• Published 24th Mar 2014
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Snack-Sized Sweetie - Autismo555

Sweetie Belle’s practice of using a teleportation spell backfired. Now Sweetie Belle must get to Canterlot to get Twilight’s attention... that is if she didn’t find herself the target of being crushed OR eaten alive!!

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Chapter VII - Twice Eaten, Once Shy

"Well, hello there, little one. Are you feeling alright?"

Sweetie Belle looked on in astonishment as the gigantic blue pool of Fluttershy's eyes were fixated on her. She felt herself in awe before the butter pegasus looking curiously down on her, as if the latter never saw a creature of this size before, aside from the Breezies and the Parasprites. Fluttershy had also never seen a tiny creature this cute before, like seeing a new kind of pygmy mouse with white fur, big green eyes and pale purple and pink fur on its head and its tail. What she didn't know was there was another pony in Ponyville with a similar color scheme like the tiny creature.

What she also failed to notice was that other pony Fluttershy was thinking about was actually right in front of her, right under her very nose... literally!

Sweetie Belle continued to stare up to the gigantic frame of the goddess-sized Fluttershy. Fluttershy, the pegasus who was one of her sister's best friends, the pegasus who allowed the Cutie Mark Crusaders to sleep over and the same pegasus who saved them and Twilight Sparkle from the wrath of a loose cockatrice. Sweetie Belle knew that Fluttershy was also one of the nicest ponies, bringing herself to do something crazy to protect not only the lives of the woodland creatures, but the lives of her friends as well.

That meant if Sweetie Belle could get Fluttershy to help her get to Princess Twilight in Canterlot, then she might have her ordeal of being a pint-sized pony settled in no time.

Without a second wasted, Sweetie Belle galloped near the edge of the table and began to bounce on her hooves, waving her front hooves frantically to grab Fluttershy's attention. "FLUTTERSHY!! IT'S ME, SWEETIE BELLE!!" the unicorn screamed from the top of her lungs. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!? I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!! PLEASE! LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HEAR ME!!"

Sweetie Belle's attempts to grab Fluttershy's attention were once again in vain. Her voice was too high-pitched and squeak to be made decipherable for Fluttershy. All she could make out were pygmy mice squeaks, something she thought in a loose translation meant, "Thank you for saving my life earlier! I'm very, very much deep in your debt!"

"Aw, you're welcome," Fluttershy replied. "But if there's someone you should be really thanking, it should be Mr. and Mrs. Cheekers here."

All of a sudden, two squirrels popped out of the jungle that was Fluttershy's elongated mane. They humped out of Fluttershy's mane and scuttled along her hoof and onto the table, surrounding the shrunken Sweetie Belle with relief. "These little cuddly squirrels were just around the leaky sewer pipe when they found you lying in a puddle unconscious and tired. They just scooped you up and brought you here to me in no time at all, and I was able to make you all better."

Before Sweetie Belle could move another muscle, the squirrels bent down and nuzzled the little filly with their noses. Suddenly, Sweetie Belle broke out into ticklish laughter, the squirrels noses rubbing the sensitive side of her tummy area. Fluttershy smiled with a warm hum at the sight of the squirrels getting along so well with the tiny "pygmy mouse."

"See? They like you already," Fluttershy said. "Oh, and wait until you meet Angel Bunny. He may look a bit rude at first, but underneath, he's really a loyal, loving little bunny."

As if on cue, a snow-white rabbit climbed up to the top of the table, landing on his feet with slight thump! The squirrels stopped nuzzling the filly and turned to meet with the sight of their caretaker's pet before they jumped off the table. Sweetie Belle was rolling on the wooden surface, clutching her tummy area while she giggled to the aftereffects of the ticklish nuzzling. After a moment of laughing and giggling, Sweetie Belle finally calmed herself down and wiped a tear from her eye. Then she immediately found herself standing in a gigantic shadow of an animal standing directly behind her.

Sweetie Belle slowly turned around and then she let out a surprised yelp.

