Snack-Sized Sweetie

by Autismo555

Chapter V - Plan of Action

“Sweetie Belle!? Where are you, Sweetie Belle!? Please answer me!”

Rarity led her own expedition into the Everfree Forest, her search party consisting of Applejack, a bouncing Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who scouted the areas ahead for any signs of Sweetie Belle. To Rarity’s dismay, the muck from the ground was staining her once-beautiful hooves and the methane smell was repulsive. Then again, this was Sweetie Belle she was looking for. She wouldn’t dare think about cleaning herself up once they know that Sweetie Belle was safe and sound.

“Sweetie Belle!? Wherever have you gone, little sister!?” Rarity yelled in her normal dramatic tone.

“Sweetie Belle!! It’s me, Applejack!” the aforementioned farm pony called. “Ya know, the sister you were gonna adopt fer one day!? Yeah, that Applejack!!”

“Hey, Sweetie Belle!! Come on out, will ya!? We’re all worried sick about ya!!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie popped her head out of the bushes and turned her gaze both ways before disappearing into the brush. Then she appeared from behind a very thin tree bark, though her body was somehow hidden from view. She disappeared again and looked under a huge boulder. There was nothing there, except for some colorful beetles and worms crawling around underneath.

Dropping the boulder down while deadpanning, Pinkie Pie lifted her head up and screamed. “SWEETIE BELLE!! COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE!! OLLY, OLLY, OXYGEN-FREE!!”





Somewhere in the Everfree Forest, a flock of birds flew away, startled by the shrill volume of Pinkie’s shouting. Everypony covered their ears from the intense shouting and they only heard ringing shortly afterwards. After rubbing her ear, Rainbow Dash flew straight into Pinkie’s face, which wore her signature child-like smile.

“Nice going, Pinkie Pie! Why don’t you alert the timberwolves where we are while we’re at it!?” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“Oh, really!?” Pinkie Pie chirped, not knowing the definition of “sarcasm.” “Okay! You know, I’ve been practicing my timberwolf calls for some time now and I think you’ll like what I can do! Watch this!” The pink part pony inhaled deeply to make her call, but was abruptly cut off when Rainbow Dash shoved her hoof in her mouth, therefore blowing a raspberry instead.

“That’s not what I meant, Pinkie,” she deadpanned.

"Plus, doesn't the old saying go like, 'Ollie, ollie, oxen free?'" Applejack asked.

"Nnnnooo. I would think of it as, 'Ollie, ollie, oxygen free,'" Pinkie Pie said. "At least that's how I remember it as."

"Nononononono. It goes like this: 'Alley, alley, ocean free," Rainbow Dash added in.

The three mares then began to argue over the old catchphrase used in foal's games. Rarity quit her trotting, feeling something inside of her boil up in a frenzy. It was anger, irritation and rage. All of this built up steam inside of her own system before she turned to her friends and, finally, snapped.


Rarity's screams sent the whole bird population of the Everfree Forest flying south for an early winter. The screams left Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie’s manes all sticking backwards and their eyes showing emotionless fear. Rarity snarled while she regained her breath, but realized her mistake one second too late. The other three mares simply turned and began to trot the opposite direction but Rarity pounced on Applejack’s hind leg, hugging it tight.

“I’m sorry! I really, really am!” the fashionista sobbed. “It’s just that the thought of losing Sweetie Belle has rendered me unable to think clearly and control my emotions! I can’t bear to think of what will happen to my dear sister while she’s out there... lost... and alone! Will you ever forgive me!?”

Applejack, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash all looked at each other with unsure glances. Then the mares surrounded Rarity and helped her up from the ground. “Sure, we forgive ya, sugarcube,” Applejack said, bringing Rarity in for a hug. “We understand how ya feel. Heck, Ah wouldv'e flipped mah lid too if Apple Bloom went missin’ right in front of mah own eyes.”

"I second that," Rainbow Dash spoke up. "I'd feel the same way if Scootaloo disappeared too."

"Me three!" Pinkie Pie chirped up. "If Gummy suddenly vanished in front of me and I didn't know where that poor little alligator of mine could be, then I would literally have to tear Equestria in two until I find him!"

Applejack laid a reassuring hoof on Rarity, smiling with firm trust. "See, sugarcube? Most of us are concerned ourselves fer Sweetie Belle as we are fer our own sisters.. and alligator," the farm pony said, rolling her eyes slightly. "But don't you worry, Rarity. Ah'm sure that Sweetie Belle is waitin' fer ya ta come and rescue her. After all, that's what sisters are for."

