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Spike is Twilight's best helper, and best friend. He would do anything to help out with whatever Twilight, or any of his friends need. One day though, his plans are changed when he accidentally bumps into Twilight's shrinking powder jar, and spills it on himself, shrinking him down to a 1/2 an inch tall. He needs to get somepony to notice him fast, for Pinkie Pie wants to through a party at the library.

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This could be fun. I hope to see a bunch of emotional reactions from the mane 6 when they realize they almost stepped on him several times.

2222844 First of all, GOOD GOD THAT PROFILE PICTURE :raritycry: "Spikey Wikey!" But other news, I add a chapter every day, and it will be finished

Hhhmmm... I like it! It reminds me of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

2226760 Oh believe me, it gets better :twilightsheepish:

Have someone say Bocce's balls.

2232473 You might have to tell me what that means first :rainbowhuh:

2235201 Something from Family Guy.

2235428 Still don't know what it means

Bocce's balls is like a freak out speech like 'holy crap' or 'aw hayseed' or 'horseapples'.

Like Marshmallow said, this looks pretty fun, but I'm kind of waiting until he's discovered. Feel like this would be more entertaining if we saw the mane 6's reactions.

2236687 Okay, I'll put it in :twilightsmile: I just won't tell you when :rainbowlaugh:

2238394 Thing is, he has to be in trouble by everyone. Give somepony else their turn :raritydespair:

You did put that there! Thank you!

2241254 Anything for those who read my stuff :raritywink:

He maybe little but he still have his powers.

Familiar, but with a few twists.

2254864 Oh, hello there familiar user name :pinkiesmile:

Code Kool-Aid!!!! Code Kool-Aid!!!! The punch is Spike'd, I repeated, the punch is Spike'd!

Spelling mistakes:

"stood at her do" should be 'stood at her door',
"carraige" should be "carriage",
"chariat" should be "chariot",
"pegasis" should be "pegasus",
"unicine" should be "unison",
"presense" should be "presence",
and "You want some punch Luna" needs a comma after 'punch'.

2258837 hahahahaha I'm glad someone noticed :rainbowlaugh:

2260324 ................................................. :ajbemused: thanks

Spike! Go for the ears!!

2262878 He already messed up, and he knows that :facehoof:

Haven't read this yet, but it sounds suspiciously like the plot of a possible episode.

Sounds like we're back on track. :raritywink:

2270785 Yay :yay:......................... but for how long? :unsuresweetie:

AJ want apologise with Spike.

I just wanted to say that and have the Princess of the Night respond.

A sweet and cute moment with Twilight and Spike. I am surprised however that Twilight even would let Spike stay up for a party that is for a princess, because I thought it would just be her and her friends. However, I don't like this with shrinking powder being involved. :twilightoops:

Uh..oh. I love Spike, but number one rule in cleaning the house, do not take your eyes off the cleaning or something bad tends to happen. I feel for Spike though, because I know it was accident him breaking Twilight's pot. :pinkiesad2:

This makes me feel even bad for Spike. Twilight doesn't know a thing, and about to sweep the little baby dragon up. :twilightoops:

Indeed, very familiar. You could call this Honey, I Shrunk The Baby Dragon! Hehe. Loving this fanfic, makes you really feel for Spike. :ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

Aww.. the crush of his life was literally was about to crush him. :twilightoops:

Aww..those thoughts of Spike bring a tear even to my eye. His friends will start getting worried, at least I hope so. :pinkiesad2:

I know Fluttershy won't bring no harm to Spike, although she didn't know it wasn't him. :yay:

i would be running for my life, but knowing that my best friends are trying to hurt me will make me cry puddles of tears. :fluttercry:

I am so proud that Twilight is worried for Spike, and Fluttershy is still looking for him. I feel real bad now since he is in the punch bowl. :twilightoops:

Aww..Twilight worried so much for Spike that she told Luna about it. Now Luna helping with the search :pinkiehappy:. Feeling bad though with her being offered punch. :twilightoops:

Oh, no Twilight, no! It isn't a bug, it is Spike! Oh, gosh my heart is breaking now. :pinkiesad2:

Aww...yes! Twilight found Spike. Oh, I feel something bad yet good happening toward the end of this. Very good so far. Love the moment with Twilight and Spike in this. :pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy:

Aww..now this is touching with AJ wanting to apologize first. I hope it is okay to admit that I am twenty six years old and about to cry. :pinkiehappy:

A very sweet yet very big hug from Applejack. But now I feel nervous with Rainbow Dash being alone with a tiny Spike. :twilightoops:. I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

2277122 You are awesome :rainbowkiss: there's a new chapter everyday, and if I miss a day, I make it up and write 2

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