Towering over her like a frowning dragon was Fluttershy's pet rabbit, Angel Bunny. He wore a look on his face that was a mixture of unamused and deadpanning. His impatient thumping footsteps was like a series of three-point earthquakes vibrating through the wooden surface of the table, making Sweetie Belle shake by the force of the vibrations until she fell onto her rump. Sweetie Belle rubbed her rump and reluctantly looked back up to the monolithic figure of Angel Bunny. Even though she was shrunken down to the size of a bug, the gigantic height of the Angel Bunny was still comparable with an average-sized Ursa Minor.

She was even sure that she wet herself from the shock.

"Oh, look at that. It looks like Angel Bunny came up here just to meet you," Fluttershy cooed. She lowered her titanic muzzle to Sweetie Belle's size and nudged her towards Angel Bunny, the unicorn frozen by Angel's intimidating frown. Sweetie Belle gulped nervously then smiled sheepishly, fidgeting her hoof just to wave "hi" to the rabbit. The latter continued to glare at her, a face like stone that really frightened the bite-sized filly.

A green hummingbird suddenly zipped by, rapidly fluttering around Fluttershy's head. Fluttershy smiled and giggled slightly as the hummingbird orbited around her head, hovering next to her ear and muttering something made only in bird sounds. Suddenly, Fluttershy's eyes widened. "Oh dear, is it that serious?" she asked the hummingbird, earning a nod. "Oh, okay. If I have to."

Fluttershy turned to Angel Bunny and the so-called "pygmy mouse" with a concerned frown. "I'm awfully sorry, you two, but I have to step out for a minute. Hummingway has told me that Harry the Bear got his nose stuck in another beehive and his nose is all covered in bee stings," she explained. "Angel Bunny, I'm trusting you that you'll help take care of our new guest while I'm gone?"

Angel Bunny looked up to Fluttershy and gave her an affirming nod.

"Oh, okay. I just want to make sure that you won't give her such a hard time just like you did to the last few animals," Fluttershy stated. Angel Bunny shook his head and held one paw to his heart and raised the other paw, like he swore not to hurt the little pony.

"Okay. Just don't let her near Owlowiscous, alright?" Fluttershy asked. "You know how hungry he is around mice, you know?"

Sweetie Belle's blood ran cold as Fluttershy mentioned both Princess Twilight's pet owl and his appetite for small rodents. She once read (or heard? Sweetie Belle didn't pay much attention during that class) that owls ate small mammals like mice and insects. Since Sweetie Belle was the size of an insect and a mammal, this was already spelling quite the problem for her. What bothered her more was the sinister gleam in Angel Bunny's eye and his Grinch-like smile. Fluttershy had unintentionally given this infernal bunny a devilish idea.

Then Angel Bunny gave another nod, masking his true intentions behind his innocent smile.

"Okay, then. I'll be back in a moment." Quickly, Fluttershy flew in the air and opened the door, stopping to turn and look at Angel Bunny and the "mouse." "You two stay out of trouble, okay?"

Angel Bunny once more gave Fluttershy a nod and a masking smile, then waved with his paw, a goodbye motion. Fluttershy smiled before she turned back and flew out of her cottage, shutting the door behind her. When the pegasus was finally gone out of the house and out of his fur, Angel Bunny turned to the shrunken Sweetie Belle and unmasked his sly, sinister smile. Everypony knew Angel was tricky, sly and impatient most of the time. Whatever prank he had in mind was nothing but trouble to his future and unsuspecting victims. Sweetie Belle cowered under Angel's gaze and tried to make sweet talk with him.

"H-H-Hi, Angel Bunny. I-I-It's me, Sweetie Belle, r-remember?" the unicorn stammered, swallowing nervously. "I'm the unicorn who-o-o said bunny-sitting was gonna be adorable. I-I was there, and so was Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. You remember, don't you?"

Angel Bunny remembered. He just didn't care.

To prove it, Angel Bunny took his hind paw and lifted it over Sweetie Belle's shrunken body. Sweetie Belle screamed as the paw fell towards her, but jumped to the side just as the paw slammed the table, knocking her back by the force. Disoriented slightly by the impact, Sweetie Belle shook her head and looked up to see Angel Bunny prepare to squash her like the bug she was again. Sweetie Belle yelped once more before she dodged the falling paw, but happened to roll off the edge of the table.

The fall from the table was like falling off a five-story building and was just as scary, too. Sweetie Belle screamed the whole way down and covered her eyes, waiting for the hard impact to come and end her short-lived life. Instead, she found herself landing on something cushiony... and soft.