Rarity wiped a tear away from her eye. She looked to her friends, growing a relieved smile. "I suppose that's true," she said,.her voice shaking with any remnant of her sobbing left. "Thank you everypony for helping me out. I really appreciate it."

"Think nothin' of that, sugarcube. Now, if only we can find out where Sweetie Belle is right now."

Suddenly, the ground started to quake. It started off as tiny little tremors, but as seconds passed, the tremors became big and rhythmical. Suddenly, the trees broke apart, and popping out into the clearing was the ferocious Ursa Minor. Its yellow eyes glowed with rage, waken up from its nap by the high volume of Pinkie Pie's screaming. All four of the mares were frozen in place as the ethereal bear bellowed out a roar, giving them the unfortunate glimpse inside of its maw where its teeth and its enormously large tongue framed the uvula and the narrow opening to its throat.

Everypony screamed in fright and zipped off towards the opposite direction, the gigantic cub pursuing them through the forest.

"Nice one, Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash yelled, flying over and past the branches of the trees. "You may not have attracted the timberwolves, but you sure as Tartarus had to go wake up an Ursa Minor!"

"Well, you can't always get what you want, right!?" Pinkie Pie chortled, bounding at a cantering pace.

"Ohhh... I do hope that Sweetie Belle never had to face this type of danger!" Rarity screamed. "Oh, Sweetie Belle, where are you!?"


“Well? Do I smell clean now?” Sweetie Belle asked as she scrubbed her back with a (clean) toothbrush.

This was her 18th bath she had for the past hour just to get the stench and filth of the insides of Winona out of her fur. Apple Bloom gave the laxative to her, and within the short amount of minutes, released the little unicorn filly from her body. They took her back to the clubhouse, where Apple Bloom placed Sweetie Belle in a small bucket while Scootaloo gathered up the bubble bath remedies from Rarity's house. It took all the strength of Sweetie Belle to thoroughly scrub the stomach acid, saliva, apple, dirt, mud and droppings out of her before she dried off with a hoof towel once again.

"Yer almost there," Apple Bloom said. "Ah guess we better dump and refill the bucket again."

Apple Bloom gently picked up Sweetie Belle with her hooves, not wanting to pick her up with her mouth. Scootaloo picked up the bucket by the handle and tossed the water out of the window. She filled the bucket up with a jug of water and squirted some shampoo in the water until bubbles arose from the surface. Apple Bloom placed Sweetie Belle in the water and the unicorn filly began to scrub her horn, mane, tail and the rest of her body.

"I still can't believe you were shrunken down by your own teleportation spell," Scootaloo stated. "I mean, come on. You were almost crushed, eaten and sat on by Big Macintosh, eaten twice by Winona and almost drank by Rarity. If you ask me, you're lucky that you're even still alive."

"Scootaloo!" Apple Bloom gasped. "Bite yer tongue! That's no way ta talk ta Sweetie Belle like that when she's gone through so much today!"

"No, she's right," Sweetie Belle replied. "I should be thankful that I've made it this far at my size. If it weren't for my reflexes, then I would've been burned in Rarity's stomach right about now. She keeps thinking that I've teleported myself somewhere in Equestria and doesn't even realize that I'm the size of a bug. But now it's too late. She must be off somewhere deep in the Everfree Forest."

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both looked at each other, feeling pity for their shrunken friend. "Maybe we should go to the Everfree Forest too," the farm filly suggested. "Maybe Zecora has somethin' that could help you grow back ta normal size."

"I doubt it," Sweetie Belle huffed. "Besides, it's not like I fell into some Poison Joke or anything. This is a magic spell that I zapped myself with. I don't even know how to grow myself back to size, let alone teleport someplace else." Sweetie belle moved on to scrubbing her back, sudsy bubbles forming in her fur. "Besides, I already have a plan in mind."

"Really? What's yer plan?"

"I'm going to Canterlot and get Twilight to help me restore my size."

Both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom exchanged a look of slight uncertainty. "Ah'm not so sure about that, Sweetie Belle," said Apple Bloom. "Unless we happen ta be part of royalty or a member of the Royal Guard in any way, gettin' in Canterlot might be impossible."

