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Sunset Shimmer has been distant lately, spending time with Starlight Glimmer. Twilight doesn't know how to feel, except jealous. When she gets a call from Sunset asking her to come over, she doesn't know how to feel, except hopeful.

What she discovers is something altogether unexpected.

A commission fic for ShortSkirtsandExplosions

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Sunset let out a little surprised horse sound


Cute story, Props.

this was adorable #sunlightforlife

Any particular reason for going cat size rather than the usual 4ft that I've come across? Other than that, good story.:twilightsmile:

I typically find cuteness in fics to be an eye rolling waste of time, but you described it in a way that was actually cute. I won't lie, I want to pet pony Sunset too.

Ha! Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

My blood sugar jumped 100 points while writing it, lol.

See: ShortSkirts&Explosions.

He likes tiny ponies. And, I mean, it's pretty darn cute.

Cuteness.... Overload.... *HNNNNGGGG (Faints)

Son of a... not again!

A very beautiful story! The sciset is my absolute favourite pairing. This story deserved the place of my list of favourite story.

So cute!
And fun to read!

A high level of cuteness but so elaborately evened out over the course of the story.

Adorable Sunlight, well paced to keep it from getting sickening. Thank you for it.

Aww... this was so adorable! Reminds me of one of my own fics; Friends Forever.

Good job!:twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::yay:

D'awws abound. Nice job! :twilightsmile:

this is too adorable!!!!:flutterrage:
this has to be illegal in some countries!:trollestia:

this story is highly sweet and you sir just broke all my sweet tooth!:twilightsmile:
and gave me diabeetus at the same time!:yay:

Can you doa sequel say Sci Twi gets turn to a little Pony?!!
Have Sunset hold her and everything!

This was absolutely adorable!! Loved it.

I was squeezing the whole time. :rainbowkiss: Great work!

Awesome story, I just have one question. Was Sunset wearing any clothes when she turned back?

Easily the cutest thing I've ever read! Anyone else think that the first thing Sunny does when she gets home is turn back into a pony? I bet she only stays a human in public.

Now I need a human Fluttershy reaction to Pony Sunset. Instant diabetes for the girl.

Star wars Fan is what the writer is yay!

Oh shit I though this was a Daft Punk helmet.

j/k, totally a Star Wars nerd. That's my Mandalorian helmet. Built and painted it myself!

This is criminally adorable. Fuzz of this concentration has no right to exist. And yet... here it is. Please do not stop.

So. Freaking. Adorable :yay: Great work!

If we could belive Friendship Games bloopers then equestrian ponies roughly the same size as EG-humans :). But hey! Story cute as is :).

Commissioner told me cat-sized, I write to please!

I always thought more like dog-sized? To the waist or something like that. With cat-sized I get the mental picture that Ponies don't even reach the knee. ^^ It's very adorable imaging it, no questions asked, but that feels a little to small.

Yes. We need this. Adorabwe wittwe Sci-Twi forever!

That was incredibly adorable and totally awesome.

Sunset pointed to one fluffy ear. "Scratchies?" hnmnnngggggg :heart::yay:

Yes... Absolutely brilliant. I loves every single part of this and your a saint for sharing it with us.

Thank you, dear author. Thank you.


Okay, that was pretty adorable and cute. Nice job and thanks for the good read :raritywink:

Catpones are best pones :rainbowkiss:

I feel like it ended a smidge abruptly, but I have to say, I was grinning like an idiot through most of it. Very cute :raritywink:.

Nicely done!

I think I just contracted diabetes from just the sweetness in this story alone. Good job.:yay:

This. Was. So. Friggin'. Adorable.:rainbowkiss:

Good stuff, Props.

Awww , so cute.

And want to ask an question ..

As she did so, there was a bright flash of turquoise magic. When she opened her eyes, Sunset Shimmer, the beautiful girl whom she loved, sat on her lap, arms wrapped around her in a hug. Twilight blushed, almost pulling away, but Sunset's arms held tight. "Just a minute longer?" Sunset asked softly.

Is Sunset Shimmer naked in that time ? :duck:

asking the important questions

Just so you know this is the story that made me want to commission you :3

Sweet and Enjoyable read. :pinkiehappy:

8409958You're welcome ner vod.

Cuteness overload, great story! :twilightsmile:

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