granny Smith.

Then a regal voice rang out from the darkness.


Sweetie Belle perked herself. She knew that voice and the pony it belonged to. Before she could process who that pony was, a bright light flashed from the darkness, driving the black away into oblivion. Sweetie Belle then found herself floating down gently on a bright, warm floor. She looked up to the regal pony appear before her (thankfully not the size of a titan), her coat a midnight blue and her flowing ethereal mane like the night sky itself. A black blot bore a white crescent moon, the Cutie Mark that belonged to none other than...

"Princess Luna!" Sweetie Belle galloped up to the Princess of the Night and gave her a courteous bow. "I'm so glad you're here! Things have gone crazy! My own sister tried to eat me!"

"Calm yourself, Sweetie Belle. This is but a dream, a nightmare brought on by your current fears," Luna explained regally.

"Wait. This is just a dream?" Sweetie Belle asked, Luna replying with a nod. "Well that explains everything."

"Like why your own sister swallowed you alive?"

Sweetie Belle sat on her haunches, looking sad with her ears drooped back. She ginberly rubbed her forehoof with her other hoof and shyly looked up to the Princess of the Night. "I guess I can't hide it any longer. Ever since my teleportation spell got all mixed up, I've been trying so hard to try and get back to my normal size. I tried to call for Rarity and right now, I'm trying to get to Princess Twilight so I can get back to size." Tears formed up in Sweetie Belle's eyes, then covered them with her hooves. "But every time I tried to get somepony's attention, I would always end up being squashed like a bug or eaten! If Rarity saw me like this, then how is she gonna see me!? As a bug!? As a snack!? As a sister who can't be loyal to her size!? Why is this happening to me Luna!? WHY!?"

Luna felt pity for the young filly. She gently brought her chin up with her hoof so she could face her. Then she wiped away the filly's tears and gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I cannot answer to your last question, Sweetie Belle, but I assure you that you are not who you think you are at this moment. Just because you are small does not mean you should feel small. You are in pain of trying to make yourself big and having to go up against such perilous obstacles. I can sympathize with that. Before my hideous transformation into Nightmare Moon one-thousand years ago, I too felt myself insignificant to a certain somepony that you and everypony knows well."

"You mean Princess Celestia?"

"Yes. While Celestia may be my big sister, in the past, I felt small compared to her power. When I tried to reach to her level and become just as powerful, it came at a terrible price. I was banished to the moon by my sister, locked away for a thousand years before my return to Equestria. It was then I realized that I shouldn't have pushed myself to be as big as my sister was. I had friends of my own, but I ignored their help and tried to do everything for my own. In the end, my life was changed for the worse, but it was because in part of your sister's generosity that my life had changed for the good. I was reunited with my sister and I tried to live my life without any personal obstacles between us."

"But what does that have to do with me?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Everything, Sweetie Belle. If Rarity sees you in your current predicament, she will not take you as food or an insect. She will see you as her own little sister, somepony who looks up to her in hopes of winning her over with her affection and loyalty. You will see your sister again, but you cannot will yourself to see her or Princess Twilight alone. Through every perilous feat you escaped from, it will only bring one step backwards from your destination. If you try to go on this perilous journey alone, I assure you that at your current size, you will not succeed at this task. It will end just as how you would fear it. Do you understand?"

"I guess," Sweetie Belle replied meekly. "But what if--?"

"Do not worry, Sweetie Belle. You will be awake in a moment. When you do, you will have another friend who will be looking after you while you are at your current size. Maybe then, you will need her help to restore you back to normal." Before Sweetie Belle asked who was the other friend, Princess Luna unfurled her wings and hovered into the sky. Everything around Sweetie Belle was sucked back into the void, signaling the dream's end. As Sweetie Belle felt herself awaken from her slumber, Luna's regal voice was heard from what seemed to be a far distance, issuing her an important command.



Sweetie Belle awoke to a yelp.

She rubbed her templed with her hooves, recoiling from that vivid dream with Rarity and Princess Luna. She wondered who that other friend was that would help her in her time of need. Pipsqueak? Button Mash? She didn't know. What she did know what to do was to take in her new surroundings, a place where she was mysteriously brought to. It all seemed familiar. Very familiar. It looked to be a cottage, the walls decorated with entwining vines and birdhouses perched at the walls. Her ground was on top of some wood, nicely smooth and polished. Outside the windows were some bushes, and in the background lied the borders of the Everfree Forest.

That's when it hit her.

"Am I in Fluttershy's house?"

That answer came when she found herself in a familiar situation. She felt her ground tremble with multiple rhythmic tremors, becoming stronger as those tremors drew closer. Sweetie belle reluctantly turned around and was shadowed by the looming figure of a giant pony. Her coat was made up of butter-yellow fur, her long and lengthy mane colored a gentle pink. Her shy, blue eyes looked down on the shrunken filly, blinking with curiosity.

Sweetie Belle knew she won the million-bit question: she was in Fluttershy's house.

That meant that Fluttershy herself was the other friend Princess Luna referred to in her dream.

Then Fluttershy opened her mouth to speak, her voice not too loud but also soft and gentle at the same time.

"Well, hello there, little one. Are you feeling alright?"

Author's Note:

I'm sorry for the month-long delay! I had to revamp a chapter of another one of my stories and I had to help a rookie with his story too. But now that the newest chapter of "Snack-Sized Sweetie" is released, I have just one thing to say to you viewers out there.


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