"What are you, scared?" Scootaloo asked. "If this is the only idea that Sweetie Belle can come up with, then we may have to go through with it, whether we like it or not."

"But what if we got caught sneakin' around? We'll be in major trouble if we ever get caught."

"A-HEM!" Sweetie Belle squeaked, boldly posing like she knew the role by heart. Her two titanic friends looked down to her, both wondering why Sweetie Belle was standing with her hoof on her chest and looking posh like her sister, Rarity. "Getting in Canterlot won't be a problem for you two, because I plan on doing it myself."


Sweetie Belle cringed under the combined volume of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's yelling, rubbing her ear to massage the pain away. "Yep. You see, when we get to Canterlot by train, I can use my size to sneak past the guards, find Twilight and have her use her magic to grow me back. It's simple!"

"It's dangerous!" Apple Bloom retorted. "You already escaped from being digested three times already and barely survived bein' sat on by mah big brother! But with Canterlot, y'all get lost, squashed, sat on or eaten again! Ah ain't lettin' ya go ta Canterlot alone!"

"Apple Bloom's right!" Scootaloo chimed in. "We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and there's no way you can survive in the streets of Canterlot without us being there to stop you from getting killed! We're doing this together!"

"Yeah, we're... Hey, wait a minute! Ah didn't say we were doin' this together! Ah was sayin' we should wait until Twilight comes back from Canterlot!

"And I suppose your potion-making is gonna make things easier!"

Apple Bloom winced, remembering that one Twilight Time when, under a lot of peer pressure, made a growth potion that made the apple expand and explode. If she gave some of that potion to Sweetie Belle, she might grow into a 50 foot giant and explode... or at the very least, make her a rampaging giant filly. Apple Bloom sighed, defeated with no other options left but to go through with the micro-sized unicorn's plan.

"Alright, Ah guess we'll have to get goin, then," the farm filly said, earning a happy perk from Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. "But remember, girls, once we get back home, we'll have three very angry sisters ta answer to."

"That's no problem at all!" Sweetie Belle chirped. "I'm sure that Twilight can vouch for us once I become normal again!"

"Well, what are we waiting for, Nightmare Night?" Scootaloo asked, nearly impatient with the time spent dawdling. "Come on. Let's go and turn you back to normal."

"YEAH!!" Sweetie Belle then stopped, realizing something important about her size. "Umm... but how are we gonna get to the train station while I'm this small? At my size, if we take the scooter, then I might fly out somewhere out in the open." The three fillies pondered the problem for a minute or two. Then Scootaloo perked up once more, the solution coming to her like an inspiration.

"I got it! Sweetie Belle, could you climb onto my hoof for me?" the pegasus filly asked, extending her table-like hoof out to her inch-high friend.

"Umm... okay." Sweetie Belle reluctantly climbed onto the giant hoof. It felt like stepping onto a pillar of orange, covered in soft fur that slowly lifted her up like the uplifting motion of a hot air balloon. She could see her world going up and over, getting a good view of Scootaloo's large face with her monolithic purple eyes looming over her like a goddess watching her insignifcant body size. Then her field of vision was changed to magenta as she was lifted over Scootaloo's mane. The hoof tipped, and Sweetie Belle felt herself falling down into the forest of purple, landing softly on the orange plains.

A great shadow eclipsed over the purple forest, the unicorn filly included. Sweetie Belle looked up and the source of the eclipse. It was Scootaloo's helmet, and it enshrouded Sweetie Belle's entire surroundings, leaving her in the darkness. The strands of hair curled along the descending purple-and-white-stripe dome, and the unicorn filly ducked down to Scootaloo's head as she heard the straps snap in place.

"SCOOTALOO, WHAT THE HAY ARE YOU DOING!?" Sweetie Belle screamed from the top of her lungs. "YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I'M SCARED OF THE DARK!!"

"Sorry about that, Sweetie Belle, but this is the only way to keep you from flying out of my mane," Scootaloo's voice rang out from outside of the thick-layered helmet. "But don't worry, this is gonna be a five-minute ride, but it'll be a bumpy one. So hold on tight."

