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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


When Rainbow Dash receives a package from her grandfather, she discovers an artifact of immense power and potential. An artifact that holds dominion over the very destiny of each and every pony's threads of fate. In the wrong hooves, it could be dangerous, catastrophic even.

Naturally, she abuses it.

Edited by Garnot, Between Lines, Cooopercrisp, Seether00, Don't Look At My Name Bro, and MerlosTheMad.

Preread by Skeeter The Lurker.

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Oh, you finally released it!

Looks interesting, and either it's my own shipping goggles or I'm seeing some hinted PinkieDash.


putting this in Read Later

I still maintain you should simply call it "Shipping Goggles"...

But awesome all the same, bro.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Finally! And congrats on the featured on EGD.

Alright, RD already ships TwiJack.
Now let's see how this is gonna go for Rarity, and hopefully the rest of the cast.
Also, with so much shipping, I'm pretty sure that this is gonna backfire, and that there's going to be some shipping towards Rainbow herself, otherwise, it wouldn't be fun. (after all, what's a good shipping story without Rainbow Dash ?) :rainbowwild:

4527007 If nobody has shipping goggles while reading this, I'm a monkey's uncle. :rainbowlaugh:

Ship away, my friend!

Only Applejack’s careful movement cut through the tension. She brought her hoof up and caressed Twilight’s cheek, bringing it up to her ear and caressing it as well. “Oh sugarcube, Ah feel like Ah’ve been waiting mah entire life for ya to say that. Why… Ah… Ah… Ah want you to come with me to the farm! Come to the Apple farm, as an Apple!” She slid her hoof back, resting it on Twilight’s cheek as its scarlet blush grew brighter and brighter against her dark coat.

Twilight placed her hoof on top of Applejack’s, accepting the show of affection. She lightly nuzzled against it and replied, “Oh, Applejack. Aren’t I already an honorary Apple? I—”

“No!” Applejack shifted her hoof to Twilight’s chin, drawing the mare’s face against her own. “Yer not just an Apple, yer mah Apple! Mah Sparklin’ Apple!”

That shipping! :rainbowlaugh:

I think you've overdone it a bit on the whole "Rainbow Dash is not a clever pony' thing.

4527170 Maybe a bit, but it certainly wasn't an accident. :twilightblush:

Congrats on the Equestria Daily feature, Flint! :ajsmug:

How do I even read this with a straight face?

You can't:twistnerd:

It's good to see this finally released into the wild. Here's hoping all your hard work pays off.

I don't imagine this ending well.

The first thing I thought of was pyrovision.

4526860 more like *puts on sunglasses* getting "mare"ied YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH

Roseluck doesn't have a thing Dash does she?....
Or is that just my inner shipper giving me signals?

Not even half down the new-story list.

Already over 700 views.


That's what happens when you get posted on EQD and post on Fimfiction at the same time.

I... have to try that! Thanks for the advice, Wolf!

This one has gotten my attention. :trixieshiftright:

*Hands the Conductor his ticket as he settles down for one fun ride*

I think I've seen you around before... :trixieshiftleft:

Quite possibly. You got a problem with that?

I mean, if you do, I'll just leave, so you don't have to see me. . . .

Yes I do, because you haven't said "hi" yet! :flutterrage:

I mean, er, hi! :twilightsheepish:

I see your "hi" and raise you a "salut," a "cześć," and a "hi" (astonishingly enough, "hi" is Zulu for "hi." Who would have known?).

Ooooh lord. This will not end well for anypony involved.



I, uh... I don't get it. I mean, I get the joke, shippinghippingshipping, but the mechanics of the ribbons is... iunno. Rose's only reacted when the stallion showed up, but not with Dash. Does that mean they only show themselves when there's a chance of attraction? And were Thunderlane and the other stallion's ribbons fighting over Blossomforth? And why was she not giving a fuck? Do the goggles control this, or do they just let Dash see?

Iunno, it's an interesting premise, but it hasn't really grabbed me enough to keep reading, if I'm being honest. It feels like it's stuck halfway in between an actual story and crazy shipping, if that... no, it doesn't make any sense. Eh, whatever. Well written, and congrats on the EqD, but something is just making me meh. I think I was expecting some kind of crackball comedy about Dash seeing things that weren't there, or at least the goggle's effects only lasting as long as she was watching. The whole "unwitting Cupid" thing is just... meh.

4527176 I kinda figured. It just bothers me a tiny bit when people make her full retard.


Also, dat botany.


4527700 Bit too many plot holes for us all mate. :facehoof:

4527724 Explain how they're plot holes? :rainbowhuh: They're just not fully explained yet. There is a pattern, and I did think it through before writing it down.


Um, this is a multi-chaptered fic... You can't exactly call it a plot hole if the story hasn't even tried to address it yet.

Patience, young one. I have faith all will be answered in time.



Yeah, I never said they were plot holes. Just that the story never grabbed me enough to want to stick around for the explanation.

4527925 I understand, man. Not your cup of tea, etc. Not going to hold it against you, but at least thanks for giving it a shot. You certainly explained yourself instead of just leaving an ambiguous comment that would make me worry. :twilightsheepish:

So, uh, good luck finding a better story? Better luck next time?


Eh, I'll probably just go reread The Only Element He Needs. :twilightsmile:


I liked the part where Morgan Freeman showed up.

Oh crap. Rainbow, you better find a way to stop those two mares before they do something really bad!...After you pull your prank that is. :raritywink:

Well. That's ten minutes gone.

Thanks for failing to find me something interesting again, feature box.

4527993 Don't you think that's a tad bit rude? :applejackunsure:

4527993 it's adorable the way you think we care. :ajsmug:




I don't? I assumed that everyone would ignore it and move on.

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