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Coda Crescendo

Hey everypony, the names Omar!

Coming soon!!!

Take The Coda!! progress: 10%

Featured Edited Stories!!!!

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There's another chapter of A Small Breeze ready and waiting.

oh totally, send me a pm!

Hi! Saw you on the Looking for Editors group. Are you up or editing a 1200 word chapter? :twilightblush:

I have a story I'm working on right now. I haven't completed the prologue yet, but I'm checking in to see if you are already working on a story for somebody else. If you have any free time just tell me. I would really appreciate your help.:twilightsheepish:

i love it everybody is so nice! there were some bad times that i question my fandom a few times... but hey love and tolerate!

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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