Sweetie Belle laid flat on Scootaloo's hot scalp as she felt her dark environment move up and down, presumably the pegasus cantering over to her scooter. Her stubby, underdeveloped wings began to flap, blaring trumpeting noises like the combined motors of one-hundred speedboats at a Manehattan speedboating contest. Then her world felt like it launched itself like a blasting rocket as Scootaloo sped down the streets of Ponyville to the Friendship Express station, five minutes away from the clubhouse. Although, in the opinion of the shrunken unicorn's experience, those five minutes became a living

Sweetie Belle screamed while she held onto Scootaloo's scalp for dear life, becoming hotter and hotter like a giant-sized sauna. The growing heat began to moisten to floor of the pegasus's head with sweat as she pushed her effort into flapping her wings to power her scooter. This proved to be a danger to the bite-sized unicorn filly. At her current size, one little slip might have her falling through the tiniest openings in the helmet, say the back part of the helmet where the tiniest trace of daylight shone on her mane. Sweetie Belle reached to a lock of Scootaloo's mane for safety, but that was a mistake made too late on her part.

A part of Scootaloo's mane was already soaked in her sweat.

Sweetie Belle's hoof slipped away from the hair, which contributed in having her slip suddenly down towards the back of Scootaloo's head. She used her other hoof to grip the part of the mane she held onto before, but the grip hadn't lasted long. The weight of holding Sweetie Belle alone was too great for the mane to keep to the scalp. The strands of purple hair bent down with the weight of the unicorn alone and snapped off. Terrifying shrieks were partially heard by Scootaloo as her friend slipped on her sweat and slid down the top of her moist mane. Her vision became blinded with daylight as she unwillingly slithered underneath the exit of the mountain-sized dome, that was Scootaloo's helmet.

Then things got worse as Sweetie Belle found the end of Scootaloo's mane. The laws of gravity decided to test her with a game of fate as she slid off the small incline at the end of the mane, like a ramp that Scootaloo was so fond of jumping up off with her scooter. She was launched into the air, shrieking hysterically, a soared even better than the giantess filly ever did in her entire lifetime... right into Apple Bloom's yawning maw!

It's true. Apple Bloom was really yawning! With everything that went on today, the farm filly became mildly exhausting to the point where she would yawn for a couple of times.

But that yawning proved to be hazardous as Apple Bloom's open maw welcomed in the flying unicorn filly. Sweetie Belle screamed as her world instantly became as dark as night. She quickly passing along her country friend's tombstone-sized teeth and bounced off of her enormous whale of a tongue right into her uvula. Sweetie Belle quickly grasped the uvula, hanging over the particularly dark, narrow and squishy tunnel. It felt like deja vu to her when Rarity almost swallowed her alive accidentally. Now she would have to relive this moment as Apple Bloom quickly gagged, closing her mouth and leaving her in the rancid, pitch-black cavern of flesh and teeth.

Suddenly, Apple Bloom began to choke, gagging and frantically waving her hooves around until Scootaloo looked back to her. The latter sighed and pulled her scooter over to attend to her blue-faced friend. "What is it this time, Apple Bloom? Did an apple slice get stuck in your throat again?" Scootaloo asked flatly.

Apple Bloom tried her best to speak with her uvula handled by her own best friend, but she couldn't. All that came out were gagging, wheezing noises, almost like she was on the verge of throwing up. With an impatient sigh, Scootaloo took a water canteen from her bag, opened the cap and extended it over to Apple Bloom. The latter refused, knowing perfectly too well what the liquid would do to Sweetie Belle if she drank it herself.

"Huuuggghhhh. Apple Bloom, just drink it already!" Scootaloo huffed as she tried to force the canteen into the aforementioned pony's sealed mouth. "You need to wash down whatever's in your throat or you're going to collapse from not breathing." Apple Bloom shook her head furiously. With a grunt, Scootaloo tackled her to the ground and pinned her completely to the ground. She took the canteen and forced it inside of her mouth, where the besieging water poured into the farm filly's mouth. With her throat muscles trying to show the entrance for the torrent of water into her stomach, Apple Bloom swallowed, drink, Sweetie Belle and all. She was sure she heard a tiny scream resound from the back of her esophagus, and lit at the pit of her stomach.

With a final, regrettable gulp, Apple Bloom sat up on the haunches, gasping in the needed oxygen. Scootaloo closed the cap on the canteen and patted her farming friend's back. "There, see? You're all better now," she said boldly, her boldness mirroring that of Rainbow Dash's. "No, no, there's no need to thank me. You're quite welco-- ACCCKKK!"