Reluctantly, Sweetie Belle uncovered her eyes and saw what she landed on.

All around her, she saw herself lying on a hill of magenta fabric, bordered by gold-colored braided stitches. Short, gleaming golden tails spanned out from the corners of the hills, as if they were taunting Sweetie Belle with the fuzzy stub of where her tail used to be.

That's when it came to Sweetie Belle.

She landed on a chair cushion. More specifically, she landed on Fluttershy's chair cushion.

Sweetie Belle wiped a tear from her forehead. "Thank Luna for making these chair cushions," she muttered to herself. "I would've been a goner if this wasn't on the chair."


Suddenly, Sweetie Belle felt herself launch from the cushions straight up in the air like a toy rocket, falling back down onto the soft fibers of the pillow. Groaning, Sweetie Belle rubbed her forehead, wondering what was it that made her fly like that. Then she looked back and saw Angel Bunny looming over her shrunken form once more, his front side shaded from the light.

The micro unicorn screamed and galloped a few paces before Angel Bunny lunged and scooped her up with his tongue and pulled her bottom half in his mouth, leaving the top half trying to wriggle out from his lips. The shrunken filly's struggles were all in vain, but pleasurable to Angel. He could feel every beating hoof from his bottom lip and his meaty tongue, every pitiful screams she blasted from her mouth. The flavor of the filly was like little marshmallows melded into one. Stifling an evil giggle, Angel Bunny slurped up Sweetie Belle's mouth and probed her with his tongue like a piece of candy, hopping away up to Fluttershy's room.

The inside of Angel Bunny's mouth smelled of old digested carrots and teeth plaque. Sweetie Belle felt herself assaulted by the merciless meat that was Angel Bunny's tongue. The tongue ran up and down Sweetie Belle's body, covering every inch of her backside and her undercarriage with the bunny's saliva. The shrunken unicorn screamed as she was thrown around in accordance with Angel Bunny's hopping, feeling herself smashing into his tombstone-sized teeth, almost getting herself scraped up by the edges of the teeth had it not for his tongue squishing her against his cheeks. One full minute seemed to pass on like it was an hour, but it was at that time that Sweetie Belle felt her prison stop all of a sudden. A stop like this could only mean trouble for her.

Then the light began to seep into Angel Bunny's mouth as his lips parted open. Sweetie Belle felt her environment tip downwards and rolled down his tongue and onto the wooden floor, covered in the sticky strands of rabbit saliva. Waving off a dripping strand of spittle from her front hoof, Sweetie Belle looked around her and scanned her area. She appeared to be in Fluttershy's bedroom, seeing a familiar bed with a familiar diamond-pattern-with-butterflies-in-the-center quilt. Sweetie Belle turned once again and saw the evil glint in Angel Bunny's dark, eclipsing eyes. Angel bunny put his paw to his mouth, blew a whistle (which, to Sweetie Belle, was like standing near a train whistle with a stethoscope on) and pointed his paw down at her.

Sweetie Belle then looked ahead of her and up high to a lone singing perch sat a pale tan bird with brown feathers on its sides and brown ears at the sides of its head. Slowly, the bird turned its head and revealed the face of the bird with an orange beak, big bright tan circles covering its black dot eyes and big brown eyebrows places over those tan circles. Sweetie Belle gulped, knowing that this bird was Owlowiscious, Twilight's pet owl and the predator to small mammals. Owlowiscious narrowed his eyes down at the shrunken filly, its instincts telling him that Sweetie Belle was about to become his snack.

Sweetie Belle flinched as Owlowiscious gazed at her predatorily. Quickly thinking, Sweetie Belle jumped and waved her hooves in an attempt to prove the old owl wrong about his future meal. "OWLOWISCIOUS!! IT'S ME, SWEETIE BELLE!! REMEMBER ME!? I WAS THERE WITH SPIKE ON THAT RIDE TO THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!"

"Hoo," hooted Owlowiscious.







Sweetie Belle was drawn back by Owlowiscious godly, yet ungodly volume of his hooting. Suddenly, Owlowiscious spread his wings, causing a great shadow to fall onto the scared filly and dove towards her like a descending airship. Sweetie Belle screamed and turned to run away, but the owl managed to snatch her in his beak, slurp her up and flew all the way back up to his swinging perch.

