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Spike has embraced his role as Official Envoy to the Dragonlord, and he enjoys his job. But, when an angry dragon comes to Ponyville, his job gets a little more difficult. There's more to this dragon than he'd ever expect, however...

A commission story for Twidash1993.

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Just gonna add it to my library so I can read it later

Really well done, I love how Spike's portrayed in this, that Amethyst and the ponies are both very understanding.. could easily be a real episode.
You have my thumbs up :)

More chapters or a sequel / prequel would be awesome (maybe about Amethyst's search for Spike?), but it's just as good as just a standalone story

Thank you again so much Prop!

Hap #5 · Feb 28th, 2018 · · 1 ·

I am left wondering just which way Twilight's spell actually went. It seems that the narrative suggests that Twilight is lying about it.

I don't even need to read this to add it to my fav shelf.

Glad to see another story coming from you Prop :twilightsmile:

i thought that too

This was nice. It’s a good reunion story.

This is awesome.

But the crystal isn't really very tasty

'Course not! The Tree of Harmony probably knew a dragon would be living in it, so of course it would implement anti-dragon-snack procedures!

The same thought crossed my mind too, but if that's the writer's intent, it's left very, very, subtle and vague, so I'm not so sure it is. :applejackunsure:

I suppose another way to look at it is that Twilight simply didn't need further proof and destroyed the blended scale as a show of faith in that.

Man I wish this was canon because this was a pretty solid story. :moustache:


Props can do sappy feels but he can do subtle and nuanced just as well. I don't doubt he left it ambiguous on purpose.

Yeah, but there's ambiguous, and then there's just straight up vague...and this feels more the latter. The fact more than one of us is speculating about it with a tone of uncertainty at all says to me that, if that was the intended interpretation, then it could've been hinted at a little clearer. I mean, I can see it being that interpretation, but it could also just as easily be some other with the scant details were given on the subject.

Which is why I'm not quite ready to rule out other possibilities just yet, at least until such time I'm given the definitely answer on this subject. You know, as a precaution.

Not that it matters either way, though. It's still a wonderful story no matter how you want to look at it. :twilightsmile:

That was nice.

I don't really like to speak for other people but considering that I was the one who commissioned this story. She is Spike's Mom


Fair enough. It certainly was sweet.

Yes... I like this!

I was wondering if you were going to get into the whole "Do I stay here or go with my birth mom" debate, but obviously Amethyst is a rational dragon who now not only knows exactly where her son is, but understands that Spike is in a place well-fitted for him and his status. Very nice! :twilightsmile:

Very gentle and sweet. I agree with other commentors that this was a bit ambiguous, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story in the least. Amethyst was lovely and you captured the ponies beautifully.

I really enjoyed this. :twilightsmile: It's sweet.

Wish to see this expanded, possibly into a whole big story.

Sappy, but in a really good way. Well done.


Is Amethyst not real??

Or what?

Now the mother has one thing she wants for her son to do: Find a mate and embarrassing him.

Given how long dragons live, she'd probably just consider all of Ponyville - if not all of Equestria - the 'nest' Spike is growing up in.

This is a very good one-shot.

This was, uh, interesting.

Straightforward, but very sweet. The tense moments don't quite fly—the mystery's plain enough that the fight seems pointless and the maternity spell's results weren't ever in doubt—but this was still a lovely, heartfelt story. That said, I do have to agree that the last scene is a lot more vague than you likely had in mind. Still, thank you for it.

"So, exactly how close would you say you are to the Dragonlord?"

I liked it, but I have to ask though. Why is her name Amethyst if she's green and yellow?

D'aw that was a sweet read.

Evil man!

Dedicated reader! :pinkiehappy:

I'd prefer crazy man, but okie doke.

it takes a village to raise a child,

hrnnnrggg the memories.

This was awesome.
Also, the ending wasn't ambiguous. Amethyst is Spike's mom. She knows her son's scent and he knew her scent as well.

Enjoyable story. Glad to see it delve into the predictable conflict of Spike staying with his mother or Twilight.


Heh, would like to see that little sh*t Garble meet Spike's momma.

Amethyst: "Tell me, child, still wish to beat up my sweet little Spike?"

Garble: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Uhm... this is like an abridged version of every 'Spike's Mom' fic I've ever seen... and that's not a good thing.

There is no characterization, just bluntly plastered traits that don't feel genuine or fleshed out in the least. The conflict just evaporates, how the egg was lost is never delved into even remotely, why it took her so long to find him is left out, how the Dragon Lord fits into this (despite this being the most plausible route to Spike's Mom finding him, if she exists) is absent. A bunch of characters are thrown in just to have them there and they serve zero narrative purpose.

Spike's mom sounds more like a computer trying to mimic emotional speech rather than an actual distraught/overjoyed mother. There's no proper characterization of her and the plot points simply are by-the-numbers, just shoved into such a small space the story never has time to take a breath.

It's a very typical saccharine-styled fanfic.

what...what is this? Has your story made me...made...FEEL?!
Awesomely heartwarming tale dude.

"Yeah! It's pretty great. Like living inside a giant gemstone! But the crystal isn't really very tasty," Spike added hurriedly as he noticed a curious look in Amethyst's eyes. "Trust me, I've checked."

Ember didn't seem to mind when she visited. :rainbowderp:



I wonder how dragons don't starve to death with how much they need to likely consume.

It could be that Spike is lying and doesn’t want Amethyst to eat the castle.

Goddamn Tree of Harmony; creating a crystalline palace when there's a dragon living there.
And don't tell me the Tree doesn't 'know' about Spike; it was able to foretell Twilight's cutie mark eons before her birth, it was able to power the Element of Magic across a dimensional portal, and create the Map Table in multiple different timelines. The very spacetime continuum means nothing to it, so it should 'know' a dragon would be living in it and would very likely eat it.
Unless the palace is self-repairing? Judging from the fact Ember's bite marks never reappeared...maybe.

Who would you consider Amethyst's voice actor to be?

Nicole Oliver pitch-shifted down one octave.

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