Suddenly, Scootaloo found herself vigorously shaken back and forth by a hysterical Apple Bloom. Her throat was held in a stranglehold by the amazingly strong grip of Apple Bloom's little hooves. "YA BIG DODO! DON'T YA HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT Y'ALL JUST MADE ME DO!?" she screamed, turning Scootaloo's face as blue as hers did a minute ago.

"Ack... save... your life?" Scootaloo asked.


Scootaloo forced the crazed filly off of her and took off her helmet for inspection. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "Sweetie Belle's not gone anywhere. I even had her in my mane under my helmet." Scottaloo ran her hoof through her hair, feeling nothing but her orange scalp. Her eyes widened with shock as she learned too late that Apple Bloom was right. She must've slipped from under her helmet when she was sweating a little. "Oh, we are soooo bucked..."

"What are we gonna do!?" Apple Bloom asked hysterically. "If Rarity finds out that Ah accidentally ate her little sister, we'll be dead! Expired! Departed! Pushin' up daisies! Sleepin' six feet under!"

"What are you, a dictionary?" Scootaloo asked. "Don't worry about Sweetie Belle. Last I heard, she made a good swimmer when she was teleported into her sister's glass of water."

"Ah don't even see how that's reassurin'! Fer all we know, she might be already digesting inside of me as we speak!"

"Actually, Apple Bloom, I'm alright in here," came the muffled voice of Sweetie Belle inside Apple Bloom's tummy. "Though it is getting really hot down here. Could you send down an ice cube in here please?"

"Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom held her tummy to her, speaking directly into her belly fur. "Sweetie Belle, are y'all okay!? Ah hope mah acids aren't doin' ya in, are they!?"

"No. I'm holding on to one of your apple slices, AB. Though I don't really have much time, the acids are starting to dissolve the apple." As if by coincidence, Apple Bloom's stomach began to gurgle. The filly and Scootaloo looked down at horror as they heard the belly's natural digestive process start up again, Sweetie Belle unfortunately being inside of her at this point. "Seriously, can somepony help? Pleeeeaaaasssseeee!? I don't think I can hold on much longer!"

"Well, can't you throw a protection spell around you or something?" Scootaloo asked.

"Does it look like I can put up a protection spell!?"

"To be honest, Sweetie Belle, I can't even see you right now."

"She's got ya there, Sweetie Belle," Apple Bloom spoke.

"I don't care who got who!! Just somepony please help me!! The apple's starting to sink in the acid!!"

Apple Bloom's tummy gurgled again, therefore sending its owner in a fit of panic. She grabbed Scootaloo again and vigorously shook her again. "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!?" Apple Bloom frantically asked. "IF WE DON'T GET SWEETIE BELLE OUTTA MAH STOMACH, AH MIGHT AS WELL TURN MAHSELF IN FER INVOLUNTARY CANNIBALISM!"

Scootaloo once again broke herself from the farm filly. "Relax, Apple Bloom! I'm working on it right now!" she said, rummaging through her backpack. She tossed out a compass, a bowling ball, a frying pan and her toothbrush and started to dig deeper. An "Aha!" was heard from the sack as she pulled out Apple Bloom's stolen bottle of Flim and Flam's Super-Spectacular Laxative Tonic. Apple Bloom's pupils shrunk to pinprick sizes as she knew exactly what Scootaloo had in mind for her.

"Oh no," she refused immediately with no effect. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

"Sorry, AB! Drastic times call for drastic measures!" Scootaloo opened up the bottle before she once again launched herself at her friend and pinned her flat to the ground. Apple Bloom struggled greatly to resist, but her efforts were all in futile as the tomboyish pegasus forced her mouth open and brought the bottle of laxative towards the open maw. "Now open wide and say, 'AHHHH!'"

With it, Scootaloo forced the other half of the bottle into Apple Bloom's mouth. The milk-like drink poured itself past the tongue and down her long, narrow, fleshy tube that was her esophagus. Unwilling gulps forced the liquid down her throat, flowing its way to the stomach sac. Sweetie Belle, meanwhile, held on to her raft... a single apple slice that Apple Bloom ate in one entire bite for breakfast... as it slowly sank into the volatile liquid, dissolving into to become nutrients for the young apple farmer. She was scared for her life... again. Not only was she accidentally swallowed by her best friend, but she was about to die... again. Of the many times she'd been eaten before, she would've gotten used to it by now. She supposed that was how the cookie crumbled.

