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i am a small unicorn pony whose special talent is shrinking.

Hello, i like ponies and vore- look it up.

okay, hi.

first off, just want to say thanks to all my rp friends.

second, this (1=best material, 6=worst.);
rarity: not good material for a vore rp. maybe opal, but not really a rarity person; 4
AJ: winona, her dog, but not much besides that...; 3
Flutters: maybe an animal eats me?; 6
RD; no. tank, maybe, but just no (sorry...); 5
Twilight: spike, a science experiment, curiosity, some potential; 2
PINKIE: and then there's the pink earth pony just DRIPPING with potential. gummy, the cake twins, the fact that she works in a bakery, curiosity, not noticing me, etc. ; 1.

anyways, that is that. :twilightsmile:

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Comment posted by Obsi deleted Dec 20th, 2013

i'll be myself...


Hehehe... Well, you can RP as a canon pony... Or you can be yourself and try to survive.

i'm not a girl, plus, i am a very small pony. we're talking less than 1 inch.

Hey, I made a new thread in the House. Join in on the beach!

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