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In this story, it features my OC, Vanilla Beam. Just like my name, this is kind of a 1st person tale of a pony. This tale however, has a twist to it. After being perminately shrunk by a wizard, Vanilla now must live a new life as a micro munchkin and try to make some friends he never had before, even if he was normal sized.

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Another micro/macro story, or Ponies Big and Small categorized story. I can feel for Vanilla Beam already. I used to be like that as a younger child, I know how it is. :fluttercry:

Aww..poor poor Vanilla. My heart breaks for him. :pinkiesad2: Such a tragedy for a young small colt to endure.

Hmm..that doesn't sound good. A strange pony/stallion coming up to Vanilla Beam and asking him for help with something. I hope nothing terrible happens to him, he seems such a sweetheart although he is clumsy in a way, but has a big heart. :pinkiehappy:

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We shall see :moustache:


2479500 See, even after I finish your part in my story, you still have to come and rub your spell in my face :pinkiesad2:

WoW! Hexyl is more tricky and conniving in a way that Discord, but i like it! However, I feel for Vanilla, because now he feels awful and feels it is his fault that Celestia and the land of Equestria will fall because of him accepting Hexyl's proposal to help him. Hmm.. I wonder where he will end up now, and I hope the Mane Six won't be mean to him, him being much much smaller than them. :fluttercry:

Cute so far!

Ooh, darn cliffhangers! :flutterrage: lol..j/k, keeping me on the edge of my seat though. Hmm. I wonder what the other thing is. Also, could it hav been Pinkie's Pinkie Sense tingling that caused her to look for somepony? :rainbowhuh: Loving this so far, and I am feeling for Vanilla Beam with each chapter, now since is just a tiny little colt.

Poor Vanilla losing his only friend. I hope at least one regular pony will find him, and not try to crush him. :fluttercry:

Aww..yes! Fluttershy, just look a little closer and you will see the tiny pony. :yay:

Just an FYI, at one point you wrote "alnoe" instead of "alone". Still, I like this fanfic and want to see where it's going.

Aww..this was a very sweet and cute chapter:pinkiehappy:. I just hope Twilight and the others will be nice to him and not tease him about being so small. :fluttercry:

:yay: Let's see how Twilight reacts!

You will probably want to replace the word "ora" with "aura" in this chapter.

I am glad Twilight opted out on doing tests on Vanilla, that would definitely be scary and probably life-threatening with him at his size. I can't wait for him to meet the other ponies. I have a bad feeling though that Rainbow Dash might tease him for being so small, but I hope she doesn't. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow can be so inconsiderate sometimes. :ajbemused:

I agree with Ravings. Rainbow Dash just thinks everything is funny, and will laugh at anybody's expense. :flutterrage:


Poor Vanilla.:fluttershysad:

Aww..that was scary, but I knew Applejack and Rarity would apologize to him when they found out that he wasn't a bug. Now it is time for Rainbow Dash to have an attitude adjustment. :twilightangry2:

shes very sweet huh

2525471 Who? Fluttershy or Dash?

2525481 if i was sarcastic i would say dash so it goes without saying.

I have a feeling something will change between Vanilla and Rainbow with upcoming chapters that will make Rainbow feel bad for picking fun at Vanilla. So sweet of Fluttershy of course to allow Vanilla to sleep in the bed with her and comfort him from his nightmare. :pinkiehappy:

Could you make the chapters a little longer please? I still love the plot.

Ooh, hmm..I don't like the way it is going with RD. I hope she talks to him nicely and not be mean toward Vanilla on the way to Celestia. :twilightoops:

Aww...poor Vanilla Beam:pinkiesad2:. It just seems to get worse for him. Maybe Rainbow Dash can feel for him to and become nicer to him as her and the others have to watch after him. That darn Hexyl, such evil. :flutterrage:

Oh, no, after being cheered up by the other Mane Six, only to be crushed emotionally by Rainbow Dash, Vanilla might drown. Darn you Rainbow! :flutterrage:

You may want to replace the word "Wordrobe" with "Wardrobe" and "lier" with "liar".

Okay this looks kinda cute.

Aww.. this breaks my heart. Poor Vanilla almost drowned, and Fluttershy or Applejack couldn't hear him screaming for them. I would guess who did find him, but I don't want to spoil it. Just please let him be okay. :fluttercry:

You may want to replace "aquard" with "awkward".

Aww.. my heart just became a puddle of feels. :fluttercry:

That actually brought a small tear to my eye, good work. :pinkiesad2:

I think you should involve derpy hooves and doctor whooves. That would be interesting.

The chapters are short but they seem to be updated quickly. I'm looking forward to the moment when Vanilla tells his story.

2574729 That's what he's been doing so far

i have a bad feeling about this.

Aww.. liquid pride shedding again. :fluttercry: I don't like the sound of this though, Time Tuner sounds too good to be true. :twilightoops:

Just going to say this now.


I said that doctor whooves should be in here! this will be amazing!!!


Poor Rainbow Dash and poor Mane Six they aren't going to see Vanilla ever again, but Vanilla will be able to reunite with his parents again, at least I hope so. :pinkiesad2:

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