Suddenly, a resounding few gulps were heard above the grumbling stomach area. The muscular sphincter opened up, and a waterfall of familiar white liquid splashed into her fleshy prison. Sweetie Belle was really scared now. This liquid that entered the stomach was the same liquid that helped her out of Winona for a second time. It was that laxative stuff, and Sweetie Belle knew exactly where this was going. As soon as the last drop of laxative dripped into the lake of mixing liquid, something terrible, to the unicorn's perspective, happened. The lake started to bubble, like water boiling over a heated stove. Then, the lake began to drain into the lower sphincter in the floor of the stomach. The liquid, food and Sweetie Belle were suddenly forced down through the narrow tube, rapidly emptying all of the contents of the stomach and steadily pacing through the miles of intestine that awaited them. Sweetie Belle groaned with dissatisfaction as she traveled through the large intestine. She could feel the liquidly contents churn and mix with the awaiting bile, making her dry heave a few times. Then they made their way to the colon...

In the outside world, Apple Bloom struggled to maintain herself as the laxative began to take effect. She held her cramping stomach, moaning and almost wailing to every painful sensation that traveled from her stomach to her intestines. That's when a loud gurgle became apparent to her. In a matter of minutes, Apple Bloom was about to go through that awful, messy experience again. With lightning striking her reflexes, the farm filly shot up and searched everywhere for the nearest bathroom.

The bushes? No, that would be the first step towards public humiliation.

In somepony's home? No, she didn't want to task herself with cleaning up the mess.

The outhouse? Perfect.

With fire growing in her belly (figuratively and literally speaking), Apple Bloom zipped off to the nearest outhouse she could find, her suddenly supersonic speed enough to make even Rainbow Dash herself drool. When she came upon a lone outhouse outside of Ponyville, Apple Bloom barged inside, threw Lyra Heartstring out with her newspaper still held in her hooves and slammed the door.

"Hey!" Lyra shouted. "I was using that!"

Then, to her and everypony within a five foot hearing range's horror, an ungodly sound was heard. It was the gross, sickening sound of a filly, who came down with a major case of the runs. This was followed by screams of pain, hooves banging on the walls, then finally, a tiny little drop.

And then...


The outhouse door opened, revealing ghastly green clouds of smoke with enough potency to knock a few of the passing birds down to the ground with a crash landing. Everypony screamed and ran away from the scene, not wanting to be dissolved by the stench like a few of the flowers that were also unfortunate to be in the range of the smell. Apple Bloom trotted slowly out of the outhouse, gasping with relief as the excruciating experience was finally over. She fell to her belly as Scootaloo came around with her scooter, skidding it to a halt next to the fallen filly.

"That... was painful..." Apple Bloom gasped, looking up to the pegasus filly.

"Where's Sweetie Belle?"


"Swee. Tie. Belle!?" Scootaloo repeated loudly, putting a lot of emphasis on those singular syllables. "You know, our friend, who got shrunk by accident, who you accidentally drank and forced her out of you via your digestive system? That Sweetie Belle!?"

"What are ya talkin' about?" Apple Bloom asked, slowly getting up on her hooves. "Ah was trying ta get the laxative outta mah system, so Ah went in there ta do some painful business and..." Apple Bloom suddenly gasped. She forgot about her. She actually forgot about Sweetie Belle! With all the pain of letting the laxative out, she forgot to even check in the toilet for Sweetie Belle swimming around her Number 2 liquid. To her horror, when the pain was over, she did something... something that she will never forgive herself for doing for the rest of her days.

"You flushed her down, didn't you?" Scootaloo guessed, deadpanning.

Apple Bloom nodded, too shocked to even show any other emotion.

Scootaloo facehoofed herself, slowly dragging it down her face. And she called her a dodo. "Ahhh! Apple Bloom, we were supposed to help Sweetie Belle get her out of your stomach, not flush her down like some piece of..." The pegasus grunted and galloped towards the outhouse. "I need to check the toilet. Maybe Sweetie Belle is still hanging around there somewhere."

"No! Don't go in there!"

It was too late.

As soon as Scootaloo got close enough to the outhouse, she accidentally sniffed in some of the toxic stench. Suddenly, Scootaloo coughed and gagged, holding her throat as she made a dramatic scene with her reaction to the most evil, most foul of all stenches. She stumbled on both of her hind hooves and fainted. An angelic form of the pegasus filly was lifted up towards the heavens, wearing a robe, a golden halo and a golden lyre.

Apple Bloom sighed.

This was gonna be one of those days.