• Published 24th Mar 2014
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Snack-Sized Sweetie - Autismo555

Sweetie Belle’s practice of using a teleportation spell backfired. Now Sweetie Belle must get to Canterlot to get Twilight’s attention... that is if she didn’t find herself the target of being crushed OR eaten alive!!

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"Ah, finally. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm happy to be back at school!" Sweetie Belle said as she leaned back in her chair, conversing with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. "Nopony's gonna believe me that I actually got the Medal of Honor from Princess Celestia herself, not until recess time, anyway."

"Well, Ah'm glad that ordeal is over, too," Apple Bloom stated, "because Ah got grounded fer a week fer sneakin' one of Granny Smith's laxatives without her permission."

"I guess everything turned out okay after all. No more hectic searches, no more running around in dark tunnels and no more poison scares like that. At least I got to spend some time with Rainbow Dash out of this adventure," Scootaloo said before she turned to Sweetie Belle. "By the way, Sweets, are you over the whole, 'getting eaten, stepped on and sat on thing' yet? I'm just making sure your little adventure hasn't gotten to you yet."

"Who? Me? No way," Sweetie Belle casually said, waving her hoof outward for effect. "I've been fine sleeping without having any of those nightmares at all. There's no way I'm getting intimidated about getting eaten again, not at my size, anyway."

"Are ya sure? Because ya seemed a bit high-strung when Pinkie Pie mentioned that Ursa Minor she and our sisters ran into in the Everfree Forest," Apple Bloom pointed out.

"I'm okay, guys, really," Sweetie Belle insisted. "Of course, if I see another big mouth like that, ready to eat me up, then it'll be too soon."

It was then that the Ponyville Elementary School teacher, the raspberry mare, Cheerilee, trotted in with a smile on her face. "Alright, everypony, now settle down," she commanded the hectic classroom, which quieted down in an instant. "Good. Now I hope you're all ready for an adventure, because we have a new exciting lesson to get to today."

The entire classroom was filled with foal mutters and questions. Sweetie Belle leaned towards Apple Bloom in her seat. "An adventure? What do you think she means by that?"

Apple Bloom shrugged. "Who knows? At least everyday, we learn something new, right?"

"Yawn," responded an unimpressed Scootaloo.

"Quiet down, please," Cheerilee said before she pulled down a detailed chart of an average pony and its insides. "Today, we are going to learn the basics of pony anatomy."



Nopony in the classroom could explain exactly what happened. In one moment, they heard Sweetie Belle scream like she was scared out of her wits by the chart, and in the next, there was a filly-shaped hole big enough for a panicking unicorn filly leading outside. The students and Cheerilee all watched as Sweetie Belle became a white dot in the distance, her screams echoing off in the distance before she disappeared into the horizon.

Diamond Tiara raised an eyebrow. "What's with her?"

"Well, let's say she's got..." Apple Bloom and Scootaloo grinned at each other and slipped on a cool pair of shades. "...some serious stomach issues."

Bulk Biceps appeared in the hole, screaming "YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" before everything exploded.

Author's Note:

Finally! My first FIMFiction story is complete! I've only had two days to work on the last few chapters on my own and now it is done! And I have ended it with a BANG!

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Comments ( 15 )

That was a great story. There's only two very minor things in the epilogue you may want to edit.

In one moment, they heard Sweetie Belle screamed like she was scared out of her wits by the chart, then in the next, there was a filly-shaped hole big enough for a panicking unicorn filly leading outside.

First, that should just be "scream", And lastly, there should be an "and" before the "then".

5665115 You're welcome, but I found one last thing.

Then it's your turn to listen to me! I've been trying to find a way to Canterlot no problem at my size because I needed the only pony I was closer to to help me with my problem!

Repeated word.

I loved the story. I really did, it's just you could of at the very least found more creative ways for Sweetie to go inside other bodies... that fact that she was only eaten is a major disappointment when you could of done so much more with this :ajsleepy:

All in all great premise and plot with a boring and constantly reused plot device. Shoot, I even suggested some other ways for you to have Sweetie enter bodies that would of fit perfectly with this story in past chapters so you could of just used those if you didn't have any ideas of your own! I didn't want to do this, I really didn't but im moving my upvote to the downvote section of the fic... it only seems appropriate there with the boring plot devices and over the top/random epilouge. :twilightsheepish:

ok all but the epilogue was good to me

It was a little good. Also, she could pass the medal in front of Diamond Tiara.

Oh God that was perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

Great vore story! I had so many "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" moments. And The Reunion chapter was just so heartwarming thanks!!

OMG THAT EPILOGUE :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Thank you. I pride myself in writing a story that had more of a plot than the other vore vignettes.

The epilogue was puzzling. Why did Sweetie Belle scream and run out of the classroom in the end?

Because Sweetie Belle had more than enough live experience on Pny Anatomy for her entire life. And by making her studying Pony Anatomy, Cheerilee was unknowingly making her relive all the time she had been eaten.

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