As the owl glided back up to his resting place, Owlowiscious began to run his tongue all over Sweetie Belle's body, savoring the marshmallow flavor of the little filly, grimacing at the aftertaste of bunny saliva. All in all, the "pygmy mouse" was certainly a rare treat, and Owlowiscious decided to play with his prey before sending his meal down his gullet and into his stomach.

Sweetie Belle was yet again succumbed to the slithering, slimy serpent of an animal's tongue, sucking on her and feeling her taste all over the taste buds. Sweetie Belle tried screaming, but the roughness of the tongue, along with Owlowiscious's half-closed beak made it impossible for the owl to her hear clearly. Her squeaky voice must've also been the reason why Owlowiscious didn't recognize her, because her voice was almost like a pygmy mouse. Now she was going to be swallowed up like one... just like every other time, except for when Big Macintosh planted his big rump on her tiny form.

"OWLO-- glub-blub-blub-blu-- OWLOWISCIOUS! DON'T EA-- glub-glub-blub- DON'T EAT MEEEEEE!" Sweetie Belle screamed over the flooding interior of the owl's beak. Unfortunately, Owlowiscious still couldn't hear her pleas for mercy over her taste.

Suddenly, Owlowiscious pulled back his tongue and pushed Sweetie Belle towards the edge of his beak, letting in a little light in his mouth. Sweetie Belle coughed out the saliva that gruelingly made its way into her mouth before she took in what was left of a little oxygen poking its way in the dark, cramped space. She looked towards the back of Owlowiscious's beak,watching in suspense as the uvula hung over the owl's throat, introducing her to the fleshy tunnel of his stomach.

This was the only chance Sweetie Belle had to get Owlowiscious's full attention. "OWLOWISCIOUS!" Sweetie Belle screamed. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!? IT'S ME, SWEETIE--!!"

Suddenly, Sweetie Belle felt herself thrust out of the beak and straight up into the air, getting in enough airtime to look down to her final destination. That final destination awaited inside of Owlowiscious's wide open beak, anticipating its tiny catch before Sweetie Belle plummeted towards her doom, screaming while she was falling. Sweetie Belle closed her eyes and waited for the worst to come...

...but she never felt herself land in something wet and moist.

Instead, she found herself lying on a soft, feathery lump, whizzing on by in a speed that rivaled Rainbow Dash's speed along with the amplified sound of a buzzing noise. Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and saw she was lying on the back of Fluttershy's beloved hummingbird. "HUMMINGWAY! Thank you so much for rescuing me!" Sweetie Belle squeaked, earning a happy chittering from Hummingway.


Sweetie belle cringed at the all too familiar hooting behind her. She looked back and saw Owlowiscious flying after them, a mad gaze gleaming in his tiny black eyes. Sweetie Belle gasped then held tightly on the back of her aviary savior. "Hummingway! Take me to Fluttershy, quickly!"

Hummingway nodded once and chirped in affirmation. Hummingway did a wide turn around the room and proceeded to fly out the open window he came in through, Owlowiscious following close behind. Angel Bunny gasped, knowing what the hummingbird had planned and quickly darted towards the open window. Just like a ninja-clad rabbit with a carrot for a weapon, Angel Bunny leapt with great speed and distance and slammed the window closed. Sweetie Belle and Hummingway yelped in surprise and quickly veered off to the left with Owlowiscious and Angel Bunny in hot pursuit.

The hummingbird swerved around and dove through every obstacle lying in the room in order to lose the hungry owl. Even though Hummingway had the advantage of speed and size to fit through places where Owlowiscous couldn't reach, the owl had the advantage of pursuit. This was not the first time that Owloiscious chased down his prey through such obstacles in the forest and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Hummingway turned and flew upwards to the ceiling, hoping to lose Angel Bunny from the ground and Owlowiscious within the strong wooden rafters and the leafy vines tangling the stretching wood. However, Owlowiscious boosted his speed with his wing power by using the extra energy he saved by pretending to lose Hummingway and his delicious passenger. Owlowiscious cut across the path where Hummingway used to make a wide turn and was now at his tail, opening his beak to scoop up Sweetie Belle with his tongue and swallow her. Sweetie Belle screamed as she saw the owl gaining on them.

"Faster, Hummingway!" Sweetie Belle yelled. "Owlowiscious is catching up to us!"

With another chitter, Hummingway dove to the left just before Owlowiscious closed his beak on nothing but air. Sweetie Belle herself felt like she was on a roller coaster ride mixed in with riding a flying pegasus's back as Hummingway made a dive towards the staircase. However, that feeling was short lived when Angel Bunny hopped up to the railing of the staircase and jumped into Hummingway's path.

Sweetie Belle and Hummingway screamed as they tried to veer into an open space, but it was too late. Angel Bunny caught the hummingbird and his shrunken passenger in mid-air and fell straight down, tumbling all the way downstairs and landed on the floor, all three spread out across the floor like a lump.

Sweetie Belle groaned and fluttered her eyes open, shaking her head. She slowly struggled to get up and gently looked at her environment. She was back downstairs with Angel Bunny lying on the floor and Hummingway sprawled out with a single broken wing. Sweetie Belle brought one hoof in front of her and slowly dragged herself only five paces across the floor...

...only to be met with the orange talons of the hungry owl.

Sweetie Belle looked up and saw the feathery giant looming over her, licking his chops and ready to swallow the "mouse" whole. Owlowiscious slowly bent down and opened his mouth, engulfing Sweetie Belle in his beak. He leaned back and felt the weakened little filly slide to the back of his mouth before--

"OWLOWISCIOUS!! What in Celestia's name are you doing to that mouse!?!"

Owlowiscious himself froze to the screeching of a calm, loud and familiar voice. He slowly turned to see Fluttershy looking down at him with such anger that would send Iron Will down to his knees. Owlowiscious shrunk back under her gaze. He was about swallow her newest patient and now Twilight was going to know about it.

"I am severely disappointed at you Owlowiscious!" Fluttershy said. "I bring a tiny, defenseless animal to be taken in and well cared for and when I come back to find some sting ointment and I find you trying to eat her, even when I specifically told you never to eat any of the mice around here! Shame on you! I thought you were wiser than that!"

Owlowiscious looked down in shame as Fluttershy turned her attention to Angel Bunny, who came to just as she came back into the cottage. "And you, Angel Bunny! I told you not to feed Owlowiscious our patients and you have deliberately disobeyed my orders! You're grounded young bunny; no more of that special salad for a week!"

Angel Bunny looked down to the ground, his ears drooping in shame as well. Fluttershy gently trotted over and scooped Hummingway up with her hooves and cupped them, looking at the fallen hummingbird with concern. "Oh, Hummingway. You came back just to save that poor little mousey didn't you?" Fluttershy cooed, a reply coming in weak chittering. "Well, don't you worry. I'll take of that mouse and I'll fix that wing of yours again."

Hummingway chirped weakly but happily. Fluttershy set him on her back before she turned to Owlowiscious once more, reverting back to her disappointed face. "Now, Owlowiscious, I want you to spit that mousey out right now, mister. You don't want me to have to give the Stare now, do you?"

Owlowiscious hooted, crestfallen and ashamed, but ultimately complied. He did not want to be the subject of Fluttershy's greatest and admittedly scariest weapon. Owlowiscious opened his beak and spat the "mouse" out, the tiny mammal coughing out the saliva just like before. Fluttershy carefully scooped the tiny animal from the wooden floor and brought her to her face, the same worrying expression grown on her face.

"Oh, dear, I'm so sorry, little mousey. You're not too hurt, are you?"

Fluttershy looked at the "pygmy mouse." As she looked closer, she could actually see the colors of the mouse through the dripping owl saliva slowly flowing off of her tiny white body. Her hair was soaked, but they were colored pink and pale purple, just like a certain filly she knew fairly well. Why, if she didn't know any better, Fluttershy would say the mouse looked like...

That's when Fluttershy finally realized it.

Gently, she brought her hooves closer so they would touch her muzzle, getting a better look at the diminutive form lying down on her soft yellow hooves. Fluttershy gasped as she recognized the little filly held between two friendly hooves looking up at her with a mixture of gratefulness and fear. After a minute of taking the information in, Fluttershy broke the silence with a single yet shaky question.

"Sweetie Belle